But the first emperor didn’t understand that he would make the queen even more miserable. What did the queen mother think if she didn’t like the emperor and didn’t love it or abolish it? There are too many ways to make a woman never arrogant in the harem.

Now the queen is still fine, but she hasn’t stepped on the bottom line yet
Moreover, the emperor was unlucky because of the scarcity of achievement methods and food heirs, but the fault of the queen could not be highlighted
Dong Yuling suddenly remembered that the emperor didn’t hesitate to throw the queen’s face on the day he delivered the imperial concubine. It was simply not the word "don’t love".
Soon after the queen came, everyone arrived at noon. The queen mother led Shi Shiran out of Cining Palace and walked all the way to the imperial garden.
Because of the ethos of the times, men and women sit together very generously, and no one at the same table has any objection or looks at people differently
So most people are a family, men, women and children sit together and look after each other, which makes the banquet more lively.
However, Su Yalan did not go to the table of the Prime Minister’s wife, but took Dong Yuling’s contract to sit with several little sisters.
After Su Yalan introduced it, everyone was also very enthusiastic and curious. I didn’t think that she was a peasant girl, so she didn’t deserve a table.
Dong Yuling, after all, is a royal seal. Questioning her identity is tantamount to questioning the throne, and there is no extreme and brain-dead. Naturally, no one picks this point.
And because of the superb medical skill of Dong Yuling, you may have to ask for help after hearing it. At this time, no matter what you think in your heart, you have done a very good job. Chapter 168 has never seen the world.
Dong Fengling’s communication skills are not bad, and he sits together in harmony with nature.
However, as soon as Dong Yuling sat down, she heard a table of your daughter’s daughter vomit. "Look at that sheep monarch harassing Qin Ruwang again."
These girls don’t like the arrogance and ambition of the princess, and the princess has a higher heart than the sky. Everyone said that her title naturally had a different meaning
Anyway, the pronunciation is almost the same, and the princess can’t get it wrong again.
Dong Yuling looked up, and sure enough, the country was sitting at the table and occupied the position around Lian Yan Jing.
Lian Yan Jing felt a pungent sweet wind blowing past her and sat down with a woman who hated it for a while.
Soon Lian Yan Jiing didn’t give face to face, but the princess said a word and moved her wheelchair away from the table.
Lotte seems to be waiting for the early immediately pointed to the side and said, "the world is not as good as sitting here? We haven’t had a drink together for a long time. "
With Lotte’s words, others immediately echoed, all of them were young people, and most of them got along with Lotus Yan Jiing to lend a helping hand.
Many people don’t like the princess, especially those good men who have been inspected by the queen, who try their best to avoid the queen’s marriage. Naturally, they are happy to see the princess make a fool of themselves.
Lotus Yan Jiing was satisfied when she saw that Lotte had one place left. She walked over and looked at the eunuch to move the chair.
After greeting, Lotus Yan Jiing looked up and saw the familiar faces not far from the opposite side. She was immediately satisfied with this position. She couldn’t help but evoke a little smile at the corners of her mouth, which made the deskmate secretly indecisive.
Dong Yuling was a little surprised to see the world as a stranger. At the beginning, Wangfu Lishi was not very impatient with Mrs. Shui and her brother. She always hated them. They never thought the world would be so cold.
I was so angry when I saw the princess. Many people laughed, and I don’t know how the queen’s mother raised her daughters. Why are all so disreputable?
The queen’s surname is Tang, and a new family was discovered because of a former emperor’s favor.
It can be said that the daughters of the Tang family hate marriage very much now.
No matter how beautiful and talented you are, there is no good family.
Over the years, Tang’s daughter has offended many people by either marrying the queen with a low reputation or directly marrying her.
Now the Tang family is not far away even if there is no public enemy in the society.
Only some passers-by who want to take a shortcut or take a real trip will take the initiative to visit the Tang family.
"Ha ha, I knew that the World Expo would regard that sheep monarch." The girls looked at the play with satisfaction and turned around to lower their divination.
"People don’t hit the south wall and don’t look back. They fail again and again, but they are more and more brave."
"It’s called perseverance, but what’s in her bag is different to her."
"Poof … isn’t it very different?" Su Yalan chuckled over her mouth and joined the hexagram camp, but she didn’t go with the flow as casually and straightforwardly as she spoke to Dong Yuling and became normalized.
Everyone leng leng immediately covered her mouth and smiled. Su Yalan’s words were really a double word.
On weekdays, although the world is silent, it is not to ignore people, but in the face of the princess, she never says a word.
Everyone can see that the afterlife hates and alienates the princess, but the princess herself can’t see it clearly.
"What do you think of the county owner?" Tian Tian, the daughter of the Ministry of War, suddenly asked Dong Fengling not to give any embarrassment, but to think that it was not good for everyone to ignore Dong Fengling so much and was very enthusiastic to pull her into the topic.
Dong Wei’s spirit is slightly embarrassing. She’s not Yuan Fang. What can you think?
"This stumbles me. I’m not familiar with anyone when I first entered the palace!" Dong Fengling said it’s true, but in this world, she is not familiar with it at all, and she has never touched this side.
Then the princess can’t even introduce Dong Yuling’s impression of her through Su Yalan’s divination, and she still stays in the evaluation of the second grade girl.
Dong Yuling claims to satisfy everyone, which makes her feel much more cordial.
It is not necessary to be important to look at people and objects.
Dong Yuling’s initial appointment as a county owner is afraid that it will make peers in the circle farther away.