"Xiaoqing girl, why are you here?"

Ulrich asked doubtfully.
Xiaoqing has never taken the initiative to find herself after coming to Suzhou for so long. How did she come in person this time?
Xiaoqing said, "My sister is injured and Xu Xianggong is a little scared. I hope Chen will catch the head and have a look."
Back to Suzhou City, Chen Yan was still a little tired, and he didn’t have the spirit to find out the city. Now he looked at a security hall. It was really an accident. The security hall pharmacy was destroyed, and most of the backyard was still intact.
"Go to the security hall" did not say anything and went directly to the security hall.
Xiaoqing and behind him
Ulrich asked, "What’s going on? Xiaoqing girl, you and Bai Niang can still suffer. "
Xiaoqing said angrily, "It’s Wang Daoling, the maoshan taoist. He joined a centipede essence to sneak attack on my sister and me. Of course, they are no match for my sister and me … If it weren’t for my sister to protect Xu Xianggong’s sister, she wouldn’t be hurt … I will spare Wang Daoling and centipede essence."
Ulrich eyebrows a wrinkly "Wang Daoling again"
The security hall is a mess
Ulrich went in and saw lady white snake. She looked a little pale and obviously hurt.
But not life-threatening.
Xu Xian trance is obviously frightened.
Lady white snake’s determination, peace of mind and self-cultivation can be restored in two months. She is a little injured and lucky not to hurt the fetus.
Arihiko didn’t see her.
"Chief Chen is here" lady white snake gave a wry smile.
Arihiko nodded and said, "If the security hall is destroyed, it will be destroyed. Just another drugstore. It is good for VIP to be okay."
Lady white snake said, "Chief Chen, hurry up and show" xianggong "that he is frightened. I can’t use my powers now." Arihiko nodded and said, "Good."
Chen Yan said to Xu Xian, "I am Chen Yan in Chinese."
Chen yanyin seems to have a kind of magic. Xu xian gradually calmed down when he heard his voice
"Look me in the eye" Arihiko said to Xu Xian again.
Xu xian looked up at elfin eyes suddenly fainted.
Lady white snake and Xiaoqing are all surprised.
Chen Yan hurriedly explained that "I hypnotized Chinese into a deep sleep state and let him have a good sleep and wake up fine."
It is a very good way for Xu Xian to recover his mind by lying in bed with rosy complexion and long and steady breathing.
It is very easy for Chen Yan to hypnotize others into a deep sleep state, but it is impossible for Chen Yan to put people into a "living dead" sleep state.
Chen Yan asked, "Bai Niang, Wang Daoling and centipede essence will suddenly attack you?"
Lady white snake gave a wry smile and said, "The thing is …"
Lady white snake said it again at the end of the matter, making it a white matter.
Chen Yan said, "Wang Daoling has become wiser. He not only learned to find helpers, but also learned to divert the tiger from the mountain and take advantage of it. But is his brain flooded? He wants to deal with people, but I have come to Bai Niang. It seems that you have to get rid of Wang Daoling and centipede essence as soon as possible. It is a disaster to keep them."
Governor Zheng’s adult received a letter from Suzhou government. After reading the letter, he was excited and said, "Well, Chen Yan did not disappoint the old man. He really got rid of the bear demon. Someone packed up and the old man was going to Suzhou City."
That bear demon has always been a menace to the governor, Lord Zheng, and now he is finally removed by Yan Chen. Can he not be happy?
After Suzhou, there will be no big demon.
When the imperial court knows about it, Governor Zheng’s merit book will add another sum.
Chapter 329 Liang Wangshi will make an enemy if he doesn’t agree with a word
Governor Zheng Daren was about to leave for Suzhou City when someone reported that Liang Wangshi had arrived. Governor Zheng Daren frowned. This Liang Wangshi "Liang Lian" is not a provincial oil lamp.
Liang Liancheng is a big dude.
Liang Lian smiled happily when he saw the Governor Zheng Daren. "Uncle Zheng, we haven’t seen you for a long time."
The governor, Lord Zheng, gave a wry smile and said, "I have seen the temple."
Liang Lian said, "It’s very kind of Zheng Bobo. Zheng Bobo is going to Suzhou City? Just my little nephew, I also want to go to Suzhou. I heard that there is a security hall in Suzhou that can cure the disease except my father’s poor health. My little nephew is going to seek medical treatment this time. "
Governor Zheng said, "Let’s go together."
When the Governor’s adult and Liang Wangshi came to Suzhou City, the whole people in Suzhou City were still silent, and Mr. Chen was amazed at catching the head and killing the bear demon.
The governor’s adult will come to Suzhou government, of course, to make preparations.
Magistrate adult Chen Yan touts and other officials came to meet him.
"Welcome to the governor’s adult"
Governor Zheng Daren looked at Ulrich and nodded, "Manager Chen, you did a good job this time and finally got rid of the bear demon. You didn’t disappoint the court and the old lady. The old lady will play the court like you."
Chen Yan fuels "thank you, my Lord"
Liang Lian, next to Governor Zheng’s adult, was shocked. Why didn’t he know such an interesting thing? Isn’t this teenager wearing a head-catching official as a super strong as in the palace?
Beam even some unhappy in my heart.
The governor, Lord Zheng, actually stopped telling himself about exorcism.
The governor’s adult smiled and said, "Let me introduce you to the old man. This is Liang Wangfu, and Shi Lianglian is from Beijing."
When the governor’s adult and Liang Lian saw the body of the huge bear demon in the government, they repeatedly exclaimed that although the bear demon was dead, its body was still very strong.
Ordinary people dare not approach.
Liang Lian and the governor’s adult are not ordinary people. They are all interested in this bear demon body.
The bear demon’s body is invaluable.
Elwyn said to the governor’s adult, "The adult officer and the magistrate’s adult discussed to dedicate the giant bear’s body to the current governor’s adult in the imperial court, and you will handle this matter when you come."
Governor Zheng adults happy way "good"