Unfortunately, Lu Youjiao’s qualifications are limited, and many subtle moves cannot be understood.

Huang Rong shook his head secretly and finally said, "Elder Lu, come to me every day after you call the Wulin Congress. You must learn how to beat the dog with a stick."
Lu Youjiao said happily, "Thank you, Wang."
He didn’t think that one day he could learn Hong Qigong Juexue himself.
To learn how to beat a dog with a stick, he will be able to walk the rivers and lakes in Lu Youjiao.
At this time …
"Well" Huang Rong felt a tummy churning over her mouth and wanted to vomit.
"Master Huang, what’s wrong with you?" Lu Youjiao anxious way
Huang Rong shook his head and said, "It’s okay. You may catch a cold. Okay, Elder Lu, you go first."
Huang Rong is a first-class expert. Can she catch a cold with her kung fu?
In the evening, Guo Jing returned to the house with an old man and said to Huang Rong, "Rong Er heard that you are not feeling well. You have been working hard day and night for the past few months. I will bring the doctor to show you."
Said Guo Jing let the old man Huang Rong feel the pulse.
Huang Rong, the old man, took his pulse and said to Guo Jing and Huang Rong, "Congratulations to Mrs. Guo of Guo Daxia for her wedding."
Guo Jing was surprised and then rejoiced. "What did you say, doctor? You said Rong Er was pregnant?"
The old man nodded and said, "It’s been two months. When you wait for an old man and a pair of anti-abortion drugs, you should pay attention to rest and there will be no big problem."
Huang Rong’s head shook and she turned pale. She was pregnant? She hasn’t consummated with Guo Jing in recent months.
Huang Rong body Yishan heart andao "Wang Yue belly child is Wang Yue".
Guo Jing laughed. "Haha, Rong Er didn’t expect you to be pregnant, which is a good thing. I didn’t expect Guo Jing to be a father again. It’s great. Rong Er must inform his father-in-law and master about this matter, and they will make them happy."
It was confirmed that after Huang Rong was pregnant, Guo Jing was so excited that he paced back and forth in the room and spoke incoherently.
Guo Fu heard Guo Jing laugh and went into the room and asked, "Dad, what’s so happy?"
Guo Jing laughed. "Fu Er, your mother is pregnant."
Guo Fu was also stunned and then said happily, "Ah Niang is pregnant, so I’m not going to be a sister?"
Huang Rong pale path "jing elder brother this child we still don’t".
Guo Jing looked at Huang Rong in horror and asked, "Rong Er, what are you talking about? This is our flesh and blood. How can you say such a thing? You must have the baby born. You are pregnant. Leave Xiangyang City Army alone for a few months. I will arrange someone to take good care of you. Just rest assured that you will have a baby. "
Late at night, Huang Rong lay alone in bed and was angry. "This damn Wang Yue not only possessed me but also made me pregnant."
After thinking for a long time, Huang Rong decided to have a baby.
"Wang Yue, I don’t think it’s better if you have a baby. I want you to do your best to help jing elder brother defend Xiangyang City!"
Although Wang Yue has high martial arts skills and rich fortune, every time the Mongols come to attack the city, he escapes from the city with Qin Qin, and he doesn’t come back with Qin Qin until the Mongolian army retreats.
Even if he works in the city, he doesn’t contribute much but donates some money at most.
This is not that Wang Yue is afraid of death, but that he knows that it is the general trend that the Mongolian army swept through the Central Plains in the late Southern Song Dynasty, and it is impossible to reverse the situation.