He felt that there was a man fifty feet ahead of him!

Ling Feiyang can’t see this person’s appearance or hear this person’s movement. He can’t feel this person in the field. However, Ling Feiyang is still aware of this person!
Ling Feiyang’s feeling is actually an intuition or a sixth sense. This feeling does not depend on facial reflex, but on human subconscious.
Generally speaking, this kind of subconscious mind is deeply hidden in the human energy field, even if it is excited occasionally, it is blind and uncontrollable. However, when the human energy field reaches a certain level, it will transform the subconscious mind into conscious mind, and intuition will get a clear and fresh perception of the surrounding things like sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.
"This man is the behind-the-scenes manipulator of Pure White Lotus. He must be Hawthorne!" Ling Feiyang wanted to suddenly use a recruit six-pulse Excalibur to rush the sword less, and the little finger of his right hand flashed out to this person’s position!
Ling Feiyang’s intuition was indeed very accurate. Hawthorne, the leader of the teaching school, had sneaked into the dreamland and wanted to benefit the pure white lotus to absorb Ling Feiyang’s energy field, and then killed Ling Feiyang at a stroke. However, Hawthorne did not expect that his cube was discovered by Ling Feiyang!
"I was found by you! Hahahaha! " Ling Feiyang’s sudden finger was still avoided by Hawthorne. With a shrill laugh, all the scenes in this chess game disappeared from Ling Feiyang’s eyes!
Ling Feiyang’s scene has changed for the ninth time. Small bridges, flowers, jewels and gold and silver seem to have returned to the Garden of Eden, the "vulture nest"!
Dreamland nine of the first finally passed, but Ling Feiyang was worried because the real Jin Qisini actually disappeared with the disappearance of the first dreamland!
"Hawthorne, where did you take Ginny?" Ling Fei Yang asked, but looking around, I still can’t see Hawthorne!
"Ling Feiyang, you really have two sisters who have become your lovers!" Hawthorne sneered and said that the sound was from Ling Feiyang’s head!
Ling Feiyang immediately looked up to the sky, but strangely, there was no Hawthorne in the sky!
"Have you returned to the Garden of Eden?" Hawthorne went on to say, "Don’t forget that you passed before and the ninth failed!" "
"No wonder I can’t find Hawthorne. I’m still in a dreamland! This Eden is not a real Eden, but a scene created by Hawthorne’s energy field! " Ling float in the sky that white!
"Now that the dreamland has disappeared, Jin Qisini must have returned to the real world. I don’t know if she has been harmed by Hawthorne …" Ling Feiyang just thought of it here, but Hawthorne has already said, "Ling Feiyang, your little lover has now fallen into my hands. If you want to see her, please try my last one!"
"Hawthorne, if you have any other tricks, just come at me!" Ling Feiyang shouted at the sky
"good!" Hawthorne once again waved his hand in the gazebo in the real Garden of Eden, and suddenly a group of figures appeared in front of Ling Feiyang in the dreamland of Eden!
Ling Feiyang was surprised to see this group of people!
Because these people are not ordinary people, all of them are top teachers!
There are twenty of these masters, including
King of Heavenly Kings and Ghosts, King of Spiritual Minds, King of Musketeers, King of Armor, King of Vajra, King of Evil Wind, King of Storm, King of Thunder!
Six people in red, yellow, green, tsing yi, blue and purple!
Four patrol envoys: Moreel Khan in the East, Kalubio in the West, Dan Tai in the South and Musa Karp in the North!
The two venerable deities are Khalifa Luna and Jawadni!
Teach these masters, although all the departments are defeated by Ling Fei, but now if these twenty masters embrace and Ling Feiyang, even if there are superhuman powers, they can also defeat the enemy!
In order to eliminate ling Feiyang Hawthorne, it is obvious that he has put all his eggs in one basket and used his own energy field to copy this group of masters!
"Ling float in the sky are you afraid of! If you surrender now, I can protect your body! Hahahaha! " Hawthorne triumphantly laughed at the twenty masters who had gradually gathered around Ling Feiyang!
At the same time in the "vulture nest", the deputy leader of the third city gate Sect, Ima Hashshashin, the battle for the four wonders of the Central Plains has also reached a fever pitch!
Although Imam Hashshashin’s nine-day-old hand is just fierce, the four unique skills are not that he is fighting head-on, but that he uses magical and exquisite footwork to dodge and evade, which constantly consumes Imam Hashshashin’s skill.
Imam Hashshashin immediately changed his tactics, and at the same time, he used the statue of glass body and Gan Kun to move martial arts, and covered himself with innate vigorous spirit in an attempt to change the direction of the four unique moves so that the four unique moves could attack each other. However, Huang Yaoshi had already realized the essence of the sixteen-character formula of boxing from the old urchin Zhou Botong’s martial arts, and then merged it with the principle of five elements and hexagrams to reverse the four-person effort and control the traction and removal of Imam Hashshashin.
Light flame! Imam Hashshashin’s body suddenly melted into a flame and burst into flames. The four-line cooperation is very tacit. She immediately retreated in four directions to avoid the flame, but she still surrounded Imam Hashshashin!
The flame starts a prairie fire!
Imam Hashshashin’s body around the flame suddenly swelled outward, but in the flame, four fire dragons flew out, bared their teeth and pounced on the four wonders of the Central Plains! to be continued
Chapter 6, Four Musts! World War I!
Huang Yaoshi, Ouyang Feng, Nandi Duan Zhixing, the four great masters of the Vulture Nest, and Ima Hashshashin, the deputy leader of the Bu Si Jue Array, the North Beggar Hong Qigong, exhibited the first world war!