Meng Qi said, "Actually, I have something important to bother Ai Daoyou this time."

Ai Zhuofan frowned and said, "I don’t know what it is. Meng knows that Sister Cell is breaking through at this time and needs someone to protect me. I can’t go far."
Meng Qi said, "It’s worthwhile to go far. Now we want the magic door to join hands to capture Cuiming Mountain. The speed of Ai Daoyou here is only half an hour away."
Ai Zhuofan looked at Meng Qi and felt a little uncomfortable. He just said that, but he just didn’t want to tell the truth. He didn’t like Meng Qi very much
However, a mere baby brother actually commanded him as a monk of Yuan God. Since he can’t see things, there is no need for him to meet him. "It’s not less than half an hour, even if it’s half an hour away."
Meng Qiyi frowned. He didn’t expect this Ai Zhuofan to be so ignorant. Since he didn’t give himself a face, Meng Qiyi didn’t intend to ask him to be cold again. "I want to come to Kyubi no Youko to have a good life in recent years."
Ai Zhuofan didn’t understand what Meng Qi said, but Meng Qi’s attitude changed obviously. He snorted and then said nothing.
And Meng Qi continued, "It seems that I should report to the clan to make Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan live a tight life." This is very obvious when Meng Qi means it.
Ai Zhuofan, on the other hand, squinted at Meng Qi with a dangerous look and said, "Are you threatening me?"
Meng Qiyou in the imperial tomb department is protected by Long Mai and is not afraid of Ai Zhuofan’s murderous look. He said coldly, "Threat? Hey, if you say it’s a threat, it’s a threat. Why don’t you still want to kill me? "
"You and I dare not?" Ai Zhuofan’s heart is already more angry than his body, and there has been a spiritual fluctuation. It seems that Meng Qi will hurt the killer if he says one more word.
And Meng Qi was unmoved and sneered and said, "Don’t say that you can’t kill me now. Even if you can kill me, do you dare to take your Kyubi no Youko cat demon family to my grave? It’s not that I boast that if I hadn’t protected you over the years, you, the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan, would have been weakened. "
After listening to Meng Qi’s words, Ai Zhuofan’s look suddenly became uncertain. Although he didn’t want to admit it very much, it was really Meng Qi who protected the nine-tailed cat demon clan over the years, or he would have been dragged to the front by Long Gu to kill their strength.
So he is really afraid to move Meng Qi now, or he will become a sinner of Kyubi no Youko Cat and Demon clan.
But for Meng Qi threat, he is extremely unwilling to be threatened by a fully lowered second-order monk? What a shame!
And Meng Qi saw that he was not soft or gloomy and said, "I don’t want to go, right? Anyway, I’ll let Kyubi no Youko cat demon gens brother storm Cuiming Mountain. If the casualties are over, it’s a big deal to bring in a batch of people from your family who want to come to Longgu, so it won’t blame me."
When it comes to this, Meng Qi turned to leave, and Ai Zhuofan suddenly said "when to go" when he saw his brother die.
Meng Qi’s heart suddenly loosened. Anyway, this guy was finally persuaded by himself, but Meng Qi didn’t show that he was cold and said, "Now go to the foot of Cuiming Mountain to meet my master and listen to his command."
Ai Zhuofan didn’t speak, but his body moved. But when he passed by Meng Qi, he coldly said, "You are very good. I remember this." Then he disappeared in front of Meng Qi.
Meng Qi didn’t pay attention to Ai Zhuofan’s unwilling words. Now, as for him, Meng Qi’s Kyubi no Youko cat and demon clan is already tied to a warship. Ai Zhuofan’s first refusal to move him is his sister Ai Zhuoshui.
Meng Qi didn’t go to Cuimingshan because he couldn’t display the dragon’s soul. He was just a baby-changing monk, which didn’t have much influence on the root of the war. Instead, Cheng Rewei had gone to Cuimingshan, and her ability to dispatch troops was able to play a considerable role.
