"Waste Stuart Yutang is on the list of immortals, and it is possible to achieve the fairyland of God, but they are blindfolded by the light, but they dare to organize a group to find the underground magic emperor in trouble, even if there are some brushes."

Chen Shaobai’s heart secretly pondered and analyzed the fallacious information in the dialogue between the two people, and kept J and jīng China’s resources for the later side to separate the mind and continue eavesdropping.
Underground purgatory is a heavy day.
The area where the original city is located has become a piece of beautiful jade like a natural glass, but the resentment lingers around it for a long time, soaking it into blood jade and suffocating it, but it loses a lot of Se.
Du Tianyan is a demon king, and both of them are powerful. The moonlight illuminates the underground fluorescent mushrooms and is destroyed by the aftermath of the battle.
Just as the conflict between the two men intensified, they both wanted to use their closet magical powers to solve their opponents. An uninvited guest flew in from a distance with Zi Shixiang BMW.
"Quenching gas seven boundary master? How come! Don’t people with such strength all go to triple purgatory to find Ding Monty Emperor in trouble? "
Feel the strong breath of the visitor Du Tianyan’s heart, and quickly withdraw his mana and even retreat hundreds of meters, and the demon king also made the same move.
If the strong are eyeing up, it will be cheaper for the two of them to die hard, and then they will sit quietly and watch the fishermen. They will become complete fools. They are not newcomers and naturally know the truth of repression and patience.
The two men glances at each other, and the line of sight collides with each other, causing a gust of wind and clouds, and many fluorescent fungi are swept up and fly.
Cold hum a they will move their eyes to the past at the same time.
See the man wearing a black helmet, wearing a robe, wearing a black armor, stepping on a hundred combat boots and carrying a post. Cai Feng’s huge knife and a pair of iron and blood war gods look not like an immortal but like a secular general.
This man’s whole body smells like a demon, and I don’t know whether it is evil or not.
General helmet eye gap for two people to see for a while and then looked down at the ground blood jade finally he will be in the line of sight in Du Tianyan tone is very heavy "these goblins reincarnation is undead but also has the qualification of the world, the vast majority did not cause the killing of evil but was killed by you …"
"To study is to sacrifice yourself and help others. I am to sacrifice myself, be merciful and help others, but what you are doing is the opposite and self-destructive."
Idiot monk Qing!
When I heard this, these five Chinese characters automatically emerged in the mind of a demon king. I almost couldn’t hold back the joy in my heart, but Du Tianyan was dignified and humbled. Se-I miss her. How many people dare to scold her like this, even if she kills a few small demons?
"If I do something, I don’t need you to tell me what to do. If my heart is dissatisfied, let’s do it instead!"
Du Tianyan’s face is cold and tough.
It seems that the war is about to explode, and the demon king is ready to find a chance to escape when he is happy, but the general’s every move and word completely subverts his image in their hearts and almost makes them spit out their old blood.
"It’s not fun! If I hadn’t promised my sister, I wouldn’t be too lazy to wear this silly dress to learn from Mickey Lin! "
So the general unloaded his helmet and turned out to be a young man with dark hair and beautiful eyebrows and eyes in Kurome.
Chen Shaobai, who has been spying in the cracks, has also slightly paused to see him-he looks so much like a character in a famous cartoon in a previous life.
One Piece Lufei
Just when Chen Shaobai was wandering about, the young man made a move, which once again made him doubt whether this guy was reincarnated or projected on an ectopic plane.
See the young man casually take out a golden crispy roast chicken leg from the bag and mumble, "But there are … a lot of koo guys in these tens of thousands of demons … it’s wrong for you to do this."
Hearing this, Du Tianyan didn’t answer at all. Instead, he stared at the newcomers’ faces and his eyes flashed with unforgettable hatred to gnash his teeth and tell each other the title "Horse! Seal! Purple! "
For this famous name in Chen Shaobai, I have heard about it for a long time, but I didn’t see its person’s interest coming, so I gave up analyzing the information received and devoted myself to peeping at the development of the situation.
The demon king is also a monster who has been through thousands of wars and lived for thousands of years. His experience and mind are the highest level in the world. His accurate timing is better than seeing Du Tianyan’s distraction and leaving immediately.
His escape direction is not the ground world, but the deeper and more dangerous double purgatory.
You know, now many outstanding figures in the immortal list are gathered in the triple days of purgatory. They are Ding Tian alms bowl, which is said to have been broken. The trip of the devil’s body and spirit is more like going to a trap.
Most monks are angry. Since the road to the ground world has been blocked, it is better to continue to go deep underground to survive.
Although Du Tianyan hates Ma Fengzi deeply, it seems more tempting to get the Tao at your fingertips. She took a deep look at Ma Fengzi. "If you kill Bing Di, I will kill Ma Jiajia and let you taste the loss of your loved ones."
After saying that, she turned to the ground and chased "Where to escape!"
Yum, yum, yum …
Wolf down a few mouthfuls and eat the fried chicken legs exaggerated on the avenue. Ma Fengzi blinked, and the poor Shaqi appeared in the original pure eyes.
"If you want to move my sister, you have to pay the price … then take her back and give it to Mickey Lin!"
Ma Fengzi’s mind moved, and the immortal horse fluttered its wings and soared into the sky. A meteor with a long tail flame took him into the ground and chased him down.
So it broke away from Chen Shaobai’s vision and gradually closed the gap.
Lost the opportunity to continue peeping, Chen Shaobai sighed and regarded it as an adventure, and no longer wanted to hold his breath and retreat.
However, no matter how hard he tries, he can enter the state of concentration and cultivation, even if he uses Bing Xin’s tactic.
In this way, it seems that after a few days of suffering, Chen Shaobai suddenly opened his eyes and looked at a place in Long Mai’s secret land of Yang Jie.
Although he was covered by the fog, he was hiding from the secret law surveillance.