Lin Zixiao felt a little wet and knew that it must be Yanchen’s palm sweating. She quietly looked at his serious face and recalled that he had just spoken. Lin Zixiao felt a little embarrassed …

He just said that this is a maze, and that one wrong step may not even go back to the starting point! ! !
Shouldn’t she be here? Did she get him into trouble?
Thought of here, Lin Zixiao looked down at the rugged path.
"Hey ~" Yanchen elbowed Lin Zixiao and said, "I think it’s better for you to look ahead. Although the road is rugged, you can rest assured that there will be no nails! !”
"Well ~" Lin Zixiao replied softly and then looked at the front and followed Yanchen.
Just when Yanchen elbowed her, she could feel her heart beat faster because of panic. Yanchen knew what she was thinking again …
But the truth is not.
It seems that Yanchen was lucky to guess twice before ~ after all, I always feel very uncomfortable when I show my heart to others! ! ! There is no privacy at all.
"Be careful ~ ~! ! !” Yanchen was frightened. He held out his hand and held Lin Zixiao for several turns. Then they fell to Yanchen and lay down on Lin Zixiao.
And Lin Zixiao stretched out his hand over the back of his head.
It hurts! ! !
Lin Zixiao’s purple pupil suddenly became sharp, and she felt snow and ice in her eyes, and a strong cold chill oozed from her pupil a little …
Yanchen seemed to feel the sudden drop in temperature around Lin Zixiao and asked, "Lin Zixiao, are you okay?"
"no! !” Lin Zixiao gnashed her teeth and saidno. When she just fell down, she felt a burst of pain from the back of her head …
"It’s good to have no ~" Yanchen was relieved for fear that Lin Zixiao might have something in case.
"Why did you suddenly hold me in circles just now?" Lin Zixiao asked coldly
"Don’t you see?" Yanchen frowned lightly and said, "Just now the arrow flew out!" With a faint disdain in Yanchen’s eyes, he also said that this woman’s response was so slow …
"Oh ~" Lin Zixiao has a headache. She was just so absorbed in thinking about herself that she forgot what kind of dangerous environment she was in. This is her dereliction of duty, or just a few sharp arrows will still not hurt her …
Par83 is going to be smashed again
Yanchen holds Lin Zixiao’s hand tighter for fear that she will be the same. Lin Zixiao nodded to him and moved on …
"Yanchen, get up from me!" Lin Zixiao roared! !
Just because the back of her head was too painful, she didn’t notice that Yanchen was lying on her body and his head was lying on his chest. Suddenly, Lin Zixiao’s face turned red and she reached out and pushed Yanchen.
Lin Zixiao knew that this guy must have despised himself because he didn’t notice the sharp arrow when he saw Yanchen’s face! !
She didn’t mean to, but …
I was just thinking about something else. I didn’t notice …
"I also remember! !” Yanchen turned over a supercilious look and was very dissatisfied with Lin Zixiao’s reaction. Why is she so disgusted? Shouldn’t she be happy to have such a handsome guy on her body?
"What do you mean? Get up when you remember!" Lin Zixiao understood why he didn’t get up when he remembered it. Want to eat her tofu?
"I twisted my foot ~ ~" Yanchen painfully uttered these words, and his eyebrows were tightly locked together.
"tragedy,! !” Lin Zixiao can also do this at this time …
The key is what should I do now? Should not when they are lying down, what machine will fly out?
Lin Zixiao just hooked up the sharp arrow flying out of his mind when a sharp arrow really flew over Lin Zixiao’s nose and shot the next board steadily! ! !
╯□╰ This can also make Lin Zixiao wonder if she has the ability to predict the future. She suddenly felt that something would fly out.
There was a fist-sized stone falling from the sky and severely smashed Yanchen’s back.
Yanchen frowned and endured the pain.
Lin Zixiao looked at this and said with a cold sweat on his forehead, "Are you okay?"
"No" Yanchen bit his lip and shook his head.
"It’s so dark ~" said Lin Zixiao, narrowing her eyes slightly. It’s getting dark here, and the light is getting less and less …
"There’s no way. The whole place here is a machine ground. We just walked. The ruins can move to the right and then the land next to us can move left and right. We are like being locked in a box full of machines." Yanchen resented and explained which idiot made this thing?
"Complex …" Lin Zixiao simply formed a here …
"Chen you hurry up! Or you’ll be stoned again! !” Lin Zixiao seems worried that he will be crushed by a stone, but he still thinks that he is very uncomfortable lying on her body! !
"Oh ~ ~! !” Yanchen’s hand wanted to find a support point, but he felt something soft. Then he heard a light cry, "Hello ~ ~! ! ! !”
Par84 is very close!
"Oh ~ ~! !” Yanchen’s hand wanted to find a support point, but he felt something soft. Then he heard a light cry, "Hello ~ ~! ! ! !”