There is still a strange energy that blessed his fascination to keep him awake and not drunk to death.

He doesn’t know what the deep red wine in the decanter is, but I’m afraid it’s less immortal and full-graded props, especially Liu Xiong’s chaotic props
Such precious things can be seen everywhere in this man’s room, or it is a gadget when entertaining guests.
When the room clock ticks, it passes quietly. When it is almost the same, the man pours two glasses of wine and hands it to Chuhang for a drink.
"Don’t worry, it’s not a poison. You won’t die even if you are really immortal."
Men see ChuHang some hesitant smiled and said and ChuHang clink.
Chuhang will no longer hesitate to take a sip of the mellow wine. The whole body is like burning and getting high. I’m afraid it’s so much better to say that the statue of immortals is immortal.
The attributes of his detailed menu soared rapidly, reaching the seventh peak in just a few breaths, but he felt that his spiritual attributes were still rising, but he failed to break that limit.
"Thank you, senior"
Chuhang thanks to know each other this is to help yourself up.
And if I accidentally get this wine, I’m afraid I’ll be drunk and killed directly. At this time, I’m safe and sick because JKer helped me resolve those vice-presidents.
"It may be a little strong for you, but it will work for the first time. It’s just an ordinary drink for me."
Jker said with a smile, at the same time, there are some regrets that "people will always lose something in the process of gaining strength. For example, I have never been drunk again, and the concept of time has become blurred. It used to be easy to gain happiness and it has become more and more difficult because of high physical resistance."
But you are still that envy of many explorer.
Chuhang expression way
"Maybe. They think that the circus is the biggest adventure group from the first to the ninth order and the strongest adventure group. I am naturally the head of the circus with the strongest origin. The strongest is at the peak. Who doesn’t envy the peak people?"
Jker spread his hand. "But every peak person looks back on the past and often regrets except part of his sense of accomplishment."
"Regret what? Like some celebrities in my hometown, is the most regrettable thing in my life to create a circus? You don’t like origin coins either? "
Chuhang made a joke that his face was paralyzed and it really ruined the atmosphere.
"You’re wrong about one thing. I didn’t create the circus. Jker is the head code, but I’m not the original head."
The man smiled and explained, "But there are some things I know you are teasing, but I do say yes. I don’t like the origin coin because it doesn’t matter to me anymore."
He waved his hand. "Okay, no kidding, I’m saying this to tell you that people get something and always lose something else, just like I lost a lot of happiness and a lot of regrets."
Chu Hang was puzzled when he heard this. "I have read many novels, including some trilogy in which the world derived from harmony is like covering the sky. The protagonists all rose to a very strong level in the end. What regrets can there be if the so-called resurrection of relatives and friends and the reversal of history are just a snap of the finger?"
His meaning is very obvious. It seems to him that the circus leader should be very strong, and it should not be difficult for him to do what those derivative world protagonists can do.
The man took a meaningful look at Chu Hang. "It’s good to be young and have a vision for the future. You’re right. It’s not difficult to resurrect a creature at my level."
He paused and continued, "but this is only limited to the heavens and the earth, and it is not aimed at the law. At the very least, its scope of rules is like this. Of course, if you get out of it, you will not be restricted by these rules, so if you have the help of the strong, you can come back to life after you die."
"Are there so many offenders?"
Chuhang curious way
The man shook his head. "The number of offenders is not large. It is a special case that you see in your world. It is a long time. There have been very few phenomena. Although the offenders are out of control, they are not as good as you think. It sounds wonderful, but if they become offenders, they will become my hunting targets. No one should want to be my hunting targets."
The calm tone is extremely confident.
Chuhang deeply felt that the other side was in control of everything. From the world, the man, one enemy and three still won the final victory, and he was ashamed to be the title of the crown hunter.
"I resurrect the origin of the explorer, or there is no revivable explorer in the nine major universities. This is iron, and the explorer is never given a second chance. The loser is the loser who won the last and can get the highest level of training."
Jker took a sip of deep red wine, and a little regret flashed in his eyes.
"So have you ever had a partner who died in battle?"
Chuhang carefully asked
"Of course … I’m not so strong at first, but I also worked hard from the first order. At that time, I knew the explorer and now I have only one animal trainer left."
Jker said with emotion, "But you know, the real limitation is that on the one hand, if I really want to reverse everything, I can revive those who have passed by, but the problem is not rooted in life and death."
Chu Hang asked curiously, "Is there any other restriction?"
The man shook his head and said with emotion, "Sometimes we have to respect the will of the dead. Maybe they don’t want to come back to life after they have been freed from purgatory."
Chu Hang is stupefied. Perhaps it is that he and Lu Xiong can win the battle in every world. They are the top explorers in the echelon.
But there are still too many explorers who live a miserable life every day and are nervous before entering the world.
Every time you enter the world, life and death are unpredictable, and every time you leave the world, you are scarred, and your friends have fallen.
It’s a cruel place for them, and it’s never over.
Isn’t that purgatory reincarnation? There is no hope of liberation.
Or is being a backup a kind of redemption?
Because the backers will be stretched a lot when they come out, and they are all simple mining and mining.
When one day there finally appeared a strong explorer who had worked hard together, he looked back but there were no more comrades who had worked side by side with the world, and even their resurrection became a luxury.
Even if you are willing to be an offender, your former friends may not want to return to this world. They are tired and have no hope for the future.
Not everyone can stand fighting, and not everyone pursues strength and longs for a strong opponent like Brother Lu.
"So you should know that even if time can come again, some things are hard to change. You should grasp it now and don’t regret it."
The man said to ChuHang meaningfully.
"Thank you for pointing me out."
Chuhang nods. He understands the hint.
"I want you to handle affairs is also very simple when Liu Chen …"
In Jker’s slow narration, Chu Hang’s eyes changed slightly.
In the commercial street of the bottom of the world tree
When I came to the familiar small bar, the bartender with zebra head still received Lu Chen into the department room.
Rhine, an old drunkard, has drunk a lot. The table is full of bottles. He likes to get drunk every time he comes back from the world.
He said that there was a famous saying in the group, and he was given the truth by him.
That’s oh, let a man of spirit venture where he pleases. Don’t wait until you get drunk.