"No," Hill said heavily. "The energy monitoring broke through a million in an instant when that energy burst, and then our monitoring equipment lost its unified system and sent the maximum energy data of one million."

Nick Frey frowned deeply.
Directly leave Muir LUN with the protector of explosion shock wave like propeller. Sol, a part of soldiers in Kanda, directly shouted "What just happened".
"Ahem" crawled out of the rubble directly. Captain Rogers coughed and shouted "Report"
"I’m overwhelmed by branches. Somebody help me."
"… King T ‘Challa, how are you?"
"… it’s okay. Thor Sol helped us reach the front and hit the shock wave."
"Where is Hulk Hulk?"
Rogers looked over there and spat. watermelon head Hulk breathed a sigh of relief.
not bad
At this moment, Loki’s faint sound sounded at the headset of all people. "Damn, I was crushed by the battleship. Who will help me?"
All "…"
Stay after they heard Loki sound this just feel a little bit wrong.
Where’s Cherita?
Everyone looked where the troops of Chery Tower, which just covered the sun with several bone dragons, went?
Dead bone dragon on the ground, dead Chery tower soldier’s body is still
But what about the rest?
Tony landed with Pepper in his arms and said, "The shock wave has completely disappeared when it hit the Chery Tower people."
"What?" Captain Rogers asked
Thor Sol directly split the dead bone dragon in half with a flash, revealing the buried bone dragon. Loki then said, "It should be the keeper who also attacked."
Saul can’t find the answer except this one.
A single blow can make millions of Chery Tower people instantly look for ashes all over the universe, and there is one force with such combat power.
There is no doubt that the underworld
Just then.
Saul looked at coming from the deep and remote blue wormhole. One object was directly scratched, and a thunder bombarded the past.
The shadow hit the ground and instantly smashed a deep pit.
"What is it?" Sol asked in hindsight