Wu day directly grabbed the yellow sweater and brought him back. It was tolerable. Wu day was kind and talked with Huang Mao, but Huang Mao repeatedly ridiculed and belittled Wu day. People couldn’t bear to see Wu day’s hands flashing with subtle light.

"Ah ~ ~ ~ ah ~ ~ ~" Huang Mao’s hands were decomposed alive in the bellow, and the process was slow, and his body slowly disappeared with the bellow.
And the memory of the yellow-haired brain was absorbed by Wu Tian except for repeating the chat, and Wu Tian also learned about the present tense.
It’s January 1, 2016, and the world pattern is still the first in the world, but there are two presidential candidates, and the presidency is about to split the country, and China is getting stronger and stronger in the process of peace and stability, which faintly surpasses the country.
Chapter 15 Mysterious Anfeilia
Wu Tian fumbled in his trouser pocket, and then a ball appeared in his hand, a ball the size of a ping-pong ball. Now he always pulls out props to make Wu Tian feel more and more like tinker bell, that is, a robot cat.
Wu Tian said, "This is a cross-dressing ball. Look at the people outside or see Elena and Nami change their costumes to make this world activity better."
An Feilia didn’t want to change clothes, but Wu Tian severely stared at Celestial Dragons’s dress and turned it into a black small west with pleated skirt and high heels. Adding Wu Tian’s severely abandoned idiot Celestial Dragons’s hairstyle and ponytail highlighted a special temperament.
As Wu Tianyi walked step by step, the dominant force spread around, but it didn’t take long to stop.
It’s not that something is blocking the dominant power, but that Wu Tian stopped actively because Wu Tian just found that the dominant power just swept through the world, which made this earth-like world fall into collapse.
Just a moment ago, thousands of cracks appeared in the world barrier to protect the world from damage, which caused a lot of property losses such as cars and houses. In addition, several people were unlucky enough to be taken away, but they crossed the luck and almost died.
"Well, let’s change money first!" Wu said, taking the lead, he went to see a gold shop just now.
Wu day directly took out 15 pieces of gold bars with a total of one kilogram in exchange for 250,000 soft sister coins. Perhaps it was pitted a little, but Wu day was surprised. After all, gold was piled up in the mountains, just like stones. Everyone should know what attitude they have towards stones.
When I got the money, Wu Tianlai planned to take everyone to a hotel, but when I arrived at the hotel, I found that I didn’t have an ID card, so I turned to a rental house in the suburbs that didn’t need an ID card. Everything in this rental house was at the right price. Wu Tian could say that the landlord was happy.
The fact that Wu Tianbai can’t stay in a hotel without an ID card makes the world need a white identity to live well, especially for this country, which is known as the most secure in the world. It is essential to represent the identity card.
The next day, through Huang Mao’s memory, Wu Tianlian contacted a person, and it is said that there are many people who took photos one by one and prepared to apply for ID cards.
Four people, four ID cards, and one person, 15,000 yuan, relied on Wu Tian to find this. It is said that Zhang Sanwu, a backer in the bureau, spent 60,000 to handle four ID cards that are said to have registered in the police network.
However, it takes a week to get the goods. Wu Tian has no objection to this because he is very white. In this world, there are only a few days a week for more than a month, and even more, he paid a deposit of 5 thousand yuan. Wu Tian took his three people back to the rental house.
Of course, if you didn’t want to secretly visit this world, if it was your own world, Wu Tian would have been reckless enough to destroy the world.
On the first day of these seven days, Wu took Hermione to the amusement park Shampoo Islands, where she had fun because of Anfeilia, and because she had not been to the amusement park for many years, four people came on an impulse and enjoyed themselves.
From the second day to the sixth day, Wu Tian watched movies and comics, and at the same time, the three of them also instructed Wu Tian to search for all kinds of film and television comic novels.
"What the hell are you doing? This day is the seventh day. Wu Tianzheng lost his temper. Since he found out that there are cartoons of One Piece in this world on the third day, he has watched One Piece, but he lost his temper for some reasons.
Because this world is in 215, the number of updates of One Piece is more than that before Wu Tian crossed, but it is also more limited. If Wu Tian was not afraid of playing the world badly, Wu Tian would have flown to Dongyin to arrest the One Piece and tortured him.
"If I were you, I would do something!" Never spoke these days. An Feilia spoke.
Wu Tian looked at An Feilia, who was sitting on the sofa watching a TV program. These Tianan Feilia learned all the modern methods, especially watching kimchi dramas and crying a lot.
