Some of them are obviously good things, and some of them look like etiquette. Even Hua Zhenxing can’t understand what is precious. Anyway, he didn’t ask.

Dan Zicheng conveniently copied out a pot-shaped object with a handle. "This thing looks like a pot is actually an oil lamp. Is that to say, a magic lamp?" If I rub it, will a lamp god come out and ask me to make a wish? "
Similar-shaped objects are also available in Hua Zhen. After cutting Fuling, the fog lamp looks like a small teapot, and this object in Dan Zicheng’s hand is glittering and inlaid with gems.
About Gao Le quickly pressed Dan Zicheng’s hand. "Don’t talk nonsense and don’t touch it. What if you really touch a lamp god!"
Dan Zicheng put things away and said angrily, "I don’t have that."
About Gao Le "You didn’t, but some people should be careful in everything!" "
Ignoring Dan Zicheng’s gag, Hua Zhen asked, "Ms. Gelin, I accompanied the lawyer about to search all the artifacts in Meng En Garden. Everything he hoped to bring back to Gambistin is here."
Do you need to check it or search it again? "
Song Lin took a look at Bai Shaoliu and nodded. Song Lin also nodded, "That’s enough. Gambi Ting took these things away. I wonder what General Manager China needs us to pay?"
Hua Zhen trip "I don’t ask the specific value of these things, and I don’t ask whether they are precious, whether there is a magic lamp or something else."
I don’t need a commitment or a formal recognition that everything in private territory outside Meng En Garden will not be disturbed. "
Song Lin thought for a moment and replied, "You don’t interfere in the affairs of Gambyshire here, but there is a precondition that everything can’t violate the prohibition of the theologian."
Hua Zhen smiled. "Ms. Gelin, please rest assured and please tell Ting Zongmian that our purpose is to build a beautiful home and we have never thought of looting or destruction."
At this time, Joko smiled and looked at Hua Zhen’s street. "What I admire most has always been a pure idealist like you."
As a result of this negotiation, Hua Zhenxing expected that Meng En Garden could not be handed over to Gambisting, and 270,000 mu of farm land outside had been bought. This is Yangyuan Valley site.
Although the Viking State also belongs to the Roba Union, its geographical position is that the main continent of Roba is located in the north across the Baltic Sea, and the Kanavi Peninsula belongs to the core area of the relative marginal zone far from the sphere of influence of Gambistin.
The area of Angel United Farm has almost ridden the Arctic Circle Line. For half a year, the climate is cold and the sunshine is short in winter, so it is sparsely populated.
On the other hand, Hua Zhen’s Gambisi court is also "occupied"
It’s obvious that it’s unusual to meet Gao Le for such a long time, not to mention this time, and it’s very unusual for Gambyshire to represent Ge Lin and Bai Shaoliu.
It’s not a problem for Gelin to be able to give noodles for nothing. Hua Zhen can’t let the other party give noodles for nothing. He didn’t ask Gambistin for the price so that Gelin could take it back for a job.
Song Lin waved away all the things in the tea case, and everyone held a teacup to celebrate it, and the principle had already been talked about.
Since Gambistine no longer interferes in the affairs of this place, other matters will be handled by Yangyuan Valley or Fugen Foundation itself, with the focus on disposing of the remaining 73 members of the former Ancient God Union.
Bai Shaoliu suggested "Let’s go out and have a look and send people out together"
Dan Zicheng took out a stone and said, "If Lord Bai doesn’t hurry back and stay here for a few more days, I’ll go first!"
Talking, a pinch of stone failed to crush! What kind of stone can’t even be crushed by Dan Zi Chengdu? Without force, like a phantom, the stone force disappears when it is pinched
Dan Zicheng waited for a long time and didn’t see the door appear. He was also a little stunned and explained, "Mr. Feng gave you this stone and said that if it doesn’t work, you can crush it and hit the door to return, but now things are done and things are gone."
Hua Zhen patted Dan Zicheng on the shoulder. "Big Brother, I’ll send a private jet to take you home."
Dan Zicheng blinked. "No, I can fly back myself! I’ll take the opportunity to play for two more days. Let’s take a look around this area and visit Yangyuan Valley on the way. "
Everyone returned to the central sanctuary of Meng ‘en Garden, and the goalkeeper brought everyone out. The exit of Meng ‘en Garden is a canyon, which will be covered with snow in winter but lush in summer.
On the other side of the canyon, the slope is gentle, and there is a path in the forest leading to a natural bridge across the canyon. At the end of the bridge is the cliff, the gate of Meng ‘en Garden is on the cliff.
There is a hidden wooden house and villa-style stone building in the hillside woodland at the other end of the naturally formed Liang Shi Bridge Canyon, like a secret camp in the wild.
Meng ‘en Garden has a long history, and the ancient alliance of gods was once very powerful. It used to be its secret base. Not all magicians and apprentices are qualified to enter Meng ‘en Garden for a long time to practice, and personnel are needed outside.
However, this place has been abandoned for half a year, because when Zhan Mu Rouse hid in Meng En Garden, he brought the garrison department in the camp.
Some buildings may have been abandoned for a hundred years, and there are fewer and fewer members because of the gradual decline of the ancient gods alliance. In the past hundred years, there has been no such big camp.
The headquarters of the ancient gods alliance is located in the northern part of Shiyin country, which is a dive base. Its headquarters has been abandoned by Zhan Mu-Rouse and has been eradicated and cleaned up by Gambistine.
Today, the remaining 73 members are all academic talents who like to do research and devote themselves to practicing, and can stand the boring sex life.
There are still a group of Gambyshire theologians waiting in the camp. They didn’t enter the Grace Garden just now.
Brech, Pidan, and Jokolo led the crowd away. They had to go back to Gombe for trial and bring back all the 14 people and things on the arrest list, even if the trip was completed.
When Yue Gaole left, he also helped Hua Zhen to do a "small favor" by simply processing the newly found charm dance, and the search materials in Meng En Garden will be inlaid with a pendant.
Yue Gaole is not a jewelry designer, and it would be too wasted to do this job. Charming dance is a natural material to build an artifact flying in the sky, but it has to go through a simple sacrifice process and Yue Gaole will do it easily.
Even if he doesn’t help Hua Zhen, he can find three old people to ask Gao Le for a favor.
Song Lin didn’t go with the big troops, saying that she wanted to take Bai Shaoliu to enjoy the scenery around the Arctic Circle and let Hua Zhen go about his own business without having to greet them.
The two men disappeared as soon as they turned around, and then Dan Zicheng made an excuse to come back to Hua Zhen in a few days and then go to raise Yuangu together.
The remaining 73 former members of the ancient gods alliance are both easy and difficult to handle. According to what Hua Zhenxing has learned, they are almost employees of the Angel Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group.
Some people accept the employment of angel farming and herding groups in name even if they are not in charge of specific work. They are regarded as angel farming and herding groups and occupy high-level positions that are mostly well paid.
This also proves from the side that Weiner Fund owned the stock property after acquiring Angel Farmers’ Group, but did not really control the Angel United Farm Industry Personnel Transportation Office and simply sold it to Hua Zhen Bank.
Many people have lived for generations, and the talents of indigenous people in practicing divinity have been discovered by the teachers of the ancient gods alliance. This surrounding area has been the area where the ancient gods alliance searched for apprentices since ancient times 2.
The Roba League is regarded by many as the birthplace of modern industrial literature, but the vestiges of feudalism in many countries are also very obvious, such as the aristocratic title system.