Tian Jiacun school began to formally enter the routine and move forward step by step. At the same time, a new batch of villagers with a total of 8 people came to Tian Jiacun.

Eight people are Tian Tang’s special request. This number is exactly 11 villagers in Tian Jiacun.
[Congratulations to the player-level village for completing [villager 11 (November/November) house 4(4/4) garment workshop 1(1/1) shoe-making workshop 1(1/1)] Grade-level village reward silver *3 two sugar workshops (design) *1 soy sauce workshop (design) *1 folk prescription (excellent) *1]
【 The safety zone covers an area of 8 square kilometers 】
【 15(11/15) House 5(4/5) Sugar Workshop 1(/1) Soy Sauce Workshop 1(/1) in Grade 9 Village 】
Tian Tang really needs to add four villagers to the nine-level village!
Chapter ninety Character level
There are two last upgrades before the first-class town.
This award is related to food.
The raw materials needed by sugar workshops are mainly beets, which have been sold in Tian Jiacun for a long time, and many people buy beets back as sugar substitutes for seasoning.
Ordinary food is ok, but when cooking some special dishes, it will still be more troublesome, such as braised pork. In fact, it will taste good with some sugar, but without sugar, you can’t sprinkle a handful of beets, which makes you feel strange.
With the sugar workshop, even for Tian Tang, it is a surprise.
First-class towns require all six life skills to reach level 1. At present, a total of four life skills have been upgraded to level 1, and even [planting] and [picking (farming)] have reached the level that they cannot be unlocked until the first-class town.
My skills as a skilled cook and my skills as a chef are still at level 10.
My skill is not a big problem. After raising chickens, ducks, pigs and fish in the village, this skill level can naturally go. The only problem is the chef’s skill.
The requirement of chef’s skill upgrading is a dish and an experience value. During this period of time, Tian Tang will come up with several strange dishes every day, which are dedicated to improving experience. Each of these ingredients and ingredients can play tricks.
But now, she has fried and cooked all over the place, and the skill level of the chef is still at level 7 (15/7), which is five experience values short of the level 1, that is to say, she has to cook five different dishes before she can raise this skill to level 10.
If she hadn’t asked Lin Chengfu to find someone to buy her some rare species earlier, she might have been out of food long ago.
At this time, both the sugar workshop and the soy sauce workshop appeared, which brought her great surprises. Sugar and soy sauce alone could make dozens of patterns for those dishes.
In fact, sugar and soy sauce are precious and rare these days. Tian Tang is really stingy and really reluctant to spend money on this side. She thought that if it was really impossible, she would dig out a small sum of money from the balance to let people go out to buy these two things when she could walk.
I didn’t expect this to be a surprise benefit.
Sugar and soy sauce are simply the "top" seasonings in food.
What kind of cold cucumber, fried chestnut with sugar, stewed Sydney with rock sugar, braised pork, braised eggplant and braised fish can be cooked properly, even salty bean curd and sweet bean curd. It’s simply not too beautiful.
There is also a reward for planting a koji, which is mainly the same as going to the koji several times in the process of making soy sauce. This thing is also a supporting reward with the soy sauce workshop.
Tian Tang directly placed the sugar workshop and soy sauce workshop and released the recruitment information again.
Every time these workshops recruit people, they recruit about one person, which is not large in terms of the overall proportion of villagers, but this recruitment opportunity is different for the villagers, which is the biggest driving force for them to willingly enter the school and send their children to the school at the same time.
"Tie you … you … you pinch me?"
Take the game of life to ancient section 77.
"Why want to pinch you?"
"You are quick to pinch me!" Great tiger cried anxiously, pulling the bolt hand and forcing him to choke.
When the bolt was noisy, I couldn’t reach out and pinched it on his arm.
Tiger’s eyes widened. "No … it doesn’t hurt. Is this really my dream?"
Shuan, this is what it means. "You told me earlier!"
As he said, he stretched out his hand and pinched the great tiger’s arm again. This time, he reached the tip of his finger, and the great tiger jumped up in pain. His face was even more ferocious. Some of it was painful and some of it was happy.
After the pain, he opened his mouth wide and his dark face could not hide his smile.
They are refugees brought back from Xilin County by former Lin Chengfu, but they have never been to Tian Jiacun. Even before that, they always believed that there must be a great force behind Fengshou Town to support its development.
Some time ago, there were many people in Fengshou town who were not right at first sight. They didn’t need to ask too much to know that those people were prisoners.
Hundreds of prisoners were taken to Fengshou Town, which strengthened their conjecture.
After all, if there were no big forces behind Fengshou Town, these prisoners would never appear in Fengshou Town, and because of this, they work much harder every day for fear of offending the adults behind them accidentally.
They are refugees. It’s good enough to get a bite to eat in Fengshou Town, and they don’t expect anything else. No matter which side is behind Fengshou Town, it has nothing to do with them ordinary people anyway.
I’m afraid that there won’t be enough people on the battlefield to fill their lives. At the thought of this possibility, their spirit can be better than before.
Due to various reasons, the wall outside the town has begun to take shape, and some of it is comparable to that of Xilin County.
Dahu and Shuan also watch these things every day. When there are fewer and fewer people in Fengshou Town, they feel more and more uneasy until Li Erzhu asks them if they want to go somewhere with them.
Fengshou Town is mainly for managers, especially those who manage order. Recently, it has gradually become a great tiger in Li Erzhu and Shuan is familiar with Li Erzhu. From Li Erzhu’s mouth, they have heard no less than others.
When they heard that Li Erzhu used to be a gangster, they all felt intimate with him. They always felt that Li Erzhu was a nobody like them, and they also revealed some information about them in the process of getting along with Li Erzhu.
Over time, they also became friends who talked occasionally.