I don’t know if the teenager who evaded the search in the carriage will remember that a girl once saved him.

Unfortunately, that piece of Yu Pei was robbed by Gu Man.
Gu Yan remembered this and hated Gu Man even more.
In fact, Gu Yan really underestimated the weight of Gu Chengyu in Gu Boqi’s heart. Gu Boqi is also fidgeting and worried at the moment.
After all, Gu Chengyu is his first son. Although he is an unmarried woman, he is also very different from those dude brothers. He studies hard and practices martial arts hard. Those dude brothers have something wrong with his body, and he can’t help but feel ashamed even when he looks at his father.
This time, if he really comes back with a fame, it will really win honor for his family.
Aunt Ma made a cup of tea for him, and she was worried. She couldn’t help sighing for a while and carefully asked Gu Boqi, "Sir, why don’t you make someone ask for information? Why haven’t you heard from me after all this time? "
Yeah, it’s been a long time. There should be news back. Why haven’t you seen it yet?
Gu Boqi heart also panic soon nodded and called a page at random commanded "you go! Go to the east street and ask questions. How is the martial arts competition now? "
It’s all about the selection of elites in the Zhou Dynasty. It’s not a child’s house. It’s a common thing for people to die. I don’t know what happened to Gu Chengyu.
The page should be obedient and then run out of sight. Gu Boqi got up and kept pacing, and his heart was annoyed.
Master Jia Shu was not feeling well today, so he ordered the school to be dismissed after noon.
Gu Chengdong see Gu Chengfeng page is to tidy up for him, make a sudden snatch to pack like flipped through and stretched out his hand to pinch Gu Chengfeng face "yo yo! Xiao, do you understand? I’m only four years old, and I dare to come to the hospital with us without knowing a few words. I’m not afraid I can’t understand it. "
Gu Chengfeng sipped his lips and there was a flash of YinZhi in peach blossom eyes.
Gu Chengdong didn’t see the manual getting heavier and heavier. He pinched Gu Chengfeng’s face like a white tender bag and laughed and greeted everyone to see it.
Gu Chengdong’s stubborn coming to the hospital since he was a child is just a scene.
Gu Chengfeng is not ordinary. He begged his family to invite Mr. Wang to enlighten him. He himself will come to the hospital with his brothers to learn this. Mrs. Wang Gu was very proud for a while.
Everyone knows that these two people are the same as the old lady’s pride, and they are all sideline and naturally dare not speak.
Gu Chengfeng’s page is clever, but he is busy rushing out to tell Gu Chengfeng’s milk brother.
Gu Chengfeng’s milk brother Fang Qingshan is a successful man. When he smells it, he is busy telling the people next to him, "Hurry! Go and tell Nine Girls! "
Himself led the remaining two pages into the door to intercede with Gu Chengdong "ye! Ye, don’t dispute with Ten Ye that he is still young and doesn’t understand anything. "
I don’t know anything when I come. I’m like a little dumpling around Gu Chengdong, and there is no threat at all.
Thinking of his sister’s situation every time he taught himself a lesson, Gu Chengdong narrowed his eyes and smiled very arrogantly, and suddenly he kicked his foot in Gu Chengfeng’s heart.
Gu Chengfeng this body is only four years old, a little soft, and he was kicked to the foot of the table next to it, and his face was wrinkled together.
Fang Qingshan was startled when she did not consider other steps before holding Gu Chengfeng up and stopping in front of Gu Chengdong angrily, "Ye! Our tenth master didn’t offend you! "
The people next to him had shrunk into a ball and hid elsewhere. It happened that the older Gu Chengqing, Gu Chengyun, Gu Chengyu are not in the hospital now. This is the biggest Gu Chengdong. Now no one can stop him. He stretched out his hand and took the page and handed it to Pa to wipe his hands. He casually looked at Gu Chengfeng behind Fang Qingshan. "I didn’t offend him, but I am older than him. I am his brother. He has to do whatever I ask him to do. He should suffer!" How about Xiao Shi helping his brother lick the toe of his shoes and make sure he won’t hit you? "
Too much! Fang Qingshan and the two small pages next to him stood in front of Gu Chengfeng and looked ugly.
It’s too disrespectful to see their second wife. If Gu Chengfeng was bullied today, they would all lift their heads in front of others.
Now that Gu Chengdong can’t bully others, he deliberately bullies Fannie and Freddie, who is smaller than Gu Chengfeng.
Fang Qingshan really worried that his master would cry, so he turned to look at Gu Chengfeng and saw that his little face was stretched tightly and he was very angry according to his chest, so he rushed Gu Chengdong. "Ye! Today, you have kicked our tenth master. If something happens to him, you can’t get rid of him in front of the old lady! "
Yo yo, don’t you dare to threaten yourself?
