quite a while

Albert got up and went directly to Mark and asked curiously, "There’s a question I’ve always wanted to ask you."
Mark didn’t speak
Albert asked, "What did you break up with my sister?"
Mark is silent.
After a while
Mark also got up from the recliner and walked to the edge of the roof guardrail, with some sighs on his face.
Behind Albert
On the opposite roof, two snipers who are on duty even at night are still guarding the embassy.
The wind whined.
"Would you believe me if I said that your sister broke up with me?"
Chapter 52 People are learned in life.
A good rider falls on a horse.
Those who are good at water drown in it.
A good drinker is drunk with wine.
Mark didn’t always mark the word "parting" in those years when the dragon was wandering around the rivers and lakes.
not believe
Mark couldn’t believe what he heard.
Albert’s sister dragged him to a separate room with her arms around her and said seriously, "Mark, maybe we should calm down for a while." Mark was shocked and speechless.
Kate Albert blinked in the back and was in a trance.
She was digesting Mark’s words, which shocked her.
Mark turned to look at Albert, who had not seen him for about ten years, and said with a smile, "I have to say that you and your sister seem to be carved out of the same stone."
Mark suddenly looked up and added, "But you are younger than her"
Kate Abbott "…"
the next day
The sun has just risen in London.
Mark yawned at the entrance of the embassy and glanced casually at the bodies of three suspects and a middle-aged man who seemed to have just been salvaged from the river by the London police.
Mark looked at James.
Paul, the inspector next to James?
Mark is too lazy to remember those who are generally not qualified.
Unless it’s her
"What is this?"
"You need someone"
Mark shook his head and looked at James. He seemed to see a good joke and said, "James, do you think I’ll be a fool by grabbing some Ronaldinho?"
James looked directly at Paul, the inspector who was asked to follow him.
Paul looks pale.
Mark laughed and said, "It seems that your problem is more serious than I expected, James. I think you’d better check your Vickers’ regiment carefully."
Say that finish
Mark looked directly at Paul, the inspector, and gave him a sarcastic smile.
soon afterwards
Mark turned around and said without looking back, "James, when I set sail at noon, the plane will go beyond the time limit. You probably will come to new york to see me, but I am very willing to treat you to a cup of delicious Bo wine at home."
The embassy re-closed the remaining guardrail, and two seal soldiers armed with steel guns stared at James and his party outside the guardrail.
James, who understood Mark’s voice-over, winked directly at two agents in six places.
One second
Inspector Paul Anderson froze.
Watching a left and a right surrounded themselves, two agents were dumbfounded.
half past ten
I have packed my bags and prepared to escort visa director Bill Talbot and Kate Albert to the airport to fly back to the country.
Debbie appeared at the door of Mark’s house with words in her hand, knocked on two doors and said, "The wife of the eldest minister and the secretary of state want you to go to the conference center."
Mark nodded his head.
Embassy basement
Mark and an old white-haired woman smiled and nodded.
The big screen lights up
Attorney General Albert and Secretary of State appeared side by side in the video.
Minister Albert looked at Mark and said, "London is over. I spoke to the Secretary of State, Mrs. M and the minister."