Yes, and very angry,

"The fire family, isn’t it royalty behind them? What’s the matter?" Forgotten the dust and wondered.
Silent fine language one leng "you also know that there is a royal family, but, more than that, the fire family behind Wolf Warriors this huge family,"
"Wolf Warriors," Forgotten Dust frowned. I didn’t expect there to be such a layer, but this is another example. When I was in the waning moon, I went bad with Wolf Warriors. Sooner or later, Forgotten Dust did not have the slightest fear.
"Ah, Wolf Warriors, the battle is difficult, what’s the matter?"
See forget dust so confident, even a little surprised "who are you this guy, I am your girlfriend, aren’t you going to tell me something?"
Forget dust grinned. "I am just a famous pawn from the marginal mainland, but even so, no one can take you away from me, and no one can hurt you."
"Marginal mainland, don’t brag, you guy, you are not honest at all. You still have to think about what to do next. In addition, my mother wants to meet you." Forget the dust with such amazing strength, it will come from the marginal mainland. Say it out, and I don’t believe it.
See silent fine language not letter, forget dust also don’t explain, but heard her say silent fine language mother wants to meet him, this can let forget dust dumbfounded "what, your mother wants to see me,"
"Well," Silent thought nodded, but in fact, she was also very uneasy psychologically. Mother wanted to see him, which was an opportunity for forgetting dust, but it could also be the worst result.
"See, why is it gone?" There’s something to make clear. Forgetting dust must do everything to protect Siyu.
Silent fine language a surprised, "you really want to go, now this situation, is not necessarily a good thing, but it is not necessarily a bad thing, and, if you this guy back to zhongzhou, might cause riots, you really want to go,"
"What are you afraid of? This little thing won’t beat me. Even if Bai Shura moves, I won’t be afraid of him." Forgetting dust suddenly got carried away, and even forgetting dust can avoid it in front of a woman I like.
"Blow it, it’s still Bai Shura. If you can beat Bai Shura, the girl will marry you." The audience was fooled into forgetting the truth.
See forget dust flashing eyes said "true,"
"Really, how come it’s not true? If you can do it, I’ll marry you." Mo Qingyi’s words are actually just teasing and forgetting the dust, but there is a trace of expectation on the psychological side. If forgetting the dust can really defeat Bai Shura, wouldn’t it prove that he has limited potential?
Maybe there’s a way,
"Ok, Hook, this is our agreement. The champion will kill you, and I will kill him." The draw was due to various reasons. After all, the two sides were evenly matched, and it was just a lose-lose situation to continue fighting, and there was no desperate reason at that time. But now, even if the silent thinking is a joke, it must be completed.
See forget dust a face of serious appearance, silent fine language are unbelievable, but expect to say "smelly fart king, I see how you beat somebody else, the somebody else but zhongzhou first, creation game recognized as the first among the youth, but the first person recorded in the Fengyun record, you beat Yin deficiency, and he is also a far cry from it."
"This guy is so interested that I even tied him this time," he said in an ostentatious manner.
Silent thinking can’t stand this guy’s megalomaniac. "Blow, blow hard, and it’s even. You’re such a liar, smelly fart pig. Now you’re under fire. Think about what to do next."
"I like men silently, but I can’t be a mediocre man. Even if it’s not the first day, it’s also the dominant party. If you can’t do it, I don’t want you." Silent thinking walked ahead, his face was filled with a little smile, but his psychological side was full of expectations and hopes for forgetting the dust.
"Ha ha ha ha, you like day first, then I’ll make you day first,,"
Chapter four hundred and twenty-three Surging of all parties
Zhongzhou Mainland Zhongzhoucheng
A city that was not calm in the first place is boiling again because of someone, and the champion will be around the corner, even when the brothers of all families are waiting, this man can be said to be amazing.
It shouldn’t be said that everyone has titanium alloy eyes.
On the first day of the flower viewing, the stone bridge remained motionless as a mountain, and it was rock-solid for three days until the silent language appeared. The goods defeated the five families in one breath and defeated the fifth man in the zhongzhou list.
That’s not to mention flirting with fire dancing and stealing silent thoughts. It’s a shocking move to say these things. That little man has done everything he wants to do
So fortunately, he became a public enemy, which ruined all men’s dreams. The scene of Zhongzhou suicide is constantly being performed because of forgetting the dust.
Of course, it’s more about forgetting the dust and searching all over the world. There’s no way this little man’s head has soared from 10 million to 20 million. Whether it’s the killer world or the mercenary world, he’s looking for this guy crazily.
What is even more frightening is that at that time, all the players in Zhongzhou City rallied to find out the forgotten dust and cut him to pieces. However, it made people want to cry, but the world did not know its name, but now almost 99% of the players do not know the name of this man.
People temporarily call it [Kiyomi] because its golden eyes are particularly eye-catching in the post.
Zhongzhou Mercenary Tavern is a place to get news and information quickly. These days, many people share news here, but they still get what they suspect.
"Damn this bastard maybe disappeared in could? The number of people searching for him in four areas, including the north coast, has reached 300 thousand. How can they find nothing?
Gua is not only about women, but also about the goddess of the masses. Male players talk more. At this moment, discussions in mercenary pubs are all about forgetting things.
"That is, there are at least more than 10 million players searching for a portrait of Kiyomi in the mother’s egg state. The goods are so eye-catching that they can’t find him!" As people looked at the portrait, they became dark and scolded.
Not to mention, the guy who forgot the dust has also brought many industries a chance to make a fortune, just like each portrait is hardware, and it takes a senior painter to draw such a similar image, especially those golden eyes.
"Since Zhongzhou City can’t find that guy, it must be outside Zhongzhou City." Even so, it’s a big mountain and river outside Zhongzhou City. If you want a carpet search, it’s impossible.
Fortunately, there is no such thing as a scroll back to the city in the game. Many players have carried out the search work outside Zhongzhou to try to dig three feet and find out the forgotten dust.
"Hey, you see that the reward for the goods was suddenly raised to fifty million as if it were released by the silent family! !” Just when people were talking about it, the mercenary restaurant suddenly came to a horror.
Smell speech in the place, someone’s face changed, and a reward of 50 million attracted everyone’s attention.
"Mom, the egg can’t be unified, and the custom strength must be in the realm of heaven and man!" 50 million is almost an astronomical figure for ordinary people, but when they try to take it, they show that they should take it, and the reason why the conditions are met is that the state is not strong enough.
Realm and combat effectiveness are two different things, such as forgetting dust and yin deficiency. If the combat effectiveness of forgetting dust is 10 thousand, yin deficiency is 5 thousand