Haikui gently pushed Yu Lin Yu Lin and rubbed his sleepy eyes. I turned around and saw Haikui Sao with a big red face and muttered, "How did I fall asleep? "Haikui said with a laugh," Why don’t you sleep at midnight! "

Yu Lin glared at Haikui discontentedly, and at the same time, he heard the bell ring and looked back to see a team of cavalry from far and near.
Haikui picked up all the bags. "Let’s go!"
"If someone comes, let’s hide first!" Yu Lin said, pulling Haikui and crouching behind the dwarf tree, he hid.
Haikui looked at her puzzled and asked in a low voice, "What are you hiding?"
Yu Lin’s face is still red. "We are so easy to misunderstand and we don’t misunderstand in the middle of nowhere!"
Haikui thought that Yu Lin said, "It’s still a woman’s care!"
Yu Lin some wriggle bowed their heads and embarrassed rubbed skirts.
That team of horses is getting closer and closer, and people and horses are becoming clearer in Haikui’s eyes, and the jingle of bells is becoming clearer.
The cavalry are all looking at the road, and none of them look around. They should be foreign businessmen.
Haikui watched them all pass by, hunched on horseback, wrapped in thick cloth and covered with a layer of tarpaulin.
This tarpaulin is waterproof, so camel is afraid of water.
It’s normal to get some tarpaulin to cover it when it rains heavily in summer.
There are six people in the cavalry, and more than a dozen horses and horses are all strung together with a rope, which saves them from running away.
When they approached, Haikui and Lin Yu held their breath, just like having a guilty conscience.
It’s already dawn, but the sun hasn’t risen yet. At this time, people’s hearts will be more relaxed, because in their opinion, nothing will happen during the day. The leader of the cavalry shouted a few words, and the speed of the cavalry slowed down to see if they wanted to have a rest. It seems that they have been traveling all night.
The group of people slowly walked out of the 50-meter Haikui again. Looking at the posture, they wanted to have a rest, so they prepared to pull the Yu Lin trail. "Let’s go. Is this not decent from behind?"
Lin Yu was so ashamed that she suddenly stood out and said, "What am I afraid of? Brother Sheng and I will worship the heavens and the earth and we will be husband and wife!"
Haikui gave her a look. "Why do you always miss me?"
Lin Yuqi lamented Hai Kuiyi.
Two people just got up to go around from behind the bushes to the right way, listening to a whoosh noise scared them, and Haikui hurriedly squatted and pulled Yu Lin.
When they looked intently, they saw that it was a piece of wood that flew out and smashed one person in the caravan. The remaining five people in the caravan panicked and quickly hid behind the horses. Someone drew a knife to guard against it.
On their right happened to be a small tree. Lin Haikui said to Yu Lin, "Is it ambushed?"
Yu Lin also nervous zheng big eyes looking at.
There was a silence, and the frightened horses were all tied together by ropes, so they couldn’t run away, and they all fell silent.
The world suddenly became quiet, with the sound of horses stepping and snorting.
Haikui knew it was quiet before the outbreak, but wouldn’t it be better to ambush them while they were in a panic?
After a few seconds, the caravan shouted, "What is a thief hiding!"
"Be smart and throw things away!" A sound appeared in the grove.
On second thought, Haikui gave psychological pressure before and after, but he didn’t rush out. There is an explanation that there are not enough people!
Yu Lin was more nervous than a cat’s waist, clutching Haikui tightly and clinging to Haikui’s back. Those breasts were at least 36, so they were elastic. Anyway, he was quite comfortable and didn’t wake Yu Lin.
Someone in the caravan went to see a fallen person, and then they may have whispered something and saw them running forward quickly!
Another piece of wood flew out of the Woods and hit a horse. The horse staggered, but the horse ran forward screaming.
Someone in the caravan shouted, "Let’s go away from this forest and we’ll settle down. There’s a wide field ahead!" "
Hai Kui estimated that the caravan members also reacted. Maybe the number of the other party is small. After all, no one is stupid.
On second thought, Haikui was a little scared and didn’t know how long the people in the Woods had been lurking. Fortunately, he and Lin Yu stopped to rest last night. Fortunately, he fell asleep watching the stars and the moon. If he had walked a little more last night, it would have been enough for Haikui to drink a pot of wood. Although his physical strength is very strong now, it is very strong to see that throwing Woodenhead, but it does not rule out what tools are used to eject the wood.
As soon as the caravan people accelerated, the people in the Woods screamed, "If we don’t stop, we will fight out!"