This is what Lu Chen doesn’t understand, because there is a certain force deterrent to bury the god star or some negotiation words. It is so-called that he wants to go to the forbidden area of life to explore the abyss.

The situation of life forbidden area is complicated, and it is hard to let the abyss suffer a large number of losses.
"Alas, my little brother Lu didn’t know that these forbidden areas of life are called forbidden areas, but you can’t enter."
Li Tiange, the oldest person in Qingyun Gate, understood these things clearly and explained to everyone that "there were powerful creatures who had entered the restricted area at the beginning of the burial history, but they were suspected of being angered. At that time, there was also a catastrophe, and it took a hundred years to bury the gods, stars and beings and worship the fairy cave before the situation calmed down."
He continued, "The great people are worried that it is not that the resources in the forbidden area of life are plundered by foreign deep-blooded nobles, but that they are afraid that they will anger the creatures in the forbidden area and bury the gods, and then the chaos will break out. It will be the real end for those ancient immortals, who are small and weak, to live or die."
"But it won’t be peaceful if the stars of the gods are messed up, will it?"
Liu Chen frowned and said that he knew that Tianhua Lu wanted to take a trip to the burial ground, but he felt that the risk was too great.
He’s been to the heaven-covering world, and he doesn’t think it’s easy to talk in the forbidden area and bury everything in the abyss. It seems that everything in it is insane, just like slaves in the forbidden area. Can the elder really get in touch with the creatures inside?
Moreover, if the roots of people outside bronze doors are closed, they can’t even break their own world. I’m afraid there is no corresponding practice, even the fairy gods can’t storm.
If modern supporters can hear Lu Chenxin, I’m afraid it will resonate strongly.
They carry extremely professional tools, but they can also hit the door through special technology, but even so, it takes less months for construction.
Nowadays, modern supporters have given up and are ready for punishment. Because they sent people there to "punch holes" for half a year, it was hard to see hope and was restored by a small change.
"It’s hard to say. I heard that Brother Lu once went into the original mine to explore. You should know that part of the situation inside is distorted and self-contained. Even if the star of death destroys those forbidden areas, it will be safe and sound."
Emei middle-aged belle mouth way
"To tell you the truth, when I entered the original mine, some adventures deepened a lot, but I didn’t see any living fairy gods, and there was nothing against me."
Lu Chen’s statement was half-true. He did not meet the living fairy. At that time, he met the elder, which was not alive, and he was half dead.
"Alas, even the fairy gods may not be able to live forever. Maybe those forbidden areas have died, but we don’t know."
Someone sighs.
Everyone said nothing to me about the forbidden area of the buried star.
"By the way, I’ve heard that those noble people with deep blood seem to say that they buried the gods and rested their spirits. I don’t know if there is any saying. Is there another way for our ancient star, Archaean, to be different from now?"
Li Tiange said that he went back and consulted ancient books, but there were no clues.
"That’s too long. It’s probably thousands of years ago that the abyss was sealed, and it’s not surprising that there are different names for an ancient star across more than one era."
Someone said with emotion
Lu Chen, however, remembered what happened in his heart when he changed from a resting place to a buried star.
Are there any secrets hidden in the depths of this land?
What’s more, the original mine cave and meteorite cave that were buried 500,000 years ago should all be the real dragon star domain. This is not two forbidden home stars. What did they do to move to the buried star?
Associated with the hidden world, Lu Chen, the emperor’s star, knows that there are many soldiers buried in the emperor’s star, and there are many strong people lurking in the emperor’s class. But his hometown is different.
Some of those forbidden areas have become immortals, not only the "primary immortals" at the emperor level, but also Lu Chen feels that those who should be enemies of the world and Shou Yuan may be close to poverty, because his hometown is richer in immortality than the world that covers the sky.
But what about those restricted areas that have been in the dark? What are they waiting for?
At the end of the happy end of the banquet, there was a heavy hidden in everyone’s heart, and it was not until the moonlight came that Lu Chen turned back to Wushen Mountain.
In the worship and admiration of brother Wu Shen, he went straight to stop Gefeng and came to the hall, where the elder had obviously waited for a long time to make tea.
"Brother Liu Chenxing, if you don’t fail to accomplish your mission, please ask the elder to show me."