Without Uncle Mo, it will be much more difficult to lead Hua Zhen to go on his own, and it will not be until sunset to return to the starting point for several days in a row.

Chapter 27, whose girl
The stone road where the "Dashi" or the scientific research worker’s building was partially completed has also been repaired to the "Dashi" position in the valley. The total construction period is about one week, which means that a group of monks in the four countries are far beyond ordinary people’s imagination.
After the completion of this project, the training period of fifteen CET-4 students ended. The next day, the whole team left Yangyuan Valley, and it was the rainy season.
Make an incomplete statistics. At present, there are three five-level tutors in the register of Yangyuan teachers’ headquarters, namely Hua Zhen Xing, Lian Na and Wang Fengshou. The number of four-level Yangyuan teachers has reached 29, and there are 25 more four-level students besides Li Jingzhi, Shen Si, Locke and Man Man.
Some people in important positions can’t be transferred for the time being, but the remaining people will gradually complete the handover, and they will be arranged to work in Chundan Center and Fufeng Garden to raise Yuangu respectively. How to arrange it needs to be balanced in many ways. After a while, raising Yuangu less will no longer be a valley.
Hua Zhenxing is still worried about one thing. He just passed his sixteenth birthday after breaking through the five realms here, and now Manman’s birthday is coming soon.
No one can remember exactly when Maman was born. When she registered as a resident, Old Man Yang set a date for her, that is, June 11th, so that’s the date to live.
He told Yang Lao-tou about it, which means that he wants to go with these students, celebrate Manman’s birthday and then come back.
As a result, if Yang Lao-tou doesn’t promise to say "shut up" or "shut up", and the students are all gone, he can practice well. What if today’s events and events can always find an excuse to run around and talk about it?
There’s nothing Hua Zhen can do to ask those returning students to take a message to Manman and ask her if she would like to come to Yangyuan Valley for her birthday. Yang Lao tou laughed at him when he found out.
Man Man is now the main assistant of Yangyuan Art Center. Because the main Yang Tehong is not on duty for a long time, and there is no deputy director of the center, she is actually the foreman, although many daily businesses are helped by others.
Although she is sixteen years old, no one will accuse the Yangyuan Art Center of employing child labor, which will be even more problematic after her birthday.
How comfortable it is for her to stay there under the leadership of the actual host of Fufeng Garden. Why do you have to come to Yangyuan Valley when you want to have a lively birthday? There’s only a valley here. There are three shadowy old men and a trip to Hua Zhen.
Although Yang Laotou said so, Hua Zhen knew that Manman would definitely come, so he kept his mind at ease and waited in Yuangu.
These days, Hua Zhenxing has become more and more aware of the Yangyuan Valley array, and he has also noticed that this array is changing. The three old people have been arranging array methods to lay the foundation for the embryonic structure of the cave.
If it is a large array that has already been decorated, it is almost impossible for him to understand the mystery, but now it is almost just right. He is still shallow and the large array is still laying the foundation. This opportunity may be missed after a while.
After the students left, Hua Zhenxing found that it was no longer possible to break into the cave boundary at will in Yangyuan Valley, and it would take a long time to build it, but it was a long time to be alert and trapped.
If an outsider comes to Yangyuan Valley, he can safely reach the teaching area, that is, the office building, the training department, the further education institute and the dormitory area by taking the stone road from the "Dashi".
However, if the "guests" leave the road to raise Yuan Valley without permission, they may eventually be trapped somewhere and can’t get out. What about the workers in the valley? A pass is equivalent to a pass. You need to carry it with you.
Another "function" is that Mo Shang Tong’s hand-made four-level four-level teacher certificate issued by the headquarters of Yangyuan Division can come and go freely without being hindered by the trapped array in the valley.
What about the third-level students? Raising Yuangu is not to let the three-level Yuangu teachers practice the place. Now the training class is a special case. The teaching management assessment of the first-level to third-level Yuangu teachers belongs to Fufeng Garden. Students can only come to Yangyuan Valley to review and receive further training and guidance after breaking through Level 4.
Even if Hua Zhenxing intends to continue to specialize in raising Yuan Gu and hold several more training courses for the third-level students, then the third-level students can’t trespass and stipulate regional activities, otherwise there may be danger, and it will protect them if they are trapped.
