Hua Zhen’s trip "Kill Zhan Mu Rouse?"

Yang Lao head "don’t you miss the ancient god alliance? If I told you that it was Zhan Mu Rouse who instigated the Siqu Lich King to raid here, would you let him go? "
Hua Zhen trip "of course unforgivable! If Sima Yi didn’t react today and let the rhinoceros demon king rush into the crowd, I don’t know how many casualties will be caused. How can they commit crimes and I don’t pursue the truth? "
Yang Lao-tou "even if Sima value didn’t react, it wouldn’t have serious consequences. About Gao Le just hid from the sky and watched. I didn’t find him when you came, but my old man’s house saw him early."
Hua Zhen line "it’s just about Gao Le, but I don’t know that your family has already come."
If Sima is worth it here, you may be tempted to spit out how hard he worked and how much battle he fought to slay the Lich King of Xiqu, but there are three masters in the theatre.
If you don’t have time to get to Huazhen, you can put it aside first, and Hua Zhen’s solo trip may not be able to handle the rhinoceros canal, but the other two experts are just watching movies, even though they all have something to stop the rhinoceros canal demon king
Yang Lao head a glaring "said me? Didn’t you learn it now? Didn’t you hide from the sky? Now that you’ve got it all figured out, I’ll give you a piece of advice. Don’t go to Zhan Mu Rouse for the time being.
About Gao Le knows that you won’t let him go, just waiting for you to do it, but let him do it himself. The ancient god alliance was originally handled by the people in Gambyshire who raised their own dogs. "
Hua Zhen’s trip "But what if Zhan Mu Rouse makes trouble again?"
Yang Lao head "do you think he still dare? At the moment, I’m afraid he’s hiding in the grace garden. It’s not easy to kill him. This kind of dirty work is still for Yue Gaole to find a way. "
Hua Zhen went, "If Gambyshire doesn’t do it, will I let this man go?"
Yang Laotou: "If he doesn’t come out in the garden of grace, it’s hard for anyone to start work. If he wants to run out for air, someone must be more impatient first."
Hua Zhen’s trip was undecided, but he just bowed his head and said, "My old man is very busy. What else do you want to ask?"
Hua Zhen trip "Nothing, even if there is something, I will find a way to solve it myself first, and try not to bother you!"
Yang Laotou Dan furnace along knocked chopsticks "bravado! You have nothing to ask me, but you have something to ask you. What do you mean by saying that if you break through the environmental repair as soon as possible, you won’t have a flying artifact? "
Hua Zhen line one leng "is literally".
Yang Laotou leisurely displayed a piece of rhinoceros meat in Dan Ding, and said, "This rhinoceros meat has been beaten in advance to make it taste tender and cut very thin to facilitate shabu-shabu."
But it can’t take longer to rinse the pot like ordinary fat cows, so it takes about 40 to 50 seconds for the processed meat slices to be the best cooked. They all ate fast just now
But you shouldn’t make this mistake! I think it takes you almost 30 seconds to pick it up and dip it. On the contrary, Manman is much better than you, and almost every piece of meat has been rinsed for more than 40 seconds.
It’s unprofessional to rinse a hot pot. How dare you say it’s my old man? "
Hua Zhen’s smile apologetically said, "I greeted this hot pot, and everyone has to talk with you all the time. It will rinse faster."
Yang Lao-tou: "You can’t practice if you don’t delay talking. If you are in a hurry, you won’t be calm enough. It is said that monks should not make such mistakes in practice, but the world will always do so, even if they are monks."
There is a heavy doom in practice, that is, sharpening the mind, that is, from the breakthrough in the second realm to the fire robbery in the third realm, so it can be ignored by many people. Anyway, the past is the past
But even if you had a good grasp of the temperature at that time, it doesn’t mean that you can grasp everything well afterwards. You just said that sentence with impatience. "
Hua Zhen trip "That’s what I said. I really didn’t mean it!"
Yang Tehong "really didn’t mean it? Maybe you don’t think so, but you’ve been acting very urgently recently, and sometimes it will affect your practice. Am I right or not? "
Hua Zhen stood up and said, "Yes! Thank you for waking up. "
Sometimes in practice, the difference is that Hua Zhen really didn’t realize his own problems, and I’m afraid someone else wouldn’t see it, let alone talk to him like this
Hua Zhenxing can go to Zhu Yujing, Chen Feng and Pan Cai, but he needs someone to do it himself.
Chapter 533, the scenery after the rain
Yang Tehong knocked chopsticks again. "Sit down and rinse your hot pot! So many monks in the world find it difficult to break the boundary every time, and some people can’t break the boundary for life, for example, if they are perfected, one generation will be perfected.
Yu Dacheng repaired it even more. Look at the house owner … Let alone the house owner. Look at how many years Pan Cai has broken through Dacheng. It will not be complete in the six realms. There are still people who are complete in the six realms but can’t see the seven realms for life.
Many people don’t even have a chance to get into the truth, let alone whether they can survive the real robbery! It is not that you want to work hard to get results, let alone take it for granted!
Going to the gym to lift barbells every day, no matter how hard you work, you can’t practice ten thousand catties, nine times out of ten, and you will hurt yourself, and you can’t get a high score in math by lifting barbells. Are you white? "
Hua Zhen nodded, "I have always been white."
Yang Laotou: "How have you been practicing recently?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "I worship the world in refining the gourd and feel particularly suitable for nourishing the yuan."
Yang Lao-tou’s "seven-realm cultivation is full of vitality, which really fits the cultivation of Yuan, but it will never be possible for you to thoroughly refine the demon in this way."
Seven-state repair, also known as fetal movement, is also known as baby’s condition. From seven-state repair to seven-state repair, it is also called bone-changing robbery.
To thoroughly remould oneself and prove the achievement of environmental cultivation is to transcend the category of all living beings. It can be said that the demon king Xuanzang beads can replace the nine-turn purple elixir as a guide to refining spring elixir. This is the reason.
They are thoroughly remoulded, so they are not limited by their origin and race. Even dogs can be cultivated into human bodies-what is there such a thing as Xuanzang beads in a real person? It is that origin root represen by the condensation of form and spirit.
Even if all spiritual practices are beyond all sentient beings, there must be a talent for demon cultivation. The magical power is to change the original body and rob the bones, but some people often don’t understand it.
If you want to reinvent yourself, you can’t lose your roots. This is not that dogs become people, but that dogs are above dogs. No matter how you practice, you are still who you are today.
If we talk about the cultivation of physical and mental state, it is this’ I’. Only by this root can we see that the mystery is that’ I’ can be reborn, not that I am no longer me.
The largest pass in the seven realms is convenient for this, so you can’t be impatient or you will never find the temperature. I never worry about your slackness and impatience.
It doesn’t make sense if there is a flying artifact. The seven realms can be different from the east and the west, but the flying artifact can also fly. It can play a better role.