Yuan Tian asked, "Boss, who are you talking to?"

Taotao said, "Come out, he won’t tell."
She always talks to Nangong Dust. Yuan Tian is simple, but it’s not really stupid. Seeing her talking to herself for a long time, I’m sure she can cheat for a while, but she can’t always cheat like this. It’s better to tell him directly.
The nangongshan dust in front of the yuan day show the original body turned to smile at him "hello".
A ghost suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, and Yuan Tian was startled. Since this was what he was most afraid of, he directly fell down and fainted.
"Hello-"Taotao didn’t expect him to be so fragile and hurriedly squatted on the ground just among others.
Yuan Tian woke up a few minutes later. He looked at Nangong Dust and said weakly, "I seem to have seen you."
"I’m Taotao’s friend. We met once after you were drunk that night." He smiled gently and unconsciously, which diluted Yuan Tian’s fear of ghosts.
He looked at Taotao in surprise. "Do you raise ghosts? Does the chaotic burial master know? "
Taotao pulled him up. "Don’t go out and say that if someone finds out my secret …"
She waved her fist and Yuan Tian quickly pulled a seal in her mouth. "I won’t tell anyone if I die!"
But he’s still a little afraid to look too close to the Nangong dust and lean against the wall at a distance.
What is this ghost doing? I’m whispering something in my mouth. Although I can’t hear clearly, it’s quite nice.
After a few minutes, the lock was opened.
Yuan Tian suddenly realized, "It turns out that the unlocking spell is so powerful!"
He entered the office a few minutes later and ran out with two teacher’s work permits. "Found it!"
The rooftop of Yulan High School teaching building is the highest place in the whole school.
The girl looked out at the edge of the rooftop.
This area is not big, most of the schools are hidden in the twilight, surrounded by high concrete walls like a dark hunting ground.
My cheeks are swollen, and it hurts even more when I am blown by the cold wind at night.
The school shirt can’t resist the chill. Her flesh and blood have been frozen cold.
But she didn’t leave, and she was still there quietly.
The Tiantai door rang behind her, and she frowned. It was the school grass Yuhang who turned back.
He is tall and straight, carrying a shoulder bag and walking towards her place.
He asked, "Why don’t you go back here so late?"
Gu Yinke said softly, "Should I ask you this?"
Yu Hang smiled. "I saw you after school. Tiantai didn’t come. I came to see physical education class in the afternoon. I heard that there have been some rumors in the school recently. They said that you killed Ji Xiaoyu. I didn’t believe it."
He asked softly, "Does your face still hurt?"
Maybe it still hurts, but she can’t feel it anymore. Gu Yinke’s face showed a confused look. "Don’t you hate me very much?"
Yu Hang wondered, "When did I hate you?"
"Liu Shenyu read Ji Xiaoyu’s diary that day. You said that some people are dirty even if they take a good look at their hearts. You actually always know my mind, right? Is that sentence meant for me? "
Yu Hang’s face was shy. "I was trying to get your attention."
Gu Yinke "Attention?"
"You like me, but you never show me in the wrong way. I’m also high-spirited and unwilling to take the initiative to bow my head and think that sentence to shock you." Yu Hang said, "I saw you at the door that day and forced you to be jealous and said a word of love to me. In fact, that’s not what I meant."
"You must be very sad that many things have happened these days?" Yu Hang took her hand. "Youth is short, but let’s not miss it."
Gu Yin was silent for a long time and asked him, "What about Ji Xiaoyu? You said she was fine the other day. Did you like her? "
Yu Hang smiled. "But are you kidding me?"
The boy’s face is kind and handsome, but his words are cruel. "What do I like about her when she looks like that? If I like her, will I watch you treat her as a hunting game? "
Gu Yinke stopped. "You always knew?"
"Yes, I always knew" Yu Hang shrugged. "Liu Shenyu deliberately told me about it. He told me how you treated Ji Xiaoyu. He wanted me to hate you and stay away from you …"
"But Yinke" touched his finger lightly on the girl’s cheek. "A beautiful girl like you can be forgiven for what she did."
Gu Yin didn’t speak eyes looked at him.
In the distance, the lights in the city are on, but they can’t reach the rooftop.
Behind the mountainous mountain city, the shadow of Rhododendron Mountain falls, trapping boys and girls in the darkness, and the evening breeze is even colder.
There was a long silence on the rooftop before she said, "You’re right. Youth is short."
"-but for some people, youth is just a nightmare for some people."
Yu Hang "I don’t understand what you are saying"
Gu Yinke asked, "Did you tell anyone about coming to the rooftop to see me tonight?"
"No," the boy said softly, "I want to spend this special night with you. How can I tell others to let him bother us?"
Gu Yin is ridiculous. The girl’s charming beauty can’t hide a smile even in the dark.
Yu Hang couldn’t help but bow her head and kiss her, but her body suddenly leaned back.
He bowed his head and looked at Gu Yinke’s hand on his chest in disbelief.
-teaching floor she smiled and pushed him from the rooftop.
Gu Yinke turned his head for a few seconds and slammed behind him. The buildings trembled with him.
She knew it was Yu Hang’s falling sound.
The story may fall dead as soon as it is high.
Maybe he won’t die directly, but no one in the quiet campus will find him and no one will help him.
He may have broken insides, broken limbs and bleeding, but he is conscious, painful and lonely in the last few minutes of death.