Italian furniture is a special feeling that adorns the room.

It makes people feel …
Come in after Mark. Annie looked at the decoration in the room in surprise, then blinked and said with some exaggeration, "Does Mark have more money than Xing?"
Mark laughed. "We have …"
Although this capitalist family is nothing at all!
While taking Annie’s hand and pulling her luggage, she led Annie along the spiral staircase to the floor.
Call a master bedroom near Mark, put your luggage on the guest room floor and say, "You can sleep here."
Anne nodded stupidly and looked at the room without luxury!
Can it not be luxurious?
Mark spent nearly $100,000 two months ago to completely renovate his home.
This mark made a credit card installment for nearly 24 months …
It is also equipped with the Stark Industrial Flag Stark Intelligent Company Housekeeper Terminal.
A rigid artificial intelligence helps manage all the appliances and appliances in the house!
Although Mark is still proficient in brain technology and exercises office software.
But it doesn’t hinder Mark’s heart of pursuing trends!
If it weren’t for a series of things
Mark had an idea to rob Jarvis.
But …
Come to think of it, even if you grab it, Mark won’t be lucky.
Besides, who knows if Jarvis’s body is a hard drive or something …
This stark fixture company is rigid and intelligent, and it is also azimuth protection, such as in case of fire or robbery.
It will also analyze itself by installing a hidden living room camera and notify the NYPD!
But …
Mark couldn’t imagine that stupid thief would go to the house of an FBI agent in charge of the case!
Unless you don’t want to continue living …
Looking at his sister’s French window and looking at the beautiful scenery of sunset new york.
Mark smiled slightly. "You tidy up first."
Annie also don’t back to some meng circle nodded!
In half an hour!
Sitting on the sofa sipping a little wine, Mark heard the noise behind him, pointed to a terminal control display screen embedded in the door wall and said without looking back, "Enter your fingerprint. It has just been renovated and there is no key …"
Annie blinked and sat down beside Mark. "Why didn’t you ask me why I came to new york?" she asked doubtfully.
Mark turned to look at his sister and smiled slightly. "It will take two months for new york University to learn how to come so soon."
"… no!" Anne leng leng shook her head and said, "I’m here for an audition."
"What?" Mark pulled his finger out of his ear and said, "What audition!"
"You don’t know …" Anne grew up, and her face turned cold. "You’ve never read the letter I sent you, have you?"
"Letter?" Mark was stunned again!
"I sent you more than a dozen letters last year. Didn’t you see them?"