But the power of this projection is far beyond the power of Yan Yan.

The Guanyin Bodhisattva flashed a little surprise in the eyes of Ulrich. "Your mind has been fully realized, and your cultivation is comparable to that of the Yuan God. Less than 200 years ago, your foundation had become the potential to become an immortal and a Buddha. I didn’t expect that there were practitioners like you in the Tang Dynasty in the East."
Chen Yan said superciliously, "Master Guanyin is flattering me, and no teacher can constantly explore and practice."
Guanyin Bodhisattva nodded and smiled and said, "Chen Yan, you can achieve such achievements even in ancient times. Few practitioners can compare with you. Your sincere learning is a Confucian practice method. It is a pity that I can’t give you the Buddhist method. I hope you can become an immortal one day and reach the celestial world and rank among the immortals."
Chen Yan was not depressed in his heart. Without Guanyin Bodhisattva, he got the practice method here and said that the opportunity had not arrived.
Immortality and immortality will certainly not achieve their wishes easily.
Chen Yan knows that although he has the foundation of immortality, there is still a long way to go.
Guanyin bodhisattva gave Tang Sanzang three treasures.
Golden bowl mord cassock
With these three treasures to guide Tang Sanzang, it is impossible to find the Da Lei Yin Temple and get the scriptures, otherwise it is impossible to reach the root of Da Lei Yin Temple.
Tang Sanzang took over three treasures.
Guanyin Bodhisattva disappeared into the hall with a golden light.
Back to Zheng Xin Yuan Chen Yan closed.
Wild geese leave people and marks.
Guanyin Bodhisattva always leaves some information when she projects.
Just like Jinjiao behemoth, Chen Yan is a yogi and a scientist with the golden rule in his every move.
Chen Yan’s closing this time is precisely to study the projection of Guanyin Bodhisattva to leave some "information". To understand these information, Chen Yanxiu will definitely grow again, and maybe he can break through the Yuan God and reach the ninth level in one fell swoop.
Chapter 475 The return to it is hard to go from the East to handle a case
Tang Sanzang was guided by Guanyin Bodhisattva, and his confidence in reaching Da Lei Yin Temple to retrieve the Sutra was greatly increased. What’s more, Guanyin Bodhisattva also presented three treasures.
With these three treasures, Tang Sanzang has been able to vaguely perceive the direction of Da Lei Yin Temple.
It’s too far away
If Li Shimin had previously reluctantly promised Tang Sanzang to go to the Western Heaven to learn Buddhist scriptures, he was absolutely firm in supporting Tang Sanzang’s westward journey after Guanyin Bodhisattva projected the image.
However, there are too many countries and dangerous places to go west to learn the scriptures.
Datang Empire is the largest Terran dynasty in the East.
Half a month later.
Li Shimin Tang Sanzang recognized his royal brother the day before his departure and issued an official document, hoping that with this identity, Tang Sanzang westbound road will be easier.
If it weren’t for the fierce villains or evil forces, they would have given the Tang Empire some face to let Tang Sanzang pass through your land smoothly.
Tang Sanzang took three little novices and two escort roads.
The two guards are Li Shimin rationed to Tang Sanzang, and both have great masters, which is a cook.
It is not so extravagant and has no ability to let the strong Yuan Shen realm escort Tang Sanzang Datang Empire.
The strong in the realm of Yuan God is praised as a fairy, which is only one level lower than the fairy in the fairy class.
The Terran Yuan God in Datang Empire is afraid that there will be no more than 30 strong people.
Throughout Chang ‘an, there are Yuan Shoucheng, Ulrich, and Zhao Fang, the chief manager, who are strong in Yuan God’s realm. There is no way to count them, but it is certainly not much.
It can be seen that the strong in Yuan God’s realm are rare and rare.
Tang Sanzang and his party just got out of Chang ‘an less than five miles before they met the monster. The three little novice monks were puzzled by their minds, and the two great master guards were desperate to cover Tang Sanzang’s narrow escape on a white horse and returned to Chang ‘an.
The three treasures given to Tang Sanzang by Guanyin Bodhisattva not only have the function of "locating" the orientation of the Great Thunder Temple, but also seem to protect and attack him.
Tang Sanzang lies in bed.
The physician just bandaged the wound and stopped the bleeding.
Li Shimin Tang Sanzang’s face was livid before his bed and he was obviously angry.
The demon race is really getting more and more presumptuous. It didn’t put the Datang Empire in the eye.
Tang Sanzang is a Buddhist monk recognized by Guanyin Bodhisattva. How bold those monsters dare to treat his hand!
Tang Sanzang said to Li Shimin, "The emperor’s poor monk has nothing to do with minor injuries. When I get well, I will go to Da Lei Yin Temple again. If I want to get the scriptures back."
Li Shimin said firmly, "You should take good care of yourself first. I will make Wang Donglai investigate the matter thoroughly. On which monster did the bloody case, and on how hard its backer is, I will chop it into pieces."
With Wang Donglai in Dali Temple, there seems to be a lot less ghosts in Chang ‘an City, even those demon families who can’t repair well will hide in front of Wang Donglai’s integrity.
Not only that, those unsolved cases and unjust cases that have been shelved have been investigated by Wang Donglai.
Wang Donglai’s ability to handle affairs has greatly appreciated Li Shimin. Wang Donglai is worthy of being the most outstanding brother of Mr. Chen’s high disciple Zhengxin Hospital. He has just done things so beautifully when he arrived in Dali Temple for less than half a month.
Wang Donglai is inquiring about the files in the archives room.
A strong man in an official beard came in and said angrily, "Wang Daren, yesterday, the granddaughter of the rich man Zheng disappeared. You personally surveyed the scene and said that it was a Uber. This case should be taken care of by our Dali Temple, but the punishments took the case over today. They said that people kidnapped the bastards of the punishments and wanted to grab jobs with us. It’s really hateful, my Lord. This matter can’t just be forgotten."
Wang Donglai looked calmly and quickly through a file in his hand and said, "punishments stepped in?" The punishments want to take our Dali Temple case. Didn’t they come to discuss it with me? But I didn’t receive the punishments. "
The bearded and strong man said angrily, "That’s why I said that those bastards in punishments are cruel. They saw that your adult didn’t look at you when you were young. We must fight back."
Wang Donglai has recently made a lot of cases with Dali Temple staff, which can be described as a show.
Dali Temple has overwhelmed the punishments.
This makes punishments very dissatisfied.
It’s not surprising that punishments are now looking for trouble and dragging their feet.
However, Wang Donglai seems that it is very stupid for punishments to do so. After the trip, it depends on the laws of the Tang Dynasty and can even be said to be disregard for human life
Wang Donglai said, "The punishments are not our enemies. The punishments can’t handle the disappearance of Zheng’s granddaughter, and they will naturally hand over the case back. At that time, I need punishments to give me a statement."