The first general pulled out the sword avenue. "Your Majesty has ordered Xibo Hou Jichang to arrest the house department for the general. If there is resistance, shoot him."

Chapter 663 Deduction You also know?
Who dares to resist the arrest of the king? There was no accident. Ji Chang and others gave in easily.
Take Ji Chang and others out of the mansion, and see the general doing it at the door and ask, "Master Chen, why are you here? Do you want to get involved in Ji Chang? To tell you the truth, you don’t want to be implicated in Ji Chang’s rebellion. "
Chen Yan said, "The general joked that Chen Mou came to visit Xibohou. I didn’t expect to encounter this incident. Chen Mou and Xibohou had a casual acquaintance. I will never interfere in his affairs."
The general nodded. "It’s not the best, but Master Chen, if you want to visit Ji Chang, you will even visit the dungeon. Haha …"
The general took Ji Chang and others away with a wave of his hand.
Xibo Hou Jichang was taken to the dungeon.
This incident caused a sensation in Chaoge City, and many ministers and families who had made good friends with Jichang were afraid of being implicated.
Di Xin, the good king, didn’t lose his temper, but arrested Ji Chang and didn’t make any collective punishment.
Chen Yan sat in the plush chair and watched Huang Tianwu’s sword practice while drinking tea.
Chen Yan seems to be comfortable, and his thinking and most of his heart are to realize the first achievement method of health promotion.
Chen Yan’s introduction is the core of Confucianism
Is Daoism the first level of Confucian achievement method or should we seek and break through it through "integrity and integrity"
There are many ways to nourish the body and soul, and there are many aura of heaven and earth that can nourish the body and spirit well, but Chen Yan found that none of his nourishing methods can nourish the spirit and body better than "noble spirit"
Awesome spirit is not only in people’s hearts, but also in heaven and earth, with healthy qi and miscellaneous manifold, then the river yue is the sun and the stars are in people’s eyes, saying that awe-inspiring is overwhelming, and the poor festival is to see one by one.
If the "righteousness" of heaven and earth can be possessed, then Chen Yan will become powerful before.
Huang Tianwu secretly nodded after practicing a set of swordsmanship. "Huang Tianwu is a martial arts wizard. It won’t be long before he will reach the realm of harmony between man and nature. It will be natural for him to step into the realm of Yuan Shen. If he grows up enough, he will achieve more in the future than Huang Tianhua."
Huang Tianwu walked up to the photo and asked, "Master, how was my fencing practice this time? I feel that I have made a lot of progress. "
Chen Yan gave him a calm look and said, "It’s a little progress, but that progress is insignificant. It’s not that the teacher wants to hit you. Your martial arts and swordsmanship are still very general. You have cultivated a red heart, but you must never be proud to surpass your cousin Huang Tianhua. If you take a wrong step, it will be difficult to become an immortal."
Is it that simple to want to be immortal?
Huang Tianwu nodded, "It’s Master."
Chen Yan said, "I’ll cook an extra dish for you at noon."
Huang Tianwu’s eyes lit up and he said happily, "Thank you, Master." Chen Yan’s cooking skills will be completed by Huang Tianwu.
At lunch time
Chen Yan’s mother, Bai Lang, Xuan Yin and Huang Tianwu, talked about the arrest of Xibo Hou Jichang.
Have a meal in silence and silence.
Jiang Ya has had a hard time in recent days. He is like a duck to water in officialdom, but once Su Daji tries to embarrass him, he will be a little puzzled.
As the saying goes, the official level kills people.
There’s nothing you can do to deliberately target you if you have anything to do and have the ability to face it.
At this time, Jiang Ya didn’t know the rules of officialdom and the way of the world when he was just in the mountains, but he had the wisdom of officialdom.
It’s hard to repay human feelings
Ginger teeth won’t go to Chen Yanlai to help them solve their problems again.
Jiang Ya knows that someone wants to resign from his office and hang it.
This day is early.
Jiang Ya is working in the classroom, and his official angrily came in and shouted at him, "Jiang Shangguan asked you to supervise, but look at what this project is?" Do you still want to mix up if the department is unqualified? "