Xie Xun is Zhang Ji’s adoptive father, and Zhang Ji’s kindness is as heavy as a mountain. Zhang Ji will hand over Xie Xun even if he pays a heavy price.

Zhang Ji withdrew his spirit, body and breath, and now Zhang Ji can also "return to nature"
"Don’t worry, brother, all we have to do now is wait until the master of teaching comes and we can go to Shaolin Temple," Zhao Min said.
Mount Emei
Song Qingxian has not only become a master fighter, but also has a kind of marrow.
A huge dragon song sounded, and Song Qing made a move of "Kang Long has regrets" and played Zhou Zhiruo’s footwork, which transformed his body into nine illusions and easily avoided palm power.
Feel the power of the dragon’s ten palms. Zhou Zhiruo nodded and said, "Not bad. The power of the dragon’s ten palms is really good."
Although Song Qing is the master’s early fighters, it is a little slow to display the dragon’s ten palms and actually have the attack power of the master’s middle fighters.
Of course, the slow speed is for the great master and Zhou Zhiruo. After all, Zhou Zhiruo Spiral Nine Shadows is the highest flying master in the world, and the fighters can compete with Zhou Zhiruo at a low speed.
Song Qing was depressed. "But I’m still not zhi. If your opponent is so strong, I can’t even touch your skirts."
No matter how strong the power is, what if it can’t hit the enemy?
Zhou Zhiruo laughed. "You are the master. It’s not bad that fighters can have such power in the early days. I’m a master. You want to hurt me, but it’s impossible now."
Zhou Zhiruo’s skill in healing has been increasing. Yesterday, she finally became a half-step master.
Song Qing heard Zhou Zhiruo capability growth happy way "zhi if you say that your injury has healed? Now you are also a half-step master fighter who should be able to kill Wang Yue. "
Although Zhou Zhiruo and Wang Yue and Zhang Ji have become enemies now, Song Qing still regards them as rivals in love. It is natural that Song Qing would like to see Wang Yue and Zhang Ji die.
Zhou Zhiruo shook his head and said, "My injury has not healed yet, but it’s faster than killing Wang Yue. Even I can’t do it. Although Wang Yue and I are both half-step masters, he realized that the sword meaning is terrible. If it is not the roots of the master fighters, Wang Yue can’t be killed. Wang Yue’s current capability can be said to be the enemy of the master."
Zhou Zhiruo took a look at Song Qing and said, "You continue to practice. I’ll go back first."
Zhou Zhiruo went back to the room and said, "Wang Yue left six forging moves for Emei Sect. Every time he completed a move, he could wash his marrow once. I have completed the first five moves, but I don’t know if the sixth kinetic energy can be completed."
Zhou Zhiruo’s talent over the years has also cultivated the "gymnastics" exercise method to the fifth and sixth movements, and she can’t finish it if she works hard.
Now, Zhou Zhiruo has got the Jiuyin Zhenjing, and her body flexibility is stronger than before. She wants to try a sixth move.
Zhou Zhiruo guessed that he should be able to become a great master after completing the sixth Yijing pulp washing.
"Click …"
Zhou Zhiruo’s body is twisted at an incredible angle, and she can hear the sounds made by her bones and muscles clearly.
Half an hour later, Zhou Zhiruo finally finished the sixth move.
Body toxins and impurities are eliminated from the body along with sweat.
Zhou Zhiruo feel mind a clear mud pill palace spirit emerged like the tide.
When the true qi in the body was transformed into the true yuan, Zhou Zhiruo gave a clear and high whistling.
The long whistling shocked the whole Emei Sect.
Song Qing was shocked. "If Zhi succeeds, will she become a great master?"