Shouldn’t sending us to execute it be a "game experience"?

This makes the novice village people compete with the full-scale bosses on the same stage. How come the original NPC has been strengthened so much?
Shouldn’t they be worshipped by the audience in modern society? How did they become slaves of the defeated countries in the East?
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-four Modern explorers break through again
Richard’s explorers are still two months away from this world, but they find it so difficult.
Whip sound stage kept echoing, and supervisors urged slaves to work everywhere.
When Richard was in a daze, the wind roared and whipped his messy vest, and the ordinary vest pulled out his strong back and made a long mark.
Richard turned to look at the supervisor with anger in his heart.
"White pig see what see! ? Hurry up and move things. Believe it or not, I will beat you to death? "
That supervisor is five big, three thick, fat and strong, but he is just a mortal, holding a whip with great pride.
Richard’s face was gloomy, and he drew another whip and hit him straight in the face. He consciously raised his hand and grabbed the whip.
In terms of attributes, this supervisor is only strong, and his comprehensive attributes are not more than ten points. Who is Richard?
He is a breakthrough into the second-order explorer, with a maximum power attribute of 37 points!
He stared at the supervisor with anger in his eyes because you dared to slap me in the face! ?
The supervisor looked at Richard’s eyes and pulled the whip back, but he didn’t twitch. At that time, some people felt nervous.
"What are you doing over there?"
At this time, a sound came not far from a secret blood fighter officer coming this way with a suspicious face.
Richard’s anger is burning in his heart, but the second-order explorer should be all-powerful in modern society, but now he is moving bricks here! ?
A mortal dares to whip my handsome face! ?
This group of orientals say that it is tolerable!
At least I’ve fought hard in four worlds. I’m cruel. Am I clay?
"What are you asking for?"
The secret blood fighters officer walked up to Richard and the supervisor and said
Richard hurriedly loosened his whip face and bowed with a smile. "Adults are thick-skinned and afraid that this brother will smoke out the whip, but you don’t have to stop doing it now. Adults are busy."
With that, he ran to the construction site with his sack on his back.
The supervisor spat at the ground and smeared "Bah, there are still many kinds of balls, and finally it was a coward."
The secret blood fighters officer looked at Richard thoughtfully and didn’t speak.
Bury the gods in the mountain of martial arts
It’s been more than two months since Lu Chen returned, but many great things have happened in these two months.
It is now well known that the real Dragon Star Domain buried the god star. Apart from the fact that five major forces went to the real Dragon Star Domain and demanded that the top forces of the real Dragon Star Domain pay tribute every year, more and more young people went to the real Dragon Star Domain, which really set off a "gold rush".
But it’s nothing to do with Liu Chen. In the past two months, he has been practicing Wushu Mountain with peace of mind and visiting again.
The real dragon marriage can’t be concealed. Even if the news here is not leaked, most of his forces will know the result after going to the real dragon star domain for exploration.
The owner of the meteorite cave didn’t mean to find another job after the fall.
Now, the meteorite cave, the head of the ancient meteorite, has taken the lead in expressing its willingness to cooperate with the burial of the gods, and the Taoist system has been completely preserved.
In his ancient power, he was more or less plowed by the top power of the buried star. There was no big killing and looting.
Wu Shenshan’s performance in this matter is very low-key. Not many people go to the real Dragon Star Domain, and there is no meaning to carve up the property of those ancient stars, because they have already gained the greatest benefits.
When the original Luchen Gulong Cave learned that the real dragon was close, it would send someone to negotiate, but in fact, no one at the root of Gulong Cave sent a letter, which meant that they hoped to get a few drops of Jingxue from the real dragon.
The elder directly denied it, but didn’t imply that the ancient dragon cave should be exchanged for those valuable things.