There is no way to combine this with different ideas. Cross-country is white.

When the words sound just fell, the cross-country kept silent, which happened to be the silence of cross-country, which made the cross-country idea known to the cross-country master and the god of death, and made the cross-country master and the god of death not sigh deeply and secretly think that the future road could not be combined with the shadow mage, which might be a little harder to walk.
After all, cross-country is already showing its own strength and can compete with them when Spot Ye meets Death.
Who was master ban afraid of in the original hokage?
Who is death afraid of in the whole world?
When Master Ban and Death knew that they couldn’t get along with the cross-country together, they looked at each other, raised a faint smile at the corner of their mouth and disappeared there at the same time.
One second!
It was at the corner of Spot Ye’s mouth that the smile suddenly disappeared there, accompanied by the roar of terror. Looking at Spot Ye’s body, the power was instantaneous, and the pupil contracted slightly!
"Not good!"
The resurrection spot must be more terrible than before.
It is also because of this that I feel that when Master Ban is ready to explode his accumulated strength, cross-country directly brings the shadow blink to orochimaru’s side, and the spiritual energy is shrouded in his orochimaru body. This method perfectly protects himself and orochimaru in the event of Master Ban’s explosion.
However, it’s already the limit that cross-country can protect itself and protect orochimaru when Master Ban breaks out.
When the roar continued to ring, all the clouds in the sky were shattered directly by the power of Master Ban. When the pupil was slightly constricted there, he saw a picture that he would never forget.
That picture is impressively
The rain country is destroyed!
"Is a country destroyed like this?"
Chapter 81 Raid
"What’s that?"
Seeing a country in orochimaru, a pair of snake pupils were also slightly tightened when a country broke out in Banye. Soon, when facing the cross-country next to it, I really wanted to know what the cross-country did in YuRen Village.
And cross-country in front of orochimaru must remain calm.
At least cross-country can’t let orochimaru know that they are now in a weak position, but Spot Ye and Death occupy an absolute advantage.
Just after the resurrection of Ban Ye, he first showed the six powers, and when the power of heaven destroyed the whole rain country, God was happy to feel that several lives in the rain country were buried in the hands of Ban Ye, and then he felt that the people who died in the rain country sighed deeply when their souls were deprived of the possession of the black god of death. Cross-country is the same as orochimaru, who said, "orochimaru, please inform a Watergate teacher and tell him to get ready for war!"
"Who is the enemy?"
Orochimaru’s eyes were even more shocked when he listened to the cross-country talk because he had never seen such a serious look on his face.
The enemy who can make cross-country become so serious now is definitely not an ordinary generation. Soon after orochimaru learned from cross-country that their enemy turned out to be resurrected Spot Ye and a god of death, his tongue licked his mouth. orochimaru went to prepare to inform the four generations of Huo Ying to prepare for the war without saying a word.
But is cross-country preparation really effective?
It must have no effect!
Only "blackening" Uchiha Obito and "Spot Ye" in Huo Ying’s original works can bring the forbearance world to an end. Now, the combination of Spot Ye and Death is even more terrible. No matter how strong it is, it can only delay the footsteps of Spot Ye or Death. That is to say, one of Spot Ye and Death must be handed over to an off-road companion to deal with it. It can be said that it is Spot Ye or Death, which has the power to fight against forbearance world!
It’s also because of this that we should inform the fourth generation of Huo Ying to prepare for the cross-country war. When preparing for the war, we are going to hold the Gokage meeting first, as in the original work of Huo Ying. The pace of unifying the forbearance world must be slowed down. Now it’s more important for the whole forbearance world to fight against death with Master Ban, and it’s also more important for orochimaru to be reborn. If it can be profitable, it must be profitable. After all, if it can be psychic, the pressure on cross-country can be reduced.
However, while thinking that orochimaru can be reincarnated by filth, some strong people can help him, I suddenly remembered one thing, that is, orochimaru’s filth metempsychosis is a god of death who can also master the occult arts. It is precisely the cross-country awakening that filth is a god of death who has mastered the occult arts of terror. When the cross-country reveals a look of consternation, a strong breath erupts in the country that has destroyed the rain.
Who else can that strong enemy smell be?
It must be that the god of death reincarnated from his own filth after he possessed the darkness, and came out as a strong man of all ages!
Cross-country is not as strong as the first generation of Huoying and the second generation of Huoying. He has no idea what the breath of the first generation of Huoying and the second generation of Huoying is, but since the metempsychosis of filth is the secret of death, when he reincarnates filth, it is as good as the first generation of Huoying and the second generation of Huoying. The strong must be psychic.
The feeling of cross-country for a moment turned out to be more difficult to get rid of death.
In particular, I don’t know if death has left a foreshadowing in my body. Cross-country feels that it is impossible to defeat death without the whole endurance.
"Gokage meeting must be held quickly. Now I can inform Yanren Village, Wuren Village and Sharen Village to prepare for the Gokage meeting."
"Yu Yunren Village"
"Now it can be handed over to Yahiko!"
Secretly heart way a cross-country is its own strong spiritual energy directly communicated with Yahiko and others at the border of Rain Country and Yahiko and others at the border of Rain Country when it collapsed. Now I heard from the cross-country that there is such a strong enemy who has appeared in the forbearance world. Yahiko did not hesitate at all, but obeyed the cross-country command and went directly to Yunren Village.
The off-road response plan is already very fast.
But spot ye and death have planned something early, and their tactics are naturally faster, which is simply the strongest flash tactics in the endurance world!
"It took a lot of power to just destroy a country, didn’t it?"
Successfully make the filth metempsychosis summon you want to summon the strong in the past dynasties, and then you will be possessed by a black god of death, smile and face Spot Ye and say
"It’s quite a lot"
Listen to the question of death, Mr. Ban hesitated for a few seconds and said, "After all, I have just been resurrected, and I haven’t been familiar with my own strength, and I haven’t succeeded in becoming a pillar force in ten tail. It is still difficult to deal with that guy. We need to rule the forbearance world while collecting the forbearance world. Now bijuu is closer to us, which is Yanren Village and Yunren Village. I’m going to Yanren Village to meet the former kids. Go to Yunren Village."
"Tail column force is a very interesting guy."
"I’ll go myself?"
Is almost in the spot ye the words sound just fell instantly possessed black death face smile impressively is becoming more intense, and then said, "there is no need if I go there in person, then there is no war, uchiha madara, do you know when it is the most interesting to defeat? That’s when the dead die! "
"I need chaos, I need fear, and I need death more!"
"So send these two guys I just summoned!"
"It must be very interesting for them to go to Leiguoyunren Village!"
Said the possessed black death is slowly facing the two figures behind him, slowly gathered up and smiled and said, "The first one for you is to raid Leiguoyun Rencun."
"I don’t just need a tailpole, but I also need you to turn Yunren Village Leiying into one of us."
"Now when the raid begins, you can levy the lovely thunder shadow in Yunren Village at your speed!"
Say that finish possessed black death see two people in front of him when his command is completed figure instantaneous disappearance is silently looking forward to the LeiGuo into a shura hell scene.
It’s off-road instead.
Just before he prepared for the shadow blink, he went to Yanren Village, Wuren Village and Sharen Village to inform them that they were ready to prepare for the war. Suddenly, he felt that two earthy smells were moving rapidly in the direction of Yahiko, and he sighed deeply.
"A surprise attack?"
"The trouble is really constant!"
Chapter 8 Two places at once lack of art.