"The third thing is to pick your arm card table. Are you a man, not a boy?"
Otaku Wen silently took his wrist cartoon watch without sending it, ready to stuff it into …
Mark stared at the otaku Wen and threw the cartoon watch into the trash can not far away.
Mark’s eyes stayed warm for two or three seconds.
Right hand repetition
Took out a brand-new undivided suit and handed it to the otaku Wen and said, "Go change it."
Otaku gawk catch suit bag and attached leather shoes leng leng.
Glancing at the specifications of the suit, I looked up and said, "How do you know how big I wear?"
Mark sneered without explanation.
What joke?
Is it so easy for a real woman to handle a strange woman love rat in just ten seconds?
It is no exaggeration to say.
Every love rat is top-notch in knowledge.
It’s a glance
Mark can accurately judge the measurements and analyze the general hobbies.
Men are no exception.
After stopping the bank robbery, the police girl is back.
"Where did Wen go?" Carla looked at Mark’s apartment and asked curiously.
The otaku’s temperature changed into a suit, and the temperature came out of the guest room.
The suit is warm and straight.
A high-quality close-fitting fine linen suit with no wrinkles sets off some muscle suits …
Carla said, "Wen is so cool."
Mark smiled and looked at his boat suit, which had been fooled.
Saving a licking dog from suffering is no less than a seven-level pagoda.
Mark felt that he had done a great kindness.
The suit is warm and smiles.
Mark is a sigh.
This smile once again changed the suit temperature back to licking the dog otaku temperature
Mark dug up a pair of sunglasses when he was young and left them to Winslow. He simply said "belt".
Take effect so quickly
Winshort caught the glasses without thinking, and wore the bridge of his nose.
at this moment
Otaku Wen becomes suit Wen again.
Winshort was just about to speak.
"Shut up and don’t talk," Mark said heavily.
Warm expression of suit
Jane with terminator suit man official line …
Carla looked silly next to her.