"That’s good. You’d better have a better attitude, or my father’s personality might educate you." Lin Sheng woke up with kindness and then looked at his watch and said, "It’s almost six o’clock. I’ll go to Taiwan first and say a few words. Help yourself to something here."

"Good" Lin Zixiao nodded and didn’t go to find Xia Mu pity them, but sat at the nearest table and picked up a piece of chocolate to eat.
Lin Zixiao felt very comfortable at the moment when the silky chocolate entered.
The taste is also very good. Unconsciously, Lin Zixiao took a few more pieces to eat and didn’t notice the reaction of the girls sitting at the same table with her.
A girl with a fairly beautiful appearance screamed at this and shouted, "Oh, where did the village girl not even eat a chocolate?"
Par445 birthday party turmoil (embrace)
The girl doesn’t speak loudly, but she’s not too light. She can be heard more or less from her neighbors.
Stage Lin Shengyan and Lin Shenglong naturally heard such an ironic discourse.
Compared with these two men, they are unhappy.
Lin Zixiao let go of the chocolate and looked up lazily. The screaming girl flashed a touch of cold light in her eyes. Then she bent her lips and licked her lips and said with a smile, "You really haven’t eaten all the chocolates in the world?"
Lin Zixiao’s attitude in the face of girls’ malicious provocation really surprised everyone.
"You! ! !” The girl was so angry that she stretched out her slender fingers and pointed at Lin Zixiao for a long time that she couldn’t speak.
"What’s wrong with me?" Lin Zixiao looked at the girl with a smile in her eyes.
"A village girl is a village girl!" The girl cursed, "How dare you come to the birthday party dressed like this?"
"I really don’t dress very well, but compared with you, it seems that I’m not very dirty, right?" Lin Zixiao’s eyes disdained to glance at the girl’s body and show her skin.
"What do you mean?" The girl stared at Lin Zixiao.
"Boring" Lin Zixiao didn’t want to talk to her about eating chocolate.
And beside Anshun Tiansu Moxiao Xia Mu flow also heard the sound and looked here.
It’s a pity that these three people are all different men and women.
Xia Mu pity parents also educate Xia Mu pity to mind their own business at ordinary times. At this moment, it is even more important for Xia Mu pity to stay well and not touch.
Su Moxiao was also forced by his parents to watch the girl speak disrespectfully to Lin Zixiao, and Lin Zixiao’s indifferent attitude was also his expectation.
"This stupid woman," Anshun cursed, then turned to his parents and said, "My parents’ daughter is my friend. I can’t watch it!"
"Your friend?" Anshun Tian’s mother Xia Yue’s eyes fell on Lin Zixiao.
"Don’t go. What are you involved in when two girls quarrel?" Xia Yue frowned. Mao always felt that it was enough for two people to adjust themselves. What’s more, what was her son doing with a boy and a little girl?
"Mom, don’t talk nonsense with me. I passed." Anshun glanced at Xia Yue and walked over with his hands in his pockets.
He didn’t stop until he came to Lin Zixiao. He held Lin Zixiao in his arms with a big hand, and with a cool smile, he said to the girl who picked things up before, "Has my girlfriend ever eaten chocolate? No! He came to the birthday party along the road to personally invite you. If you are not satisfied, you can tell along the road and you are really blinded by your clothes. This is not a romantic place. "
Anshun cold hum a drag Lin Zixiao away.
Taiwan Lin Shengyan has a panoramic view of all this. Seeing Anshun Day speaking for Lin Zixiao, he was faintly relieved.
And that provocative girl doesn’t know where she got the courage to yell, "Anshun doesn’t want your family to do such a big job, so what are you? Why should I care?"
Smell speech Anshun day didn’t look back and didn’t speak, but his lips bloomed with a demonic smile.
Par446 birthday party turmoil (end)
The Satan-like smile on Anshun’s lips was caught by Lin Zixiao’s eyes.
I don’t know why Lin Zixiao looked at this smile and felt a faint fear in her heart. Moreover, she wanted to push him very much, but she just held out her hand but didn’t push Anshun Day in the middle of it.
Anshun saw Lin Zixiao’s idea slightly lower in the sky. His arms tightened and he looked at Lin Zixiao with a smile in his eyes.
I don’t know if I was looked at Lin Zixiao by Anshun Day, but I felt a little ashamed/ashamed.
"The woman surnamed Wang keeps her mouth shut. I see who everyone is because of family power. I’m here to defend my girlfriend. Why are you openly provocative?" Anshun day back fundus smile lips that wipe the devil smile is to let just still clamor for girls heart mercilessly zheng.
Lin Zixiao’s lip angle evokes a strange radian, which really makes her feel uncomfortable, but since it’s time to help her in Anshun, just bear with it!