Kuradeel Zheng looked at Xiang’s eyes and became cruel, but he was not stupid. The cruel eyes lasted for a moment.

Xiang didn’t put Kuradeel in the eye until today when the other party suddenly jumped out.
The smiling coffin went out, but the fake smiling coffin member was still fine. He didn’t want the important strategy to change. Of course, he didn’t want Kuradeel, an unstable factor, to join.
The absolute sense of Kuradeel in the original animation made Xiang avoid a crisis.
Actually, it is really malicious for Kuradeel to join the Raiders team. He found the organization himself, but he was destroyed before he officially joined the organization.
This time, he wanted to find the right opportunity in the process of raiders to suddenly break away from the battle, so that the transfer crystal escaped from the bss room, causing cracks in the output chain of raiders team and expecting more serious consequences
His heart can be punished …
Love without reason and hate without reason.
Even if Xiang knew that Kuradeel was going to explore whether a person’s mind was narrow.
"reason?" Heathcliff did not reject Kuradeel’s application because of Xiang’s objection.
"The output team needs two in the avant-garde and I don’t know how long it can last. The candidate of the output team must be careful with its equipment, level and skills, and Kuradeel …" Speaking of this, Xiang glanced at Kuradeel faintly.
He didn’t finish, but everyone was white.
Here, anyone can pick a player who is better than Kuradeel. As the output team is reduced, the selection of each quota becomes important. Most people tend to talk about Xiang.
Kuradeel’s eyes were about to burst into flames, and he didn’t hide his emotions. He looked at Xiang and raised objections because Xiang said it was a legitimate reason
Heathcliff policymakers rejected Kuradeel’s application without thinking long. If Kuradeel was avant-garde, he wouldn’t have rejected it.
"Xiang! I must kill you. "
Kuradeel bowed their heads and looked extremely difficult to see the ugly triangle eyes flashing with cold dangers.
However, will there be such an opportunity like a clown?
This is just an episode. The meeting ended at dusk, and when all the candidates were selected, it was scheduled for 9: 00 a.m.
Chapter 17
I expected this day to come at last, and I was afraid or flinched, but when that day really came, there was peace.
Today is the last day to stay in this world, and success or failure will be the last day.
Near the point, there is a person in the hall of life monument. At this point, even the military will not come to the tomb of fame.
The fire around the walls is flickering, and then looking at the back of the monument with the names crossed will arouse a chill. There will be a group of unwilling people staring at themselves behind the meeting.
Ta-da …
In the extraordinarily quiet, a string of footsteps suddenly sounded, and Xiang turned around and looked at the entrance. A dark-haired young man with a negative sword entered the temple.
"You’re here" looking at bearer xiang light way
Walking into the hall, Tongren glanced at the monument to life and frowned slightly, wondering, "What’s the appointment in this place and what can I do for you?"
Xiang didn’t reply immediately, turned on the skill of searching for the enemy and confirmed the people around him before saying, "It’s very important to attack the sky, and I may die."
"…" Tong Ren was silent for a while, but Bai Xiang said these words with a light frown and suddenly locked them deeper.
"Send you a message" Xiang smiled.
Tongren watched him try to avoid the topic of death and asked, "What is me?"
Xiang didn’t answer directly and suddenly asked, "Has the double-knife flow skill appeared?"
Tongren smell speech suddenly startled, consciousness stepped back two steps, eyes wide open, staring at Xiang’s double-knife flow skill suddenly appeared a few days ago. He was a preliminary attempt, but Xiang actually knew this without even telling everyone about the black cat group on a moonlit night.
What will know? Is it …
The conjecture from his head made his body suddenly cold.
"It seems to have appeared."
Looking at Tong Ren’s performance, Xiang Ji can be sure. After all, even his proficiency in one-handed straight sword has reached 9, so it is not surprising that Tong Ren’s proficiency has reached 95.
"How do you know!" Tongren’s eyes trembled gently.
"It doesn’t matter."
Xiang waved his hand and said directly, "There is a hidden entrance to the criminal investigation room in the left area of the Black Iron Palace, which is the entrance to the underground maze. It is a hidden leveling place. There are three floors inside. The first floor monster level intensity is about lv68, and the second floor is lv7. Don’t go. If there is a change in the Raiders War, then you can live this information."
Tongren’s eyes became more and more indecisive as he listened to it.
Xiang ignored Tongren’s eyes and left a message when he walked out of the hall after saying these words.
If I die, you may be a possibility.
I hope that it is really if rather than reality.
In my heart, I silently added, Xiang walked out of the hall and stayed stunned, leaving Tong Ren inside.
Go straight to the central square, and a familiar sound suddenly sounded behind him.
"What do those words … mean?"
Listening to this familiar sound, Xiang’s body suddenly turned hard and Argo looked at himself with a positive expression.
"Why are you here?" Xiang’s lips moved with a bitter smile.