"Sure enough, there is no need to compare with" a passerby referee did not resist expressing his feelings.

"It really seems that there is no technical content and nothing to watch," said another passer-by.
Tianyu management group
"Silly bear, can this waterfall sweat really beat the violent wind’ chaos’ dance?" Two xiu questioned.
Although Tianyu emphasized that waterfall Khan had his own trump card, he was in a state of being * just now after the game was over.
"…" Tianyu also has some words.
"If you want to go like this, don’t even have a chance to win." Tianyu was thinking about it.
He really had to consider the situation after the defeat of a game.
"It was slag! At this level, you still want to beat me. "The wind’ chaos’ dance is unscrupulous and typed in the pk field.
"…" Khan was also unable to type words.
"I’m sorry" Khan sent these three words to the unlucky bear after he calmed down.
This sentence makes Tianyu feel a little relieved. At least the other party knows that the apology is also disguised as saying that the game may not be arranged in advance.
Then two people started the second game.
Khan learned his lesson in this game and ran behind him at the beginning.
The map is the bar. There are still dead ends.
When Khan ran into the dead corner on the right side of the barrel, he made a pose.
"Anyway, there are two opportunities! Take a gamble! " Khan thought so.
The opening of the gale’ chaos’ dance was as direct as a mountain collapse, but this time it was hit by Khan’s running.
Then he gave himself a jump and jumped after Khan until he’ forced’ him into the corner.
"That guy is engaged in the’ Mao’ line!" The wind "disorderly" dance high looking at khan hiding in the corner that pose not doubt "confused" way
However, with her high jump and violent wind’ disorderly’ dance, she chopped two times in the middle and then directly plunged a silver blade into the waterfall and sweated.
"Almost!" Watching the wind "disorderly" dance fixed in the middle body Khan loosened the buttons in his hand.
Xu Li ghost chopped silver light and flew off the blade.
Two people both inverted out is a second angle’ color’ but there is one.
"What happened? !” The first reaction to come over is a passer-by referee immediately typed and asked
"Just like a red eye ate the devil may cry a ghost to cut? How come the blood is gone one by one? " Another passer-by referee also found it incredible to express his doubts.
"That’s not ordinary ghost chop" Tianyu answer words typing way.
"What’s that?" Two whew also asked typing in pk field.
"It’s a ghost chop."
"…" In addition to Taiwan, three people are left with a string of ellipsis.
Chapter 757 True and false bug
"Lie trough! Did everyone see it clearly? This’ forced’ actually opens technology! " The wind "disorderly" dance at the moment finally react angrily typing call way
"Sorry, I didn’t open it," Khan calmly typed back.
"Nima can’t talk nonsense with your eyes open? Can a ghost chop in your house directly drop my blood by 100,000? "
"It’s a bug" Khan still calmly typed back.
"…" Looking at the Khan sent a message, they all got up.
"Does this Nima also have bugs?" "Chaos" dance will not believe waterfall Khan’s "nonsense" chaos "language" you’re welcome to retort.
"Then what technology did you say I opened?" Khan asked not angry calm typing.
"Wocao point’ Bilian’? You open technology and ask me what technology to open! " "Chaos" dance can’t help but break * * rough way
"Go away, believe it or not!" Khan can’t bear to fight against each other.
"Be quiet, you two. Isn’t there a referee?" Just as the two men’s "lips" were about to kick off, Tianyu suddenly bubbled up and interrupted their scolding battle.
Two passers-by referees immediately felt a sense of koo.
"This is really a bug? Is it more like hanging up? " Both referees have such thoughts.
But don’t jump to conclusions without conclusive evidence.
"If it is a bug, please tell me where it is!" One of the judges defended the fairness of the game, and stood up bravely like "taking a big blow" and typed.