What will he do next?

Mark thought as he watched the setting sun outside.
You went to find lelis?
Mark left manor mind mark didn’t trigger.
So where did he go?
Analyzing a mental patient gives Mark a headache.
A little while
In a coma in bed, Vivian gave a groan.
Mark turned around during the event.
Vivian covered her forehead and looked around, then sat up on her bed and looked at Mark.
Mark smiled. "You knew I was the one who sent you to destroy your manor?"
Vivian didn’t deny that "I only saw the video from Monica yesterday".
Mark said, "You can tell me directly."
Vivian smiled morbidly and said, "What? You will help me do this bad thing. My ex-girlfriend killed your daughter’s boyfriend. "
Mark said with a straight face, "I won’t recognize him as my daughter’s boyfriend and they broke up."
"Don’t change the subject"
Mark smiled and then stared at Vivian and said, "You should know my choice."
"I want to hear from you."
"… ha ha"
Mark looked at suddenly smiled amorous feelings Vivian a sigh in my heart.
I told you.
The circuit of mental patient’s brain is the most elusive.
quite a while
Mark walked towards the bedroom door with sunglasses on.
"… where are you going?"
"Revenge for you"
After Mark went out, Vivian got up and walked barefoot to the window and picked up a weird pentagram coin with her slender fingers.
After a series of flashbacks,
Mark also figured out that this self-produced pentagram coin should be available.
For someone who has no body with Mark,
This coin will give them a chance to come back from the dead.
But for someone with Mark,
At most, this coin can protect their souls from the soul storm and pass through hell to the underworld …
This is simply not a VIP player should be treated.
We agreed to limit our lives
What? He has one here.
Macbeth once vomited this coin.
It’s a pity to abandon food and taste
Nobody goes back to give it to Mark when it hurts.
Did you give it or not?