Minister Albert, who had just seen Kate off, walked into the office and glanced at the sofa. Mark said simply, "Things in London are handled well."

Mark raised his glass and asked doubtfully, "Are you saying that Minister Zheng is an idiot? The inspector of anti-terrorism headquarters not only became friends with terror, but was also fooled into recognizing us?"
Sit back in the office chair. Minister Albert glanced directly at Mark and said simply, "So I said you handled it well."
"Thank you for your compliment."
Mark raised his glass with a modest expression.
in ten minutes
Mark walked out of the judicial building alone.
There is no comparability between people after treatment.
Kate Abbott was delivered to the door by the minister herself.
Where’s Mark?
Am I on the verge?
Mark is very disappointed.
He needs to rest for a while to get rid of his heart disease.
Take out the sick leave approval form with the signature of Minister Albert directly from the bosom.
Finished taking pictures
Then I typed a paragraph and clicked it and immediately sent it to a deputy bureau seat of the FBI.
Ding dongyi
Mark found an empty corner.
Disappear instantly …
Chapter 53 The Second Variant National People’s Congress
Geocentric world
as a rule
Mark first watched a white snake, Chesia, with a faint evolutionary trend.
In the sea, Chesia leaps high and directly hangs half-way to face the sun, but her spirit is amazing. Someone swallows it …
After watching this program every day, Mark was a little depressed and his mood suddenly improved a lot.
Mark landed directly in Hope City.
The man was ordered to hope that the tall buildings would stand out from the crowd in the city buildings like giants.
The blue light is continuously emitted from the top of Hope Building.
Hope city mutant has another name here.
Forbidden city!
I hope that all the mutant abilities in the city will be code-named Hope, and the mutant abilities will be suppressed.
Some people like it, others hate it.
For example, Scampy likes it very much, because she is no longer afraid that others will lose their lives because of contact with her in this hope city …
Push the coffee shop door
Ding Rinrin!
Hanging the wind chime of the coffee shop door makes a crunchy sound.
I was sitting in a chair near the window, propping up Bacailin, looking at Mark with some surprises and saying, "Mark, why are you here?"
Mark turned his head and glanced at the street outside. Few people were confused and said, "Where is he?"
As soon as I came to the inner world, Jean was the first to appear before him.
And today …