Gu Ning looked up at Huangfuye and said politely, "Is there anything else the Five Emperors want me to say?" There is not much expression on the handsome face in front of me. The eyes are deep and deep, like a pool. The figure is straight and straight. Suddenly, Gu Ning recalled that one day long ago, he and she whispered, "I like you!" At that time, her face was dizzy and flushed, and all she could think of was the fact that she had to disappear from his eyes quickly, so she did. Just as he was about to say it, she ran out of the garden with her skirt on.

"Five Emperors" she speaks softly but very smoothly. "You are very good. I believe your future princess will be a virtuous and graceful woman!"
With that, she got up and started walking towards the Yamen Gate with a ceremony of Huangfuye Rui.
Out of the corner of his eye, I could catch a glimpse of him still sitting in the same place and looking at her straight.
Is about to walk out of the doorway international deep voice from behind her to "Gu Ning …"
Gu Ning paused and looked back at Huangfu Yerui and smiled, "Do the Five Emperors still have something to say?"
Huangfuye looked at her calmly, her eyes were bright and her lips were very light. "You are the only woman I like for many years and the only woman who shows her heart to her face." Although she is several years younger than him, he just likes her and likes this girl with a quiet smile and bright mind.
Gu Ning’s heart jumped suddenly. She didn’t speak, but she heard his deep voice raise again. "It’s the only woman I want to marry and stay with for life!"
Looking at his deep bright eyes, Gu Ningjue’s heart beat so fast that even a pair of eyes could not help flashing.
She likes him?
Just now, I have spoken out and refused to dazzle. Why did the second sister say that those people like it …
Heart shook his head. Gu Ning decided not to think about his strange reaction just now. Second sister said he was not a good match. Besides, what if what he said was true?
As a royal brother, she has too many things to settle down, so she should stop thinking about everything.
Made up her mind, she didn’t stay any longer and walked out of Ya.
She left without giving any response to what he said, so she left without looking back!
Huangfuye Rui stared at the bright eyes at the gate of swinging elegance, and gradually poured a trace of loss, dull pain and persistence.
I don’t want to be rich and expensive, I don’t want to look like I only want one person for life. This is what she wanted. He could have given it to her, but because of that accident, he said, "I can give it to you!" "
Do you want to give up?
The only girl in my life, is he going to give up?
Huangfuye Rui just sits silently.
The more I think deeply, the more uncomfortable I feel.
A variety of tastes come to mind, sour, cool and bitter …
An emperor who has been bullied and ridiculed by his brothers and sisters since childhood without his mother’s wife, can live safely today without the protection of his mother.
So he can’t make it difficult for his mother, and he can’t disappoint her kindness by not marrying that woman.
Speaking of which, that woman is also a koo. Judging from her dress, she doesn’t seem to want to marry into the royal family either.
However, no one expected that there would be an emergency that day.
Throw this away. I don’t want to be next to her. He can afford what she wants in this life!
He can afford it!
Because he neve expected that chair, and expect the glory that was not his from birth.
Even if he was raised by his mother, he never gave birth to his mind. After all, he is …
The lip angle tugged at him with a wry smile, and he told himself that there was this result today, but he still made an appointment with her to come here and was rejected face to face.
But he really likes her, and even if he doesn’t have much chance to meet her, he will often think of her and a girl named Gu Ning.
And whenever he think of her, his heart is always warm and comfortable for no reason.
He really wants to have her company, always watching her smile sweetly, and she will come to the end of her life.
Gu Ning …
Gu Ning …
A pure and intelligent girl, did she really refuse him so decisively?
Huangfuye shook her head. No, she has feelings for him. She refused because of that reason, otherwise she wouldn’t have blushed and dodged after listening to his sincere words.
My heart stung again. I thought of Gu Ning leaving and never looking back. Huangfuye Rui’s heart was stung again. It was like being gouged out to get up in pain for a long time
The table-putting hand trembled slightly at this moment. If you look closely, you will find that there is a hint of wetness in the corner of his eye.
Is he really like this? Did she miss it and give up on her?
Huangfuye’s heart fluctuates violently, and sometimes he thinks that he can never just let go, no matter whether Gu Ning wants him to really like her now, one day she will be moved by his sincerity and promise to marry him, or if he can’t, he will beg his father to marry him, so that she will have to come to him, so that she will become his woman to accompany him for life. However, sometimes he thinks that he should respect Gu Ning, respect her ideas and let her live the life he wants …
Pain, contradiction and various emotions are intertwined, and finally he took a deep breath and made a decision.
-he can’t live without her.
Gu Ning didn’t immediately go back to the house from Ya, but stayed in the restaurant for less than half an hour, and then took a carriage to visit his pavement before returning to Hou Fu.
She is in charge of the Gu’s business during Liancheng’s mid-term visit to various pavements.
Of course, Gu Qi didn’t help less in his spare time.
The last ray of afterglow in the sky cleared, and the night fell as scheduled. When Gu Ning entered the courtyard, he saw Gu Jun’s eyebrow eye smile and walked out of Liancheng House.
Is there anything happy about Juner? Looking at Gu Jun’s smiling eyes, she could not help wondering.