Seven insects and seven flowers are a strange poison, and the poisoned person will definitely be in pain and there is no possibility of fainting.

And she just said to give him back ten times!
Is there any poison that is more painful than the poison of seven insects and seven flowers on this day?
As if he understood the expression of Golden Cicada, Mo Zihan took out the poison that Golden Cicada had specially prepared and waved it in front of him.
"You should have heard of the punishment of Jin Guoshi in the year?"
Mo Zihan’s words made Jin Chan stare big and shake his head again, indicating that Mo Zihan should not do this to him.
How could he not know that there are many kinds of year-in-year? There are dozens of pieces of meat that directly kill people, and there are 36 pieces of meat that allow people to die.
At the beginning, Luo Yuxi, the daughter of the second emperor of Luo Zhi after the abolition of North Vietnam, died tragically in the year of Tuoli.
A lot of 36 pieces of meat were returned to the State of Luo Zhi and the State of Luo Zhi, and it was almost a skeleton with some bones and muscles attached.
If Mo Zihan really wants to do this to him, he really regrets not having bite the tongue just now.
"I still have a bottle of medicine here. It will be itchy to sprinkle powder on the wound. Even a good man with this medicine will be itchy and want to cut his heart and dig his lungs.
Xu Huizhen, the former queen of Chaoyang Dynasty, also tried this medicine of mine. One night, when the eunuch in the cold palace found her the next day, she was already caught by herself and died.
Master Jin, we’ll do an experiment later. Ling Zhong is very painful. I know that I’ll treat you better. When you are in pain, sprinkle these powder on the wound.
Let’s see if you are more painful or itchy, ok? "
Jin Chan looked at Mo Zihan in horror. Now she is smiling at herself. Is it beautiful to bend her eyebrows?
But he thinks she’s a hell. It’s so horrible to come to Luo Cha?
Although the golden cicada has been drugged by her, she can’t move, but excessive stimulation will make the golden cicada tied up by Mo Zihan, the drug institute of anesthesia.
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596 Chapter 596 Eliminate Luo Zhi [21]
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Let him be immobile before executing him.
Look at Mo Zihan’s fist clenched and staring at Jin Chan, who is being punished, with bloodthirsty excitement in her eyes. She quickly stepped forward and hugged her in her arms.
He doesn’t like to see her like this, very much.
Although he likes her ruthless and unscrupulous, he doesn’t like her bloodthirsty appearance now.
Only he knows how much fear and sadness she got for her bloodthirsty.
He is the person who sleeps with her. She often has nightmares at night, dreaming that her parents were killed in her sleep. She cried and woke up with this bloodthirsty look.
He wants to make her happy, he wants to make her happy, and he doesn’t want her to be afraid.
He knew that when she saw the golden cicada suffering, she thought of the time when he was poisonous, and she was so bloodthirsty because she was afraid.
Suddenly wrapped in a warm and comfortable embrace, Mo Zihan’s bloodthirsty smile suddenly disappeared and his eyes returned to normal.
Tur to look at that familiar face, but never tire of seeing it, Mo Zihan raised a knowing smile.
"Haner, don’t be afraid. I will always be with you by your side. No one can divide us in this generation."
"Well" MoZiHan smile nodded.
This man knows her. She’s scared! She was really afraid of losing him.
Remembering that his poisonous back was cut out like that by those quacks, she was afraid that at that time, she really didn’t know whether she could save him, and she couldn’t even imagine what her life would be like without her.
It has been a long time since the original incident, and the fear and panic in my heart have passed, but now when I see this figurine, she once again thinks of the crisis at that time.
Because of this man, she has been hurt so much, so she will never let him feel better. He must die, and he must die miserably to get rid of her hatred and comfort her fears.
It doesn’t feel good to see her daughter so cruel and bloodthirsty.
Although the daughter helped them get out of their misery, they had no idea when her daughter became so bloodthirsty and vicious.
They have heard a lot about their daughter since she got married. She is worried and doesn’t quite believe that she can do these things.