"You should have an idea when you speak!" Wu day curious asked him that he believed that Anfeilia would never shoot.
"I didn’t also the way" say that finish AnFeiLi silent continue to look at her.
Even if Wu Tian’s child has a bad temper, it won’t help if she puts on an evil look in front of her eyes, just like her performance these days. Although Anfeilia doesn’t resist eating, playing and living together in this four-room rental house, she has never spoken.
"I think you have a way. If you can’t, I’ll throw you here. I believe many people will like a beautiful woman who has no ID card, no money and no history." Wu Tian said with an evil smile that his face full of malicious intentions was in front of Fei Liya.
"You won’t do this." Anfeilia was calm in the face of such threats without fear.
Wu Tian’s face suddenly became like eating a fly. Yes, Wu Tian won’t be like this, because Anfeilia has been seen by Wu Tian. How could he throw away his hand meat?
If you can’t do it hard, you will come to the soft day. Then the instant change of face changed into a flattering expression. "Well, I know you must have found a way. I think you should have the conditions to say anything. I will satisfy you."
A few days ago, when I couldn’t feel it, I knew I might leave it, and I knew from my eyes that this was definitely not my former world, and I wanted to stay away from it if I could.
"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Who are you leaving? Please speak plainly. I don’t know what to do when I’m confused. " Wu day is a little crazy because Anfeilia’s talking and charades are almost wrong, not almost. When she talks, she is charades.
However, Anfeilia still said to herself, "I’ve heard of him several times. The straw hat made a big noise several times. The Ainaisi Hall beat Celestial Dragons several times, became a One Piece several times and died several times. Every once in a while, I will be manipulated by unknown forces and return to my mother’s body and then be born again. I have experienced everything before."
Chapter 16 Damn pig’s feet
Although Anfeilia didn’t have a special explanation for Wu day, she went on to speak and let Wu day have a guess about it.
The world of One Piece should repeat the story of Luffy over and over again, which means that if this world doesn’t cross the previous world with Wu Tian, there will definitely be a protagonist, An Feilia. Maybe she really doesn’t know how to solve Wu Tianxian’s troubles, but she has inspired Wu Tian from another aspect.
First of all, I want to talk about Bai Wutian’s trouble. What is the reason for the slow update of One Piece comics? No, it’s a symptom. The trouble is that the world can’t make supernatural forces. Speaking of it, it’s not that it can’t make the world play bad.
And what’s to protect this world is to see if this world is Wu Tian crossing the previous world, and if his parents are in this world.
"How can I be so stupid and wave for so long?" Wu day took a look at his forehead chagrin.
"Thank you," Wu said to Anfeilia, and ran out of the rental room after a rush. Anfeilia smelled a sigh of relief, but then she went to watch the kimchi drama in Bangguo and cried. I have to say that it is still very good to rule the universe.
There is a mirror in front of Wu Tian’s door and back. He just removed it from a famous celestial card. The name is very familiar. There are various kinds of mirrors called Heaven of Science. Anyway, it is conceivable that this mirror generally has different strengths and weaknesses.
According to the heaven, all people in the world have bad luck. What’s the difference? All people who come to this world, no matter whether they are dying, have black bad luck, gray bad luck, plain life, white bad luck, and so on. If they have bad luck, they will give a little to the protagonist of this world, which makes the protagonist’s bad luck very, very strong.
As soon as the mirror of Heaven for Science was taken out, a huge golden light beam appeared, which completely traversed the nine secluded places. This was Wu Tian’s own fate.
Turn the mirror away from yourself and shine on the surrounding sky. There are two golden fates in Wu Tian’s eyes, big or small, white or gray fate.
Wu Tian smashed it and said "interesting" with his mouth open.
Two golden fortunes mean that there are two protagonists and two fortunes. According to common sense, even if the protagonists are several people, there will be one fortune twisted together, just like the principle that one mountain is different from two tigers and two kings.
However, the world has violated this common sense. How can it not make Wu Tian feel interesting? It is even more interesting that these two fortunes are actually connected with each other but independent of each other.
Since there is a protagonist, that is to say, this is a world like One Piece, and the world can be continuously reincarnated, just like the one piece world in Wenhua. Now that it is determined that it is not your own world, Wu Tian will be reckless.
I have no scruples about Wu Tianli’s dominance, which has wrapped the world in just a moment, and it is different from before that the world has not collapsed again. Wu Tian still feels a city where he lives, and there is no one he knows, which confirms that the world is not his own world.