Normal … What if it turns into murder?

I still don’t think there will be a player so cruel.
Argo, God, it’s you.
Wang Yang, however, knows that in two years’ time, a red player union will be established, and the most impressive thing is the smiling coffin, and besides the smiling coffin, there should be many red players.
Although I don’t know when the famous players first appeared, murderers do appear in sa.
Maybe you’re right. I need to wake up. You need to pay 1 Kerr for the information contained in your conversation today.
Are you surprised?
Wang Yang replied weakly, didn’t they all receive it before chatting?
It’s different before and now.
At the other end of the conversation, Argo was sitting on the top of a three-story building. After sending this email, she lifted her eyes and looked at the end of her vision and whispered to herself, "You have lost the qualification of discrimination, Mr. Xiang …"
Whispering to blowing in the wind.
Okay, I’ll give it to you next time. That’s it.
The last email sent by Wang Yang was to drop the list of friends, walk out of the boulder, look at the entrance to the maze in the distance, stop for a long time, think about replacing a steel armor, and decide to re-enter the maze.
If Yu meets that criminal player Wang Yang again, he’s not worried at all, but can’t he still run away?
But with such a factor, you have to be extra vigilant in fighting in the maze.
"At present, the experience is only level 9, and the experience of the semi-elite gunners is quite rich. At present, the hunting speed should be able to rise to level 1 before sunset today. What skill should I choose?"
Wang Yang walked slowly to the maze entrance and touched Ba to himself.
I don’t know if new skills will be derived if the proficiency of one-handed straight sword rises again. If new skills are derived, I don’t know what type they are.
Considering the current lack of mobility in skills, Wang Yang thought that a skill might be able to choose a skill that is biased towards shifting.
At the thought of this, I feel a little hot in my heart, and I have made mistakes in playing online games again, but this gives Wang Yang great motivation and passion.
Re-entering the maze, Wang Yang is a bit familiar with driving. After walking through a long aisle, no one has met anyone who wants to come. That group of players should have gone to the first floor.
Wang Yang, a goblin rifleman outside the end of the tunnel, began to wander around until he traveled all corners of the maze and found no relatively reasonable refreshing point.
"We can go to the second floor."
On the first floor, except for the entrance to refresh five goblin marines, the refresh points in other places are almost all at two ends.
After being familiar with the combat effectiveness of the goblin riflemen, Wang Yang’s appetite became big, but his two heads were not satisfied, and Wang Yang almost knew that even if he came to three or four heads, he would be fearless if he was prepared to shoot down the goblin riflemen.
In normal attack, the attack mode of the goblin riflemen is a straight stab, which triggers the shooting down feature. When the attack mode is changed to sweeping and the speed is twice as fast as that of the straight stab, the reaction ability is difficult for the average player to escape, but it is a piece of cake for dynamic visual acuity’s outstanding Wang Yang. It is necessary to avoid the weapon touching the goblin riflemen and sweep the pike so that the weapon will not be sold.
In order to verify whether the shield will also be shot down, Wang Yang specially tried a fruit to make him happy. The method of shooting down the elite marines in the shield made him more confident that he could deal with four or five elite marines alone.
Therefore, Wang Yang decided to go to the second floor and start boring training.
In the end, Wang Yang found a place on the fifth floor that can directly refresh the four-headed goblin riflemen. The refreshing point is to stop and start hunting goblin riflemen.
At that time, at six o’clock in the evening, Wang Yang rose to level 1 as he wished and opened the fourth skill box.
For the fourth skill choice, Wang Yang is in no hurry. First, he walked back to Torbana for an hour and rented a room at any hotel. Then he began to consider the fourth skill choice.
Open the skill tree chart and light it up. There are two names, that is to say, there are two skills that you can choose to add.
One skill is anger spark and the other is hilt tapping.
Click on two skills to say that Wang Yang found that the damage added to the two skills was not high
Anger spark is a 4-meter shift skill that can jump in one second. The starting posture is not as complicated as that of a straight sword with one hand. You need to put the sword back to the ground and default the skill name in your mind to trigger the shift. The effect is twice that of a straight sword with one hand, which is an excellent shift skill, but the disadvantage is that the damage bonus is very low.
The damage bonus of another hilt percussion is not much higher. It is a skill that can repel the enemy two meters away, and it has a certain body-breaking effect when it is successfully used, which can easily cause dizziness. It is worth noting that the hilt percussion does not need to start the hand posture, but it needs to be natural. The backhand hilt percussion can trigger the skill. The disadvantage is that the cooling time is longer.
Even if the cooling time of hilt percussion is too long, its skill effect makes Wang Yang very excited. Unfortunately, it is an individual who can reach the target by hilt percussion. After some consideration, Wang Yang still gave up the excellent shifting skill of hilt percussion choosing angry sparks.
It is a matter of course that Wang Yang tends to choose the spark of anger to save his life. If the hilt strike is a range effect, then Wang Yang will not hesitate to choose the hilt strike.