Hua Zhen finally knew what Uncle Mo wanted to take him for such a walk that day.
Hua Zhen can now raise a position in the Yuan Valley, and the pivot can also detect whether someone is trapped, and he can release people from the trapped array as soon as he thinks about it. This is the main limit of the cave, but if he does not have this period, his progress will be limited.
On June 11th, this trip to Tianhua didn’t continue to circle around the edge of the large array, but walked along the banks of various lakes in the valley. Kirin, the animal, followed him with two big baskets on his back, with vegetarian dishes on the left and meat dishes on the right.
There are a lot of wild vegetables and game in Yangyuan Valley. Come out for a walk today and pick some. It’s best to make a table late and always try to enrich some birthday cakes. Even if there is no such system here, longevity noodles must be prepared for Huazhenxing. It is estimated that not only Manman will come, but others may follow when they hear the news.
If it is from Fufeng Garden at sunrise today, the normal speed is almost the same, and it should arrive before dinner. Who knows where the rainy season is not suitable for speeding, but the weather in Yangyuan Valley is not bad today.
We’ve searched almost all the ingredients, and we can pull out some more in the back garden to make a rich meal. A table of Hua Zhenxing greets a unicorn and then walk back.
This beast is getting smarter and smarter. He can understand a lot of simple commands and gestures, and he even learned to read the words and deeds. How does Yang Lao-tou train? Hua Zhen asked an answer: "It’s just a mind reading."
One of the difficulties in training animals is the IQ habits of animals, and the other is how to communicate. First of all, let the white animal understand, otherwise it doesn’t know what you want it to do. People usually gradually induce the formation of reflex from memory to behavior by reward and punishment mechanism.
But for Brother Dacheng, it is much simpler. Spiritual thinking transcends language ideas and can contain all kinds of information. If animals understand it, they can communicate directly.
Over time, animals will become more and more intelligent, and their IQ will be higher and higher. People’s IQ has both congenital and acquired factors, so do animals, but the growth of acquired IQ is also limited by congenital conditions.
For example, people can teach a dog to do ten addition, but it is impossible to teach him to solve equations. If he can really learn it, he is not a pure dog, but he feels like a demon.
Is that what Yang Lao-tou told Hua Zhen and Hua Zhen when chatting? Did he say "he feels like a demon"? Yang Laotou explained that this means that self-awareness can in turn examine what kind of purpose and what is it?
From this time, animals have the ability to escape, and after thinking, they no longer simply passively adapt to the environment, but learn to actively change the environment and change themselves, so that they can predict the cause and effect of the connection.
For example, an orangutan will pick up a branch to poke an ant nest, but it is still an orangutan. If it breaks a branch from a tree to make it into a suitable length and shape, it will be completely different to poke an ant nest.
Because the branch stabbing the ant nest is a direct cause and effect, the orangutan can foresee two unrelated associations.
Observing when this beast can feel like a demon is to observe its characteristics. It must have been the same process when Mo Qilin, the founder of Dingfengtan, touched the beast.
It is said that there is an ever-changing Sect in Gusu City of Dongguo. The difference is that the younger brothers in the Sect are mainly demon-cultivated patriarchs, and the musicians call the demon Sect a real person.
Yang Lao-tou was told to Hua Zhen by anecdotes. Xiaohua should know more about this now. Hua Zhen has asked curiously if the demon clan is particularly good at taming animals. Yang Laotou laughed and shook his head when he heard it.
Demon Sect is not good at taming animals. If you want to find such a talent, you should go to the zoo and become a happy place. He can create his own variety because he can instruct various kinds of monsters to practice …
Hua Zhenxing greeted Kirin, and it was time to go home. The head of the beast jerked his ass and ran in front of Hua Zhen. He thought of this inexplicably.
He wondered if Kirin could feel like a demon one day. If that’s the case, can you find a way to send it to Wanbianzong in Gusu for further study, just as he asked those students to come to Yangyuan Valley for further study?
Is there really such a clan in the world? Yang Lao-tou shouldn’t talk nonsense. Hua Zhen has broken through the five realms, and he can sense and see some things. He is no different, but the monster has never seen it before!