"Elder sister, the Xue sisters are really interested in the young master?"

"What’s the matter? It’s not like your usual wind, whether they are interesting or not, the young master and the woman will be settled! If other sisters know that we can’t even tie the women around the young master, we will lose our adults! "
"Yes, yes, I think they are really interested in the young master. Let’s give a hand secretly."
"Hee hee, I seem to have seen the young master pull a long face …" Everything is calm when the sound fades away, but will Duanmuming really pull a long face in the face of beauty?
And turned a circle in Beigongxue campus. Duanmu Ming didn’t go home, but went back to the locker room of the basketball court and gently knocked on the door. Then a beautiful but gaunt face appeared in front of Duanmu Ming.
"Moon" Duanmu Ming hugged the former witch and now changed her job. Behind Wu Yueer, Beigong Snow smiled gently and two people pulled the door to leave them alone.
"Why didn’t Moon come to me?" Duanmuming gently stroked Wu Yueer back gently asked
"Idiot" Wu Yueer’s eyes have been wet, but she insisted on it abruptly without tears. She didn’t want to cry like a vulgar woman in front of her beloved man.
"Is it your parents don’t agree? Or they found out that you have … Do you want me to meet your parents? Don’t worry. Your parents will love it when they see me … "
"What a fool!" Wu Yueer can’t help but be angry and funny when he sees that fat is so wordy. He wants to introduce some information to him seriously, which is a great thing.
"Moon doesn’t worry about anything difficult, just let me know and I will help you solve it." Duanmuming stroked Wu Yueer’s hair and said.
"Ming, do you know? I’m afraid to see you not because of my parents, but because we came to that Li Gong, and the forces behind him have broken with my father’s strength. Now the situation is very tense, and I don’t want to involve you in it. Maybe I won’t even come back to school recently. "
"It’s just a few buffoons … alas!" I didn’t expect Duanmu Ming to casually say that Wu Yueer’s parents, including no wonder Wu Yueer, greeted his weakness with her slender hands.
"This can’t blame me for such a plot in many novels," Pang said unjustly.
"Hum, I’ll spare you this time. Can’t you do divination? Look at the situation quickly? " Wu Yueer suddenly remind of fat power hurriedly ask.
"So difficult! Will the pressure be too great … "Duanmu Ming winked at Wu Yuer while sighing. Wu Yuer certainly knew my mind and said that she was also trying to stop the forbidden fruit for the first time. She was also very uncomfortable when she couldn’t stop it. Duanmu Ming was quickly stripped into a big white sheep. When they were deeply combined, two people groaned for a long time at the same time, as if the tired bird had finally returned to the nest Lvses (;
Chapter 25 Great Prophecy ()
"Hate … you don’t touch there." Wu Yueer protested vigorously, but hugged Duan Muming’s arms more vigorously and twisted her body hard. Fat can’t help but laugh. The woman proved to be synonymous with duplicity and duplicity.
"Baby, are you satisfied?" Duan Muming gently kneaded Wu Yueer’s fat snowy buttocks and felt the satiny feeling in his hand.
"Go …" Wu Yueer gave Duan Muming a feminine white look, and his watery eyes almost dripped water.
"Well, I’ll try to see the future of your three families now." Duanmu is full of energy, which is the best time.
"You … don’t have a rest" Wu Yueer asked some anxiously.
"no! I’m so-called "golden gun can’t fail" and I look like "you asked me a question and hit my gun"
"Smelly beauty makes you a rogue …" Said Wu Yueer while holding the "rogue" in her mouth tighter. "Is that ok?" Although Wu Yueer has never seen it, he has also heard that the soothsayers are always very serious when making predictions, and they may have to pose in various positions. Can you also make predictions by cuddling with beautiful women?
"No problem, I am a genius! Ok, don’t say I want it. "Avoid Wu Yueer and continue to make trouble." Duanmu Ming said flatly.
"Well," Wu Yueer did not dare to say a word when he heard that his man wanted it, but pursed mouth indicates a fat backcourt.
