Wang Yue Xiao Xianggong simulated the reversal of qi by the palm of Six Yang in Tianshan Mountain, and the water in the teacup suddenly became ice crystals.

Qu Yang was shocked and said, "What a strong spirit!"
Wang Yue’s finger flicked a piece of ice into Quyang’s body.
Quyang looked at the whole body without any injury, but he still had a bad feeling.
"Wang Yue, what did you do to me?" Quyang asked.
Wang Yue laughed. "You will know soon."
Quyang felt a itch in his body and entered the bone marrow. Itching was more painful than pain. Quyang wanted to catch his body, but even so, it didn’t help.
"Ah …" Quyang screamed and shouted, "Wang Yue, give me the antidote quickly or … you will kill me."
Wang Yue simulated the Six Yang Palm of Tianshan Mountain and hit a palm full of hot qi, which suddenly stopped the itching.
Quyang looked at Wang Yue with sweat and twisted face, and his eyes were full of fear.
Wang Yue is now the devil in Qu Yang’s eyes.
Just now QuYang really like a walk in hell.
"This is a life-and-death symbol, which can make people wish they were dead. This thing is much more interesting than the’ Three Bodies and Brain Gods Dan’. Just now, that true spirit can ensure that you will not send it for half a month, which is enough for you to attend the Liu Zhengfeng Golden Basin Wash Ceremony. When you return to the Sun Moon Shinto teach me, I will naturally understand the life-and-death symbol. Of course, you don’t have to listen to my advice to escape."
Wang Yue left the Jade Garden with a long sword.
Qu Yang said lightly, "Wang Yue is another Dong Fangbubai-like figure who is as terrible as Dong Fangbubai."
Wang Yue doesn’t want to be difficult to bend foreign songs, but foreigners can get by. Less foreign songs are better than Wang Yue.
Wang Yue is a little suspicious now. Not letting Quyang run away can make him a "life and death symbol". After all, Wang Yue can’t watch Quyang 24 hours a day.
Wang Yue felt that it was very worthy of him that there was no horse to bring Quyang back to Heimuya and let him attend the Liu Zhengfeng Golden Basin Washing Ceremony.
"It’s harder to be a bad person than to be a good person" Wang Yue said in his heart.
"There are still half a month to go back to xiaohe village first and then bring Quyang back to the Sun and Moon Shintoism when it arrives. This should be no problem, right?" Wang Yue said in his heart.
Out of Hengyang City, Wang Yue walked less than three miles when she heard an old cold sound.
"The ego camels’ wooden peak’ is not so easy to cheat. Come on, say that you and Yu Canghai have a grudge? If you don’t say the old man can no longer tube you anyway "
Wang Yue is stupefied. Is this hunchbacked old man a wooden peak?
Isn’t that young Lin Ping?
Sure enough, Lin Ping said, "That Yu Canghai hijacked my parents and wanted my Lins’ property, and also asked the wooden predecessors to save them. Xiao Lin Ping was grateful that my parents could be safe and my Lins’ property could be given to the predecessors."
Lin Ping knows that his family’s sword spectrum is a curse, and naturally he won’t tell the truth to Wood Peak at this time.
Wood peak cold hum a "Yu Canghai saw your property? Hum, it seems that you don’t want to say goodbye. "
Wood peak took a few steps in the heart andao "this Qingcheng Mountain School Yu Canghai is notoriously a wily old fox. He can’t have some money, so there must be another dry Kun in it. In this case, the old man will go and see this little one."
Wood peak back to Lin Ping laughed, "I can meet you a little, and it’s our destiny. In this case, I’ll go and see your parents with you, but now you have to listen to me."
Lin Ping nodded, "I will listen to you if the elder can save my parents."
Wang Yue is coming to Mu Gaofeng and Lin Ping step by step.
"Who? Get out of here! "
Wood peak a fly knife to Wang Yue attack.
Wang Yue sneer at a firm but gentle hit directly to fly knife to fly back to nail pine trees in the distance.
Mu Gaofeng was surprised that someone with short hair and small hair should have such high-powered martial arts. This is outrageous.
"This road is not your home, so I can’t come?" Wang Yue looked at Mu Gaofeng and sneered, "Mu Gaofeng, you don’t have any shady activities, do you? Why are you so nervous when something happens?"
Wood peak looked at Wang Yue fearfully and asked, "Who are you from? Want to eavesdrop on the old lady? "
Wang Yue sneered, "It’s funny that Wang Yue, the oriental leader of Sun Moon Shinto, said that it was eavesdropping on your talk. Do you still need me to eavesdrop at such a loud voice?" I’m fair to wood peak. I advise you to go back to Saibei, but the Central Plains is not where you should come. "
Mu Gaofeng stepped back a few steps in horror and said, "Are you a God of the Sun and Moon?"
No wonder it’s so small and powerful. It turns out that he is a demon teacher. No wonder.
It is not surprising that the Sun and Moon Shintoism is in full swing, and all the major sects in the Jianghu should fear the Three-Point Wood Peak and fear the Sun and Moon Shintoism.
Wang Yue took a look at Lin Ping and laughed. "The little camel’ Wood Peak’ is not a good man. You should be careful with him."
Wang Yue took a few steps, his ears moved slightly, and his head didn’t turn cold. He said, "Wood Peak, if you recognize the hand behind my back, you can kill me. You can have a try, but once, whether you hit me or not, you will die."
Say that finish Wang Yue walked into the distance.
Lin Pingyi knelt down on the avenue, "Please accept me as a disciple."
Wang Yue sighed and shook his head and said, "Sorry, I don’t accept apprentices."
Lin Ping looked at Wang Yue and was filled with despair.
Chapter 94 Simple Wang Xi
Wang Yue sprinted all the way for two days and finally got back to xiaohe village.
"Sister, I’m back." Wang Yuexin laughed.
"elder brother"
Heard Wang Yueyin Wang Xi surprise ran out and jumped into Wang Yue’s arms.
"Elder brother, you went out for the longest time this time," Wang Xi said to Wang Yue.
Former Dong Fangbubai also asked Wang Yue to do something, but it was very short and could be done in two or three days.
It was the longest time to go to Quyang this time.