After adding the fourth skill, Wang Yang began to sort out the props he got today. He didn’t get any other equipment except the steel armor at the beginning, which made him quite resentful, but there was nothing he could do.
Throw the sky directly into the store. After finishing the equipment, Wang Yang just closed his eyes and fell directly into bed.
Thinking about going to the maze again tomorrow, I will try to get my equipment together in a few days.
Chapter 46 The front
Wang Yang once again slept until noon and woke up. I have to say that human adaptability is stronger than before. Nearly a month later, most people have become accustomed to living in sa, including Wang Yang.
After waking up, if you don’t wash your mouth, there will be no smell in your mouth. Wang Yang opened his eyes and took out a flame fruit to eat at the first time, which almost became a habit.
After three or two people eat the flame, the hunger will slowly disappear and fill their stomachs. Wang Yang just got dressed and went out of the hotel and went straight to the weapons store to repair the durable equipment that was worn yesterday. At the same time, he sold props and equipment to np.
After all this, Wang Yang went to the roadside open-air stall and bought 50 cheap foods. These foods were not for enjoyment, but only to supplement the fighting and consume physical strength.
At this time, the roadside stalls are almost full near noon. According to this time, it is usually lunch time. Even in the game, most players follow this habit. Although they are not hungry, many people will find a place to sit for lunch, such as this open-air stall.
At the same time of eating, this atmosphere can form a small information delivery place. Many players are lucky enough to sit at the same table and start chatting after dinner. Sometimes they can exchange information. Of course, not all players do.
Wang Yang didn’t leave for the first time after buying food, but listened to the chat topics of players not far away. After listening for a while, Wang Yang didn’t hear any information and heard some intermittent words of’ unbelievable’ and’ hidden logout point’.
After all, unlike Argo, who has eavesdropping skills, he can clearly hear the player’s conversation and can eavesdrop on the target to filter out the sounds that affect the eavesdropping target.
Hearing the words can make Wang Yang have one thing in his heart, that is, hiding the logout point. However, when he hears the player talking about this topic, he also smiles casually
Hide logout point? Is this a joke?
"Will an idiot believe this kind of thing?"
Wang Yang turned around and walked towards the city gate directly after a grunt. If he had eavesdropping skills at this moment, he wouldn’t be talking about a hidden logout point somewhere, but he would hear that many faithful players were killed when some players with ulterior motives spread the news about the hidden logout point during the discussion.
Although I was upgraded to level 1 yesterday, I got a piece of steel armor for my equipment. It seems that it will take some time to get a set of mainstream equipment.
Players pass by, Wang Yang goes out of the city gate and goes straight to the maze. This time, he decides to go to the sixth floor. Because the level has been upgraded to level 1, it is not necessary to find a high-efficiency refresh point. We should aim at monsters with higher intensity and see if we can explode better equipment.
Actually, Wang Yang acquired a lot of equipment yesterday. Unfortunately, influenced by two high-quality equipment, wild boar confession and wind foil sword, he couldn’t even look at some mass equipment, otherwise he could get a good set of equipment in two or three days at his hunting speed.
If businessmen are standardized now, it is not difficult for them to buy a set of good equipment in the market after they get a lot of low income only by one day. Unfortunately, the number of businessmen is still small now, and it will take a long time for many people to choose a businessman’s career. Because of the choice of life career, players all belong to that kind of method, and those who are adapted to and timid about fighting will choose it.
In this period, it is estimated that it will take several floors to appear. Only players who feel hard when monsters become more powerful will put their swords. However, some players choose life careers at first to earn Kerr’s skills, and then they will practice these Kerr’s skills.
After walking for half an hour, Wang Yang came to the entrance of the maze and walked directly into the door. When the light in front of him dispersed, it appeared in a tunnel. The torch on the wall was still burning and swaying, and the dark tunnel brought some light.
Wang Yang is very familiar with the first five floors of the first maze. After all, I found a good refresh point yesterday, and I have traveled all over every corner of the first five floors. Otherwise, Wang Yang will definitely find several treasure boxes.
Wang Yang didn’t stay and went straight to the entrance to the second floor, but he didn’t see a goblin rifleman all the way, which puzzled him and kept him alert.
Except for the refreshing point at the entrance to the first floor, it didn’t take long for other refreshing points to pour out monsters. However, when Wang Yang walked all the way to the entrance to the first floor, he didn’t even see a goblin riflemen, not even five goblin riflemen at the entrance.
"Someone go ahead? No, this strange-clearing ability should be a team. "
Wang Yang frowned at the entrance to the first floor. He was a little worried that he would meet the robber team yesterday. Although he wanted to teach such a player a target, he still had self-knowledge equipment and wanted a pair of five cents to win.
After a pause, Wang Yang stepped on the stairs to the second floor. Although he has some misgivings, he is not a timid guy. He will not stop the second floor just because he may meet that team yesterday. At present, getting a good set of equipment is the main goal.