"… come in!" Mark said without looking back!

Soon the office door was pushed and the secret came in and said to Mark, "The director’s new deputy director is here."
With that, an African-American in a suit and tie with a height of one meter walked in as if he had been baked by fire!
Mark smiled back and went straight to the black man. He held out his right hand and said, "Welcome, I’m Mark Lewis!" "
Harold Cooper!’
After letting go, Mark nodded toward the secret.
Secretly motioned to exit the office directly!
Mark found a wine glass from the cupboard and turned to look at Cooper. He smiled slightly. "Want a drink?"
Cooper shrugged his shoulders and looked around Mark’s office and nodded!
Mark has moved almost all the decoration departments out since he moved into the top office.
Leave a desk, a conference table, a sofa, a coffee table, a wine cabinet and a refrigerator …
When you come in, the first impression is simplicity, simplicity and integrity!
Take out two ice cubes from the refrigerator and throw them in. Mark hands the poured glass to Cooper and points to the sofa!
After the two sat down, Mark smiled and said, "I heard that before Cooper was in charge, Hawaii was in charge of anti-terrorism operations."
Cooper nodded his head.
Cooper, who is thirty-nine years old this year, was also excited when he learned that he was transferred to new york’s office as deputy director
But I learned that the director of new york’s office is a younger man, and the detection rate is the highest in the bureau, Mark.
It is a lie to say that you are not jealous!
Cooper is now the field director of C1 gear.
And mark?
It’s almost a year, and now Mark is the D-level executive who has entered the highest level!
Officially entered the ranks of the highest level of the FBI!
The confidentiality level has been transferred to the S level, but you can refer to the specific drawings of Army No.1 …
A long time!
Mark and Cooper had a chat in their offices.
Laughing on the surface is born in my heart, and God knows what they think.
Little Mark thinks that the deputy director is in place, and Mark thinks that he can finally get rid of the complicated administrative affairs.
At the very least, I don’t have to face all kinds of reports that have a headache at first sight.
Instead of being looked like a fortress in far Washington, the guy in Hoover Mansion will chase after his ass all day and ask for all kinds of documents!
generally speaking
The director is in charge of the administration, and the deputy director is in charge of all kinds of actions.
But when I got to Mark, it changed directly …
When I was ready to get up and leave in Cooper’s language to look at the documents accumulated in his office
The secret knocked at the door again and came in and said to Mark, "… Chief, General Stryker has arrived at the building."
"What’s that idiot doing here again?" Mark said directly without good the spirit!
The secret direct function can turn a military boss into a fool. It is estimated that the director will never find another one except her!
Mark looked directly at Cooper and said, "Harold, do you want to come?"
Cooper directly waved his hand and said, "I’d better tidy up my office first."
Go out with Mark without even knowing the way. Cooper, the military boss, thinks he should report to Washington to see if he can reassign a department …
Second floor!
As soon as Mark stepped out of the ladder and supported the guardrail with his hands, he saw that the security checkpoint was blocked as usual and Stryker and others were not allowed in.
Unlike the previous times, Stryker brought two soldiers with him.
This time!
But plastic assault rifles and anti-mutant weapons are all available!
When Stryker first saw Mark, he said directly, "It’s time for you to hand over Wan Ciwang this time."
Mark smiled and nodded to the two agents at the security checkpoint!
There is a written pledge to fulfill a military order in the White House Military Intelligence Room. Stryker’s first sentence is to suspect that it is possible for Wan Ciwang to assassinate the president mutant!
So the president agreed to transfer Wan Ciwang from the FBI to the Stryker Department.
But …
Looking at walking to himself, Stryker Mark smiled faintly. "I need to wake you up. General Stryker, the FBI will enter your plastic prison at a favorable time to make a necessary case inquiry to Wan Ciwang. Once you deliberately stop or … remember that I can start an intervention investigation on your report letter of abuse and imprisonment at any time!"
Stryker looked up at the commanding mark and smiled coldly. "You have already woken up once in the White House!" "
Mark laughed. "I can’t help it. This man will have a bad memory when he is old. It’s my kindness to wake General Stryker. You won’t mind!"
"… of course!" Stryker has a smile on his face and MMP in his heart!
97th floor!
Jack knocks on the door, and Stryker, the crowd, suddenly sees Wan Ciwang Eric, an old man with white hair who looks like a dying man in a white dress!
Eric looked up with a pair of glasses, and Stryker’s wrinkled face showed a smile …
Chapter 165 Dead friends die being original plan
In half an hour!
Create was handcuffed with plastic handcuffs and a plastic corset, aiming at many assault rifles, and slowly boarded a car specially designed to deal with and suppress mutant abilities!
Stryker wants to bring Create a power suppressor, but Mark is eyeing it. He thinks that if he dares to bring Mark to call a beautiful woman from the legal department, he will immediately file a lawsuit against such a milliner …