Yang Wu said to Zhu Xi with a little respect, "I don’t know about the specific situation of Mr. Zhu’s teacher. I know that he is the best coach and teacher. I rely on teachers to cultivate Yang Wu."

Zhu Xi is a super strong Chinese government. He appreciates Yang Wu, a fighter who can join the government and the military.
Although Zhu Xi, a fighter who joined his organization for better treatment, would not say anything, he looked down on them in his heart.
Chinese people don’t work for their Chinese nation, but they pay money to join other power organizations.
It’s disgusting to do this
But times have changed.
Practitioners have freedom of fighters. What forces and organizations they join are voluntary, even if the Chinese government cannot force them to join the government and the military.
Zhu Xi said, "Yang Wu, please inform your teacher that the mayor and I will visit Mr. Chen tomorrow."
Yang Wu nodded and said, "It’s Mr. Zhu."
The next afternoon.
Yang Wu took Zhu Xi and the mayor out of the base city.
Came to Chen Yan’s residence
The current mayor is different from the mayor before the disaster.
Now the mayor is much more profitable. The mayor of each of the six base cities in China manages hundreds of millions of people, which can be described as a giant.
Zhu Xi is a peerless strong man beyond the God of War, and his position is more detached than that of the mayor.
It’s not appropriate for the two of them to visit Ulrich personally, but the Chinese government is absolutely sincere.
Of course, Chen Yanshen has created the ultimate induction method. The Chinese government will certainly show enough sincerity when it visits him. This is the least respect for a super strong person.
Yang Wu, Zhu Xi and the mayor entered the room.
They saw ferrets drinking nutrient solution in the living room.
Having been with ferrets for a long time, Yang Wucai was relieved and alert, knowing that if ferrets were a quiet "pet" at home, they would not suddenly and violently hurt people.
In the wilderness, it’s hard to say clearly.
The ferret saw Zhu Xi’s little eyes flashing and his white hair stood on end.
This human has given it a very powerful sense of threat.
Zhu Xi was surprised. "High Lord monster!"
Yang Wu immediately said, "Senator Zhu’s ferret is raised by my teacher."
this moment
Chen Yan made tea in the kitchen and came out with a gentle smile. "The ferret is not my pet. It’s my friend Yang Wu. Let Councillor Zhu and the mayor sit down."
The ferret relaxed when he saw Ulrich coming out.
Chen Yan patted the ferret on the head and said, "Go out and play by yourself. I have guests today."
The ferret gulped down the nutrient solution in the clay pot, went out of the living room and left the building from the balcony.
Chen Yan said to Zhu Xi and the mayor, "Yesterday, I received a small message from Yang Wu that two people were coming. I specially made tea, which is my wild tea in the wild area. I hope you will like it."
Zhu Xi saw Daniel at first sight that he was an ordinary teenager next door, with no trace of the strong.
The second time I looked at it, I felt that Iyan was unfathomable. This feeling was perceived by Hong and Lei Shenshen.
When looking at the third eye, Zhu Xi felt that Chen Yanshen had an ancient and simple atmosphere … He seemed to be a sage who came out of the ancient pre-Qin era.
Zhu Xi looked at Chen Yan.
Real doing also look at Zhu Xi carefully.
There must be a teacher for a threesome.
Chen Yan’s practice path is very different from this world’s practice body. Although he has the star power, he is not really a star power.
Chen Yan hopes to learn some characteristics of the strong stars from Zhu Xishen.
Zhu Xi said, "I have long heard of Mr. Chen’s name. Mr. Chen’s health promotion technique has benefited me a lot. It is a great achievement, but it requires too much mind and mood."
Chen Yan said gently and calmly, "It’s good that Mr. Zhu can get something from watching my kung fu."
Zhu Xi and Chen Yan exchanged a few commonplaces, and then they discussed their spiritual experience with Chen Yan. Many spiritual theories were incomprehensible to the mayor and Yang Wu.
In the end, it is not Zhu Xi and Chen Yan who discuss each other, but Zhu Xi asks Chen Yan for advice.
Talk to Zhu Xi about spiritual practice
Chen Yan has benefited a lot, and he finally has a clear understanding of the strong stars.
There is something wrong with Zhu Xi. Chen Yan knows a lot, and Chen Yan also modestly says that this is his own family’s words as a reference, because Chen Yan is not sure whether his practice path is correct or not.
Chen Yan didn’t dare to say that he must be right before he got the mystery of eternal life, even if he was in a higher mood now.