Chen Shaobai groaned vigorously. He seemed to foresee the future.

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Chapter 52 Hit the bullet!
Shang Guo feng Zhou zi Huan cheng Jing yi Ming Cun ling
The traffic in this world is not developed, and it is not like the generation who have to buy a good train ticket and get to their destination regardless of everything else. The long journey determines that it is complicated, and they have to stop in villages and towns from time to time to replenish and recuperate.
Except for the first encounter with the spiteful serpent, there were no more bizarre things. First, the two met three waves of highwaymen in the middle. These people were not as discerning as Ba Qingtian and Dianji. All of them were burned, killed and robbed by evil killers. They naturally became the ghosts of Chen Shaobai sword.
With these people, not only did they not consume their family assets because of travel supplies, but they rose slightly, totaling 932 Shang Dynasty sycees.
Seven out of fifty people died in Chen Shaobai sword.
At this time, Chen Shaobai has a beautiful woman in the side, and he still doesn’t know that the biggest doom of his life is coming.
Hard-working farmers are treading on the fields with enough water. After a day of ploughing cattle, they are full of food and drink. Most of them lie in the cowshed and take care of themselves safely. Perhaps it is because the winter snow disappears that the hut is dry and refreshing, and there is a refreshing smell inside and outside.
The only inn in this famous village is also very clean and has no musty Gu Mi flavor.
"Purple pupil don’t sleep it’s time to eat!" Hearing his fiancee calling Chen Shaobai to play, the little white fox, sleeping on his shoulder, paced into the inn wing.
On the 22nd Ri of the journey, there was a joint shop that wanted to turn two people into hemp, murder and rob money, but Chen Shaobai saw through the trick and killed them. Since then, both of them have prepared their diets with Miao Yuqin.
"Small white is sick? When I first saw it, I was very J and jīng God … "Miao Yuqin fondly stroked the little white fox’s body to make it squint.
"It’s called Zitong, not Xiaobai!" Chen Shaobai ruthlessly pulled the shoulder meat ball, pointing to it, and said with a pair of moist purple Se eyes.
"Oh!" Miao Yuqin nodded his head like an epiphany and sent the steamed bread to the little white fox. "Little white has dinner …"
Little white fox tilted his head lazily and stared at Chen Shaobai’s chubby little face with a narrow smile.
"Let’s eat! You can’t raise a baiwenhang! "
Chen Shaobai grumpily waved his hand while burying his head in eating, teasing his fiancee, "We will arrive at the Purple Globe City in about two days at the speed of the cloud. This Purple Globe City is the main city of the windy state, and there are many mixed experts. Don’t rush to go shopping when we haven’t got a foothold. You are so beautiful. Be careful to be molested by that rich dude. Wait for the young master to step on those guys first and then take you out for a good stroll."
"You will bully me."
Miao language piano has beautiful eyes and white voice, gentle and light, and the resistance is as weak as ever.
After dinner, Chen Shaobai walked out of the yard and found a spacious place to practice sword.
Wrist stroking the hilt in an instant, green mountain, four thunder chips, and the wind is as strong as if there were a real person casting magic cloth in the Chinese story.
An hour later, Chen Shaobai got a little, so he took back Wan with satisfaction.
"In the past two months, I have to practice swordsmanship for two hours every day. Not only has it not fallen, but it has made great progress. Once I exert my strength, it can cover the ridge of the sword and wrap the whole sword. Even if I cast a burst sword, it will not hurt the sword. This level should be the middle reaches of the swordsmen, right?"
At this moment, a blue mountain suddenly crossed the sky and stayed at the small town inn.
When the light dispersed, it turned out to be a green petticoat woman. She looks elegant and plain, but her beauty is erratic, like a dragon palace dragon lady and a moon goddess. Her dress is like liquid jasper, which adds a lot of charm to her, like ten girls and thirty young women, so people can’t see how old she is.
Since the breakthrough to the swordsmen’s realm, Chen Shaobai’s perception has soared several times. Even though it is very dark now, he can still see each other’s appearance clearly and secretly. "How dare this person wear green Se? Did she come from Xuanzhou to be a relative of the country? "
Dashang Dynasty is a civil servant with a virtue of heavenly green. The higher the class is, the closer the official Yan Se is to the green Se. Even a Kyushu shepherd can wear a light green Se dress. This woman shakes her eyes in a green color. If it weren’t for royalty, she doesn’t put Dashang Dynasty in her eyes.
After two breaths, a whimper came out of the population like a fairy sound, which made the whole town villagers pass by quietly and concentrate on listening to "the strange life method!" I didn’t expect Shang to be so talented and beautiful in such a corner. This is my luck. "
After that, she roared out with a wave of her hand and a green sword light. She directly cut off the index finger and little finger from the roof of the whole inn, picked a faint green light and swept a girl dressed in white out of the guest room. "What’s your name?"
Her voice seems to be magical, so people can’t help but want to follow the girl’s clever and weak answer to "Miao Yuqin"
Nazhi heard this, Lingwei’s eyebrows were wrinkly. "Shan Ye’s name is vulgar and ugly, and you don’t deserve to practice kendo. You need to follow every surname and you will be called Dream Glass from now on."