Knowing that there are six women outside and Beigong Xue guarding all the muming places, I am not worried about being disturbed. I am immersed in meditation. Prediction is a very strange thing, and there is absolutely no scientific basis from it, but it is true.
The usual rule of prophecy is that you can’t predict that it is your own destiny-of course, some small things still don’t like what to eat tonight? Or a lucky day? In addition, it is very important that the farther away from the present, the more difficult it is to predict the future, and the wider and more elusive it is.
In all fairness, it is not too difficult for Wu Yueer to give Duan Muming this topic, but the key problem is that the fat ability is not strong, and it will be 50-50 if you don’t succeed.
Through several illusions, Duanmu Ming "looked" at a bright spot and did his best to get close to the bright spot, and then he was sucked in. A number of messy images came to his face. Duanmu Ming firmly held on to the platform to prevent his spirit from deviating from the established track. Finally, when he was about to hold on, suddenly a picture appeared in front of him. There was a small room, and three middle-aged people stood in a row, respectfully listening to what one person said. Outside the room, 100 people were divided into three camps, and the most important speaker outside was standing still with his back to the fat, but he couldn’t see the appearance
Boom … The picture is broken and fat is thrown out.
Shit! I rubbed my head in pain. Although my head was not injured, my spirit consumed most of it. Every time I predicted that the situation was different, I could see the picture accurately. This is the first time.
"How’s Dead Fat?" Wu Yueer saw Duan Muming’s silence for nearly half an hour after closing his eyes, and there was no movement. In my heart, I was worried and wondered if I was asleep. Seeing that he suddenly had a shock, I hurriedly asked.
"Ah ….." Long sigh is not because of complaining, but because of habit, but it makes Wu Yueer get a fright. Duanmu Ming predicted something bad. When he saw Wu Yueer’s horse, he would cry and his face was fat. Explain quickly when Wu Yueer, the witch, became so fond of crying.
-What would Duanmu Ming think if he knew she was faking it?
I told Wu Yueer Duanmuming what I saw, and I lay down again to combine my eyes and look very tired. I don’t know if people will associate it with other places when they see their ambiguous posture and then see their fat fatigue.
"Listen to you describe the three people are my father uncle li and uncle sun won’t! How can’ Nancheng Three Tigers’ be respectful to a young man? And listening to your description, more than 100 people outside should be all elites. How can this be? " Wu Yueer lost in thought.
It’s easy to explain that the famous "Three Tigers in Nancheng" has been a minister. The young man who left Duanmu Ming with a back is Wu Yueer’s heart, but he still can’t admit it. Changing Duanmu Ming won’t admit that the real power of "Three Tigers in Nancheng" is not great. bj has four stronger gangs. They are small-scale gangsters in Nancheng.
In economic terms, the four big gangs occupy the "high-end market" and the "three tigers in the south city" occupy the "low-end market"
The problem is that although the strength of "Nancheng Three Tigers" is not strong, it is normal for people who are tough by nature not to be easily taken over, let alone young people.
"Well, I believe you." After thinking for a moment, I couldn’t find a suitable reason. Wu Yueer finally gave up the idea of continuing to pursue it. "I just want my father to be safe."
"Ha ha, this is not like your style!"
"what! You really I am a siren I choke … "
"Psst … by the way, I have you and Cher at the same time. Why aren’t you jealous and angry at all?" Duan Muming finally asked carefully what he had buried in his heart for a long time.
"Why? Do you think I’m jealous so much and let me make a scene with you? " Wu Yueer’s words made Fat unable to say anything at once, and all the words that had reached his mouth were swallowed back.
Who knows the mind of this little witch Wu Yueer? Maybe god knows …
"Moon, do you still have that bracelet I gave you?" Duanmuming suddenly remembered that she had given Wu Yueer that bracelet, and there might be danger around Wu Yueer. If she could master more functions of that bracelet, she might better protect herself.
"Of course, with" Wu Yueer is wrinkly to knit the wrinkled Joan nose carefully took out a small bag from the bosom and then layers of Duanmuming sent her bracelets inside.