Luchen low road

"Now we have a news that the research on hot weapons of the SHEN WOO Empire has achieved initial results and has been put into trial in some battlefields. The military has responded to the pressure on the DPRK …"
On the other side, Xia Mi scolded Chuhang and groped as if to check to see if her husband was short of weight.
She looked at the eye is embracing painted pear clothes and Liu Chen asked in a low voice, "how did you finally change it back?" Isn’t it already successful? "
After the disappearance of Xia Mi’s deep-blooded creatures, they had already left the original mine with the painter Li Yi. After the final debugging of Chu Hang, the SHEN WOO Empire became a victorious country, but it was not a crushing victory, but it was in a cold war confrontation.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seven Return
In the Cold War confrontation, the natural war between the SHEN WOO Empire and the Western Federation was at best a local game between some small border countries.
In this case, a considerable number of Lu Chen’s comrades are still alive. Lu Chen died in the battlefield for some special reasons.
Because of a series of tossing and turning of Jiawu nerve, the life span of fighters is still not long, that is, at most, 27 years old, so Lu Chen’s parents have long since passed away.
However, this is also a kind of success, because it is impossible to achieve what Lu Chen thought, and his parents are still alive, because Lu Chen must be born and there is no death in this era, otherwise it will be in a paradox from the root.
Chu Hang tried several results, and one of them was that Lu Chen’s parents were still comrades-in-arms, that is, the line where former painter Li Yi and Xue Zhiyu met, but it was finally rejected by Lu Chen.
Xia Mi, it seems incredible that Brother Lu, an old greedy force, was finally willing to give up everything and let history return to normal.
"Nothing is that Lu Chen has moved forward."
Chuhang light way
It’s natural that Lu Chen’s parents didn’t die unjustly or tragically. For secret blood fighters, Lu Chen’s parents died a natural death.
It is an honor for Lu Chen’s comrades-in-arms to die in the battlefield
People whose past is like dust can’t always remember the past and have to look forward.
Chu Hang didn’t know whether Lu Chen really thought so, but in the end Lu Chen let himself return to normal history.
Can Liu Chen really … Give up?
He looked at the man who embraced the painted pear clothes and always felt that Brother Liu was planning something more greedy.
Do you want to reverse everything, including the future that hasn’t happened yet?
"Mr. Sheriff, it’s him who suspects that the SHEN WOO Empire has no entry permit."
At this time, a dissonance sounded, and a man like a punk came with a sheriff, apparently coming towards Liu Chen and his party.
Because even if the western Federation has an oriental nationality, it will not dress up like Lu Chen, and he always feels like he has seen this man’s face in some news, and he feels that he may be a wanted man.
The sheriff, with a large belly and a holster in his hand, warned, "Sir, please show me your driver’s license or passport entry permit."
Liu Chen ignored that he was holding a painted pear coat and feeling this moment, trying to soothe his heart.
"I warn you once, please cooperate with me in law enforcement or I will shoot."
The fat sheriff has a deep voice and pulls out a pistol to aim at Lu Chen’s head.
Liu Chen gently caressed the pear-shaped hair and slowly turned to show himself in front of everyone.
At this time, there has been a large number of people watching the West Federation. I don’t know who exclaimed first, and then riots broke out in the crowd.
"He … he … didn’t he report the Oriental Wu Shen in the news a few years ago?"
Someone trembled and said
"Oriental Wu Shen has not been captured by us? Is it out of prison? "
People who don’t know the truth are in a panic. Even though people in the Western Federation think highly of themselves and look down on the West, it is still in the era of cold weapons. The SHEN WOO Empire also thinks that it is ridiculous for those yellow monkeys to go to war with knives, but no one will think it is a good thing to meet a secret blood fighter on the city street.
No matter how arrogant they are, they know that secret blood fighters are much better than normal people to kill stars.
"People are retreating, please don’t affect my law enforcement!"
The sheriff shouted and took out his walkie-talkie to call for support. He learned that after the arrival of the team horse, he was emboldened again. "What Oriental Wu Shen, according to the previous report, didn’t that guy die of old age in prison? It’s just a look. I warn you again, please show me your driver’s license or I’ll shoot!"
Lu Chen didn’t look at the sheriff, but looked at this bustling city. He once passed through it, but once he fled in a round-up.
The gun sounded, but it was frightening. The sheriff shot Lu Chen, but there was a hole in his forehead and he fell slowly.
During the crowd riots, the city sounded an alarm, and the army responded very quickly and headed straight this way.