Gu Chengdong sneer at one by one a frivolous sample patted his robe and put his feet out toward Fang Qingshan Road again. "So what? Now that I’ve kicked him and stained my shoes, of course he has to lick it clean, or you can lick him like that? I’ll let you see if the old lady will scold me with this little bitch. "
His toe has reached Fang Qingshan’s nose and he deliberately swayed from side to side for a while, and his anger in Chengfeng’s eyes became more and more obvious.
Gu Chengdong became more angry when he caught a glimpse of Gu Chengfeng’s eyes.
Now Fannie and Freddie occupy everything in the first house, and the second wife is in charge of Gu Zhao. When she marries again, she wants to be a princess, and even her mother makes Fannie and Freddie somewhat.
But he just doesn’t want him to bow in front of that little bitch Gu Man. That’s absolutely impossible.
Gu Man is hard to offend, so find Xiao Shi.
Anyway, Xiao Shi also hates being glib at an early age, and even the old lady likes to be eccentric. He snubbed himself
If you don’t give them a good look today, he won’t be named Gu!
Gu Chengdong brought many people and soon whisked a few people to drag the two pages away and let people put Fang Qingshan on his back but walked over and patted Gu Chengfeng’s face. "Come on! Xiao Shi asked me to come and listen to you, so I’ll let you go. No, what if I let you lick my shoes instead of letting you go? "
Gu Chengfeng’s long eyelashes covered his eyes, but his small hands were already clenched into fists.
Gu Chengdong sat at the table with his feet dangling and his feet stretched out. He kicked his feet in Gu Chengfeng’s face and asked, "Talk to Xiao Shi! Are you dumb? "
Someone has already informed the teacher, but if the teacher at home dares to offend Gu Chengdong in the m: m, the bully will shrink in his room and not speak.
Gu Chengdong laughed more and more happily when he saw it, and then turned to those brothers who were locked in place and dared not move. "Today I will show you how I taught this little beast and how he licked my shoes!"
Fang Qingshan was caught by people and couldn’t move. He looked at Gu Chengdong with anger and anger. "Ye! Master Shi is your brother! Aren’t you really afraid that things will get out and ruin your name? "
Name? Family brother himself is not going to take the imperial examination and become an official. What name do you want?
Gu Chengdong laughed at Gu Chengfeng way "small ten! Come here! Climb over and climb over to my brother lick the shoes. If you don’t lick me, I’ll kill your milk brother! "
He said that his hand really reached out and punched Fang Qingshan’s belly and bowed him together.
It’s cruel! Gu Chengfeng clenched his fist and stared at him dangerously. He couldn’t wait to unload him.
"why?" Gu Chengdong looked at Gu Chengfeng’s face and smiled. The horse turned into an evil look, and he told the page in a dumb voice, "Since the tenth master won’t lick my shoes, you can lick him!"
166 tooth for tooth
The voice just fell outside the house, but it came like Oriole leaving the valley and scolding, "I don’t see who dares!"
This sound is unfamiliar to others. Gu Chengdong and Gu Chengfeng can be familiar with it. It’s exactly Nine Girls Gu Man.
Gu Man is wearing a round neck with warm spring flowers today, and the gauze of flowers outside is a smoke cage, which looks like the blooming of spring flowers.
Even Gu Chengdong has to admit that this annoying fall of Gu Man is really amazing and surprising, but they have been enemies since childhood, and now they have lost their good looks when they see Gu Man.
Can other students see Gu Man at ordinary times? It’s rare to even go into the backyard. It’s so amazing to see this cousin or cousin now.
Fang Qingshan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Gu Manxian and said, "Nine girls!"
Gu Chengdong first see who she brought, and so on. She brought two girls, but she was still in awe for a while, so she completely let go of sitting at the table and shaking her legs defiantly, looking at Gu Manyang with Ba Dao. "What’s wrong? I don’t even mean what I say? Can’t you hear me when I say kill this naughty slave? !”
Gu Man still dares to send the door, especially when he comes with two girls. It’s really a mistake.
Since she sent the door to bully herself this time, it would be good to completely avenge herself.
Thought of here, but when he can’t see Gu Man’s face is ugly, he pointed to Gu Man’s way, "Don’t you know that the courtyard is where men come? What do you mean by a girl coming here to show her face? Today, when you come to Japan, there will be many words in the market. Although you are my sister, it’s really thoughtless of you to do it! "
He changed the subject and added, "How about this? Why don’t you come and help me with your brother? lick the shoes is alone. I will not only let you go, but also ensure that no one here will tell?"
How can you be ashamed to be like this? !