"Not once"

Jerry then walked along the steps with a strange smile on his face and walked towards the gate of the Expo.
A little while
Jerry disappeared completely. Mark’s line of sight. Mark was staring at the door with his hands behind his back, and his expression flashed.
Mark’s chest suit button
The red light flashes …
Chapter 779 Performance
Noodles xiaoshi
The camera of the first button of Mark’s suit is connected to the main program of Thomas Pentagram in Mark Manor.
Looking at Jielitang’s back, Mark’s expression flickered slightly.
quite a while
"… Sir"
"Give my department the traces of Jielitang’s activities in recent years, find out his social account credit card records, and I want him to be a thorough person in front of me."
Thomas pentagram replied and then said nothing.
Mark also turned and walked towards the inside again.
Human nature is evil
Mark has always been the most malicious to guess others, and so has Tony Stark, a smelly fart monkey.
This has both advantages and disadvantages.
Of course
This may also be the main reason why Mark and Tony have fewer friends.
Jerry was passing by by by coincidence?
Or did Jerry come to see him this time?
Mark is inclined to the latter.
The reason is simple.
Jielitang kept saying that he was coming on holiday to watch the show, but what does it mean to leave before the show at the Temeow Expo?
If it is the latter, isn’t this a bit obvious?
Mark thought.
Just then Pepper sounded from behind him.