"Do you like someone?" Lin Zixiao finally got up the courage and asked

I don’t know her lover, but she really can’t help it.
After hearing this sentence, Su Moxiao was stunned and hid in the distance. Anshun’s face became even more gloomy. His hands clenched to suppress his anger and he turned and left. He could guess the conversation and didn’t want to listen. I really don’t want to listen …
Now it’s the unlucky stage of Anshun day. Hey, hey, hey
How to also have to let xiaoxiao heart for a few days, dear friends, don’t you think so?
Par43 doesn’t like satisfaction!
Anshun didn’t walk a few steps to suppress his anger. He was very entangled and folded back. He still wanted to listen to him. He wanted to know what Lin Zixiao asked Su Moxiao. He wanted to know how Su Moxiao answered.
So Heng Anshun went back to the place just now and hid in a corner that was difficult to be found, quietly observing all this.
It is clear from his footsteps that Su Moxiao didn’t speak, but frowned deeply and stared at Lin Zixiao closely.
"You’d talk! Or you can tell you whether you like me or not … "Lin Zixiao was stared at awkwardly and asked eagerly with his head slightly lowered, but when it came to the latter sentence, he was still a little embarrassed to get red in the face and touched his mobile phone in his pocket to make sure that the recording was waiting for Su Moxiao’s answer.
Su Moxiao’s eyes are as cold as ever. He leans close to Lin Zixiao slightly, puts out his finger, slightly raises Lin Zixiao’s head, stares at Lin Zixiao’s anxious eyes and slightly red cheeks, and says, "Don’t you like it?"
Say that finish Su Moxiao has turned away and Lin Zixiao was shocked and stared at his back. Was he nervous or something? She can’t tell it was his sentence. Are you satisfied? Let her incredible.
Did he guess anything?
How is that possible?
And hiding in the corner, Ann Shuntian moved slightly. Lin Zixiao’s face was shocked and fell into Anshun’s eyes.
Anshun Tianchang sighed that he didn’t know why Lin Zixiao looked like this, but Su Moxiao’s words made him feel at ease, but at the same time he felt a little strange.
But Lin Zixiao was shocked. After analysis, he believed that Lin Zixiao couldn’t believe that Su Moxiao didn’t like her. He felt a little sad from the bottom of his heart. He bit his lip and turned straight to endure all the sadness and sadness …
Lin Zixiao stupidly took out his mobile phone in his pocket and played the recording again.
It doesn’t matter until the last sentence, "I don’t like it. Are you satisfied?"
It sounds so strange and full of suspicion.
If Wu Lian hears it, I’m afraid she will make suspicious guesses again. Are you satisfied? It seems that it was deliberately said to Lin Zixiao that Su Moxiao saw her idea and guessed how she was not in the mood to think about it.
Lin Zixiao returned to the classroom physically and mentally exhausted and fell into a tangled and unbearable decision.
She didn’t know what to do. She felt that Wu Lian would come back for her soon.
The result is really what he expected.
Wu Lian came to see her, shaking Lin Zixiao in a hurry and asking, "What did Xiao Xiao Su Moxiao say?"
Lin Zixiao has some difficulties in taking out a mobile phone and playing the recording to Wu Lian.
After listening to three short sentences, Wu Lian suddenly smiled like a child who got candy. The smile was so pure that she smiled and held Lin Zixiao’s hand and said, "Thank you, Xiaoxiao. Since he said that he doesn’t like your cold tone, then he said that I still have a chance, right?"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Lin Zixiao embarrassed to pull up the lip angle perfunctory way
At this moment, she felt that Wu Li Ann was a simple and stupid child …
Really don’t consider anything …
Alas, she is still so worried
But it’s best for Wu Lian to go after Su Moxiao with peace of mind. She won’t care so much, but have a good rest …
Does Su Moxiao really like raining? Hey, hey, guys all know that Su Moxiao is angry, too.
Par431 awkward atmosphere
When suddenly a few days passed, Lin Zixiao’s life became a line at two o’clock.
School villa
One sunny day, D went out for a walk, and Lin Zixiao was tired because she didn’t sleep well for many days, lying in bed, half asleep and playing with her mobile phone.
Running coolly every day in the mobile phone, she has scored more than 40,000 points and then broke through.
As soon as she concentrate on cool running, her mobile phone vibrate.
To show that the surface is aver’s name