It was instantly captured by these two new female bipedal creatures, and after making a decision, it must please and try to be fed.

One of Kama’s seats at the dining table is connected to a tablet to continue browsing the phase information.
He has no limitations. Strictly speaking, he is a thing that can be obtained through official channels.
"Brother Chu, let’s calculate the harvest of this trip."
Lu Chen felt satisfied, but he was far from full. Let’s say that he is now able to swallow the heavens and the earth with one mouth hanging upside down. It is too difficult to eat enough food.
Chuhang nodded his head and looked like a big housekeeper. "Let’s start with the strength …"
The strength of Chu-Hang Unified Computing Team can be seen at a glance.
First of all, Chu Hang’s personal tyranny Wang Luchen’s hometown crashed and the peripheral equipment was completely lost, but the comprehensive attribute of others’ strength has reached 22 points, which has surpassed Lu Chen’s just entering the funeral.
In terms of achievement method, Chu Hang’s initial practice was improved by fighting against Lu Chen who first taught him his name. Later, the achievement method of Chu Family was further integrated and improved, but in fact, this achievement method is not strong and can be barely said to be suitable for Chu Hang.
There are also many ancient classics of the powerful method of burying the gods, but Chu Hang went in and mixed up for a circle, and he didn’t catch anything.
Mainly because of his special status as Lord of the city, his feeling characteristics are also not suitable. For example, Snow Moon Peak is a female cultivation method, Wuwanggu is a totem cultivation body, and Gulong Cave is a demon cultivation method. Although he also has dragon blood, he is not suitable for it.
The only thing that he feels more reliable is that the Emperor of the Royal Family in the Summer Palace has passed through. Although the founder Ji Xuanyuan did not reach the level of the emperor, the strength and abstruse degree of the scriptures were not lost to the Emperor’s classics.
But in the summer, the royal family kept strict control over the scriptures, and he didn’t have a chance to plan a big war in the future.
However, Hao Chuhang’s trip also gained Kama Kama’s strength. If he has the right body, it will be the first-order powerful force. It is because he has found an external power to enhance his strength.
In addition, Chu Hang also found the right opportunity to upgrade his death note, and now it is a fairy growth equipment. He believes that this equipment still has great potential and is worth cultivating.
Lu Chen can feel that the road of Chu Hang Yin people is gone forever. The death note shows that it is assassination and small pole equipment.
Chuhang finished himself and said to Xia Mi.
Nowadays, our classmate Xia Mi is not what she used to be. She is no longer the weakest individual in the team. On her comprehensive personal attributes, she is taller than Chuhang.
Xia Mi’s comprehensive attributes Now, after absorbing the gift from the real dragon master at 26 o’clock, she has purified her dragon blood and moved towards the real dragon blood.
But as far as Xia Mi is concerned, the direction of her transformation is different from that of Xiaojinlong, and the end point is still the western dragon. The so-called real dragon is not limited to the form. She is the blood force and has stronger control over strength and elements.
Although Xia Mi is often humiliated, she still has some advantages in the face of other explorers. After all, she used to be the king of the earth, and now Lu Chen can surpass her skills in the team
In addition to the promotion of attributes, Xia Mi descent has also awakened new skills, which once needed to be combined with stupid brothers to make skills available now.
She awakens the skill of "the kingdom of the dead", which is in charge of the laws and conditions of death, allowing communication between heaven and earth, summoning the kingdom of the dead and fighting the undead. This is the power of Hella, the god of death.
However, Hella, once a god of death in the dragon world, can’t compare with Xia Mi now. She has been detached and can be aggravated continuously. Even a big world can make this ability have certain limitations.
Finally, the students who painted pear clothes and painted pear clothes were ashamed of the European imperial name. Even modern "garbage collection" has raised their strength to a terrible level.
In the world where treasures are everywhere in my hometown, painting pear clothes is like a duck to water, and even the immortal equipment has been picked up, which is in a semi-damaged state
Nowadays, the comprehensive attribute of pear painting clothes has reached 25 points, second only to Lu Chen and Xia Mi. In addition, her charm attribute is still rising, which is still unreasonable. The breakthrough of 21 points makes Lu Chen incredible. He has always wondered whether pear painting clothes still have an unawakened talent charm.
This time, the comprehensive evaluation of the Great World Painting Pear Clothes and Xia Mi is A+,because they have not experienced any fierce battles in modern times. The A+evaluation may be due to the overall evaluation of the team.
However, it is not stingy to give rewards at the time of settlement, and painting pear clothes has won the preface of talent awakening, which is the second prop of awakening.
In fact, from the name, Lu Chen suspects that the seeker can awaken many talents. Otherwise, what will be the preface? Will there be a first page and a second page behind it?
You know, this is a "prologue", not a "sequel", but Lu Chen also asked this question when chatting with Rhein, the circus. Rhein said that he had not seen more than three talented people awaken.
Rhine himself has awakened two talents, saying that the team has awakened three bosses, but there should be no more.
The plan of painting pear clothes will make this prop awaken her second talent. In addition, her dream of a thousand years has also absorbed all kinds of ancient chapters to improve it, and now it has its own style, and the fighting is ever-changing