Yakushi Kabuto

This name, which seems to be a code name, has been following this teenager since a long time ago. Of course, it is really brave, and there is no hidden danger like hiding. He decided to keep this "false" teenager as the last resort.
In this way, until today, he has grown into the young man with a warm smile as he remembered, still at the root and active in the front line.
"Considering your occupation, we’d better meet less."
Although it seems a bit harsh for Zhen Yong to speak like this, both of them are actually used to this conversation-the situation is very white now, and there are too many secrets. He and Ye Naiyu can continue to have the benefits of living and going under the protection of this adult … There is no resentment in saying this. After all, at this age, they have experienced ups and downs and are very white. In this bloody ninja world, people are afraid that even the most basic methods will be guaranteed … What they get will be exchanged for what is equivalent. This is a very fair trade.
"You said yes"
He raised a smile at the corner of his mouth and then leaned slightly and took the unique fox mask at the root.
"Tell me something about this period of thunder shadow?"
This time, the opening is Watergate-compared with Zhenyong, although he is also very confident in the ability of pocket business, he has alienated many places and did not meet and joke.
Bowed again and started their own report.
"There is no obvious military trend in the Ministry of Cloud State, which is almost still in a state of recharge as in previous years. Relatively speaking, there has been no change in the protection of the surrounding powers or the response of other countries."
He paused and then continued to speak.
"However, in terms of trade, we have got a high level of productivity because we started to learn from the fire nation system. In terms of trade, the Chinese market is now almost saturated-and we expect that the main resource dumping direction should be fire nation’s suspicion."
Zhen Yong nodded his head to signal the former to continue.
"The only thing worth noting is that Yunlei Gorge has been completely closed by Yunren since a month ago … even the daily supplies have been completely cut off. Not only do our other forces sneak into Yunren Dark, but it seems that they have not been able to find out about this news. Finally, in the recent period, Yanren was placed in the eyeliner of Leiguo, and almost all of them have been evacuated, but there is no way to detect further movements."
After the report, there was a short silence in the hut … this is the head Zhen Yong and Watergate thinking and processing the information that Dou just sent …
In Zhenyong’s view, it is worthwhile to have such a considerable amount of information without any subjective speculation. Recently, the information sent back by those little bastards one by one seems to be very urgent, but if you carefully scrutinize it, you will find that most of them are based on "speculation". That’s all. It was worthwhile to choose a heavy bag in those days.
"I already know the situation."
It’s no longer just the beginning. The tone of joking is really brave. A lot of information is very complicated, but over the years, Zhen Yong and Shuimen have long been used to this life-on the surface, Yun Ren seems to have no obvious trend, but if you are more careful, you can read out different theories from the information … The production situation is saturated, which means that Lei Guo is actually facing huge pressure, and there are generally two ways to alleviate this pressure. The first is to dump on a large scale in other countries, but it is very unlikely for Yun Guo, which is at a disadvantage in national strength and productivity .. And the first is
"Then a long …"
The information has been handed over, so it’s natural for him to take it back. It’s not his job to make decisions … but this time it’s an exception.
Hands crossed in front of the real brave openings stopped leaving spy.
"This time I want to hear your thoughts. Chapter three hundred and thirty-five, the storm trend ()
Hands crossed in front of the real brave openings stopped leaving spy.
"I want to hear your thoughts this time."

Zhen Yong’s eyes are full of interest, and of course, there is still a little expectation … For now, he has probably begun to have similar ideas to those of the past, and the root needs to start looking for a successor. Of course, if it is reasonable to say that Zhen Yong can choose a target, there are still many things, whether it is Uchibo’s family, a few imps, or a thousand-handed family’s descendants, which are quite good choices from the perspective of profit continuation and stable rule … But for Zhen Yong, this child is the best candidate ..
Wild Naiyu’s fetters can guarantee each other’s loyalty to Konoha, and the ability has proved each other’s talent for espionage every time over the years. Such people can be said to be born out of this organization!
Born in the other side …
Does this kind of thing have even a little meaning for Zhen Yong, who has ignored the taboo of Thousand Hands and Uchihiro?
Yes, compared with the ape flying, it is actually more thorough to carry out the law of the jungle-compared with the exact strength and potential, the pedigree and other things have been put aside by him early.
"I just want to listen to other people’s opinions."

"That’s … rude."
Just a thoughtfully pocket finally speak.
"First of all, it is certain that Lei Guo should make some big moves in the recent period." The tone is calm and indifferent, as if describing something trivial. "Let’s rule out a series of other factors first. Yun Ren is now facing a very embarrassing situation-because the system has begun to move closer to fire nation, but the method has chosen a more radical way, not only Yun Ren’s department, but even Lei Guo’s political situation has also experienced quite a shock. Although there is no more intense opposition for a short time, this kind of thing is almost foreseeable with the deepening of reform."
He looked up at Zhenyong and Watergate.
"Go on."
Zhenyong nodded without approving or denying his point of view.
"It’s … and if other factors are comprehensively considered, Yan Ren spy recently evacuated from Leiguo Department. On the surface, this is probably a precursor to the deterioration of Yunyan two families. Considering the two long-cherished wishes, this seems not impossible, but if you look at the whole forbearance world, you will find that there are unreasonable places. First, If Yunyan’s two families are really going to war, even if we don’t receive information, then all the forces adjacent to the two countries will never react to it, but according to the current exploration results, there are only these two families. This is absolutely unreasonable. Second, considering the current form of forbearance, we are in a dominant position, and it is very important for two adults to be willing to endure. I am afraid that most of them have fallen into the hands of Konoha. "
Speaking of which, my eyes swept over Ann again. It’s brave to sit there-precisely because this man is in Konoha, he has become the most terrible monster in all the forbearing villages …
"In this case, we still insist on conflicts in neighboring countries … Although Yun Ren has always been impulsive, it is not a thorough job. This kind of thing should not be done. Finally, it is the third point. The trade between Lei Guotu and China has been in a trade deficit due to the type of resources. That is to say, even if Lei Guo can really open the trade route of Tu Guo through this war, I am afraid it will be difficult to complete dumping and accumulate wealth liberation pressure to make up for the huge consumption caused by the war …"
Speaking of which, Dou took a step back silently and then bowed down.
"I’m done."
The silence in Nuoda’s office didn’t last long, and soon the Watergate stereo started.
"One last question … according to your analysis, if Lei Guo chooses to go to war, who will be his best target?"
This time, the answer was concise and hesitant.
Yes, although this answer seems incredible, the two of you have the same expectation …