Meng Qi went back to his room, and then he used the dragon spirit to recuperate. After all, it was quite serious for him to display the possession of the dragon soul. When the dragon spirit haunted the whole body, Meng Qi had already entered the deep recuperation.
At this time, the battle of Cuiming Mountain has already started.
The magic door demon clan’s joint efforts are indeed beyond the resistance of the right path now. The right path will soon fall into a large area of fortifications under the pressure of joint attack on both sides.
And the friar in the middle of Yuan God was forced out early, but Cheng Feiai Zhuo Fan was already waiting for him there. As soon as the friar in the middle of Yuan God came out, Cheng Feiai Zhuo Fan immediately leaned over to the friar in the middle of Yuan God, and how many friars he had not killed was pinned down.
Although Cheng Fei Ai Zhuo Fan is already impossible to defeat him, Ai Zhuofan is much better than Meng Qijiang to stall the monk in the middle of the Yuan God. There is almost no problem, and the other monk in the early stage of the Yuan God is also held back by the elder Momenjiao early.
In this way, whether it is Brother Yuanying or Brother Mian’s demon clan magic door, it is far beyond the right path. Even with the help of fortifications, the right path monk is still quickly defeated.
On the right path, the two Godsworn Yuan can’t take things seriously. Even if they retreat, before they leave, they are going to destroy the materials that have been laid all over the place and sent to the Falun Gong. How can they resist the Yuan Godsworn’s hard work? All those materials are fly ash.
However, Meng Qi didn’t care because he had the materials to build a Falun Gong.
The absolute strength of Cuiming Mountain has changed hands again in the hands of the magic door, and at this time, the magic door has found that the so-called broken sending circle is gone.
When Elder Momenjiao knew that he had been cheated, there was no trace of dismantling the square root where the original Falun Gong was sent.
But it’s too late to know at this time because Cheng Fei has left Cuiming Mountain in accordance with the agreement. Of course, the elders of Jiao are also happy after learning that those materials needed by Meng Qi have been destroyed.
Chapter 1 Migration
Chapter 1 Migration
But then Elder Jiao got a headache again. At this time, Cuiming Mountain has no way to send an array to its own side. It is extremely difficult for the magic door to scrape together a set of materials for building and sending an array. They have no place to ask for anything in the wild for hundreds of years, but they are not as rich as the right way. One is to take out two sets of materials for building and sending an array.
Although it is said that Cuiming Mountain is still a strategic place without sending the Falun Gong, it will cost a lot to invest in Cuiming Mountain. You know, Cuiming Mountain is not competing for each other now.
After considering it for a long time, Elder Najiao finally sent someone back to the magic gate to ask for instructions whether to cobble together a set of materials to build and send the array or to withdraw from Cuiming Mountain. Now, the two must be chosen.
And Cheng Feiai Zhuo Fan did not disperse the Godsworn Department after their victory, while Meng Qize arranged all the departments in the Dragon Soul City.
This Dragon Soul City Hugh said that it is more than enough to settle thousands of monks, even if it is more than ten times. It is no longer enough to divide them around Zhao because Meng Qi will kill Cuiming Mountain again after a rest and then take it back.
However, shortly after Cuiming Mountain was taken away by the magic door, the dragon valley was linked with Meng Qi, who was familiar with it and turned out to be the elder Tao Di Tao.
As soon as the shadow of Elder Tao appeared, Meng Qi immediately bowed down and said, "Meng Qi visited Elder Tao."
Elder Tao was in a good mood with a big smile on his face. He called Meng Qi up and said, "Meng Qi, you are very good. You are very good. You won my face for the old lady. Ahahahaha."
Meng Qi surrendered and said, "It is because of the support of Elder Tao that Meng Qi can be here in Cuiming Mountain."
Elder Tao shook his head and smiled and said, "You don’t have to be modest. Now that the whole demon family knows what you did in Cuiming Mountain, how many of my demon brothers can do it?"