It seems that I am the only one who is used to it. It is very likely that the sword fairy Lingwei will let people cut their surnames and go to the name. I don’t care whether Miao Yuqin agrees to take it away with a wave of his hand.
Seeing this scene, Chen Shaobai’s eyes cracked and he didn’t shock the other party. Xu Ling Du screamed, "Stop it!"
Just as he spoke, he felt that he was suddenly gripped by a huge hand and a surging force came from all over his body. The pain stimulated his nerves like Hao water, but he clenched his teeth and refused to make any noise.
"Huh?" Lingwei seems to be surprised by Chen Shaobai’s endurance and pulls him to his front with a hook, as if they have a strip.
"There is a swordsmen’s humble strength, but a swordsman can rival the soul power. Although the swordsman is still a worm, his talent is not bad." Lingwei looked at Chen Shaobai’s eyes shining. "I swept the whole Shang preaching hall and didn’t meet an enemy, but I touched two talented people. It seems that the master miscalculated here, not my doom, but a chance."
Her eyes were deep red between the eyebrows of Miao language piano for a long time before she looked at Chen Shaobai’s half-ring face with satisfaction. She turned out to be a little disgusted with Se. "It turned out to be the worst talent. When learning mortal swordsmanship, it took a thousand miles, but the realm of swordsmanship was the limit. If you want to step into the quenching gas realm, you need to consume countless resources. It is simply difficult to ascend to heaven."
What life method, double soul Chen Shaobai all don’t understand, but he knew that in front of a woman want to forcibly abducted his wife.
Which man can stand it?
"You can’t take her away" forcibly suppressed the anger in my heart. Chen Shaobai knew that he was not deliberately calm by the other enemy, and quickly brewed the words in his heart
"I want to take her away, don’t say just a business country, even if the whole meta-world, who dares to stop me? With that broken sword in your hand and your meager strength? " Lingwei didn’t ask what it was as he expected, and she cut off all thoughts with a word of light opportunely opportunely.
"Miao Miao is my wife. If you take her away, I will find her back." The enemy’s strength is too strong to resist Chen Shaobai’s manpower. Now my mind is a blur. I know that I have tried to dissuade myself from consciously speaking and want to set out more information. Remember that my heart is convenient to trace after ri.
"Wife? Funny ants! Dream glass is a unique talent for practicing kendo. Even if you look at the top ten sects of Xiandao, it will be first-class. When I have the strength to cultivate it for less than 40 years, she will be able to collect fog and liquid and burn it into a life sword pill. At that time, the vitality will be greatly increased. Shou Yuan will last for 500 cents. How dare you say that she is your wife forever? "
Breath said a lot of LingWei some upset talk also vicious "dream glass practice life sword pill after I give her a door when the right couple how carefree? When waiting for her Sun Mantang, I’m afraid you haven’t even been out of the border of the commercial country, and you can wait for Shou Yuan to dry up and die all your life. "
"I’ll find her." After confirming that she was not a genius of Sword Fairy, Chen Shaobai was under increasing pressure and kept creaking. Many bones were cracked, but he said with a roar of pain.
The Shang Dynasty’s own strongholds are hundreds of millions of miles apart, and ordinary people can’t be clever. Wei also sneered, "If you can find the dream glass in forty years, don’t mention her, even if I commit myself to you, it’s nothing."
Words are comfortable, thoughts are accessible to Lingwei, but it suddenly occurs to me that people in this realm say what they will do. Perhaps it is his fruit, so there is a strong murderous force in his eyes to hold his fist.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
Chen Shaobai’s limbs and lower abdomen suddenly burst into a mass of blood, and his bones broke into dust and his muscles were crushed to pieces. Even though he was super-willed, he felt black at the moment.
Be spirit EU from three zhangs high ground thumped on the ground, Chen Shaobai all bones are falling apart, ears are humming, and the shady scope in front of him is getting bigger and bigger. If he hadn’t snapped the tip of his tongue, I’m afraid God would have been in a coma by now.
Being stunned, the forearm and calf have been bloody and can’t be lifted. Chen Shaobai tried to look up and blink his eyes to restore his vision as soon as possible
Half ring
His vision gradually recovered, but he was left with an inn leveled by Lingwei Jianmang.
People go to the building
Chapter 53 Change Lei Yin Jujube
Pale also eats the same kind of meat and bitterness, and it pours drizzle into this town. It is this little rain that falls on the wound, but it makes people feel more painful into the bone marrow.
"Wow …" Chen Shaobai was lying on his back, and the pain in his limbs became numb. He didn’t listen to treatment.
The heart pain of being forcibly abducted from childhood friends who have lived together for more than ten years is far more than
Nothing is more sad than death of the heart.
Born in this world, Chen Shaobai, who believes in men bleeding without tears, has never shown any weakness except his mother’s death, but now he is crying.
Tears and rain mixed together, crossed cheeks and smashed on the ground.
"So no one can see my weakness."
Crying gradually evolved, and the crying band became hoarse.
Tears run dry, but Chen Shaobai doesn’t want to be heartbroken. His fiancee is still waiting for him to save his life. How can a man easily fall here? Even if we want to fall, we must do our best to drain all the potential, but we still can’t achieve the extinction of the sword fairy. Only when there is all hope can he be qualified to fall.