Xiao pang’s heart is not angry, but he doesn’t know how to refute it

After all, this person came in before him.
Xiao pang gritted his teeth and asked bitterly, "how did you find this place?"
"I can’t hide this little trick from the stars and dragons’ saliva points," said the grey robe monk lightly.
Xiao pang pressed his anger in his heart and gasped and asked, "how can you get through the original tomb only if my tomb owner can get through it?"
"Walk there, of course."
Friar Grey’s eyes were full of scorn. "You’re not so stupid as to disturb those four coffins in the corner, are you?"
"Nima …"
Xiaopang’s lungs are going to explode!
He asked a lot of questions and actually asked nothing.
The origin of the grey robe monk is still unknown.
How this person came in is also ambiguous.
Su Mo patted Xiao Pang’s shoulder and motioned for him to back off. Immediately, he looked not far away. Friar Grey Gherardini asked again, "Do you know me?"
Brother Grey’s eyes rolled and he smacked his lips. "Who doesn’t know Su Mo, the twin vision of the ancient battlefield glass palace?"
Su Mo put away his smile and looked cold and said simply, "You know so much that you can’t let you go."
As soon as the monk in the gray robe heard this, he was anxious and said, "We didn’t have a deep hatred for what I said. I have strayed into this tomb here, and I will kill everything without moving."
This main tomb looks like a huge palace!
There are a lot of things in the palace, which are neat and dusty. It seems that there are really no traces.
Xiaopang’s face is hesitant.
So someone broke into the tomb and killed him in the town. It’s really hard to stop.
Su Mo’s expression and eyes were cold with murder. "There’s no way anyone can let you know so much and kill you!"
"I Cha …"
Friar Grey almost swore.
Looking at the gray robe monk flustered, Su Mo was in a good mood and greeted him with a smile. "Lin Xuanji, don’t be ill!"
Monkeys and others are ready to start work, and suddenly they are stunned when they hear this sentence.
Friar Grey’s eyes flashed in a panic, and he looked around with a confused look and asked, "Who’s talking, Taoist friend?"
Su Mo sneered, "Lin Xuanji, don’t pretend!"
The monk in grey robe turned blue and white for a long time, then stretched out his palm and wiped his face and picked a mask as thin as cicada.
This man has a white face and a sanctimonious appearance. It is Su Molong’s skeleton valley that meets Lin Xuanji!
Lin Xuanji stared at Su Mo and said bitterly, "Can you recognize mom’s eggs when they keep changing like this?"
Su Mo smiled slightly. "I know you even if you turn to dust!"
Actually, when I entered the tomb early, Su Mo flashed an idea in my mind.
But he didn’t continue to ponder.
It’s such a thing that Lin Xuanji can hide from ancient cold sharks and bloodthirsty whitebait and enter this tomb unnoticed!
At the beginning, several monks died in the wild jungle outside the dragon skeleton valley.
But Lin Xuanji is safe and sick.
Those fierce beasts seem to be unable to see him.
This person’s means and origin are extremely mysterious. Su Moyuan knew something about it.
Later, I learned that many super clansmen in the wild mainland Su Mo realized that this person probably came from the most mysterious force in the wild mainland-Xuanji Palace!
Before Lin Xuanji met with Su Mo, his identity was truly determined.
At the beginning, the two men in Dragon Skeleton Valley had a brief encounter. Lin Xuanji held a folding fan and easily broke his blood ape seal.
This kind of cracking method is exactly the same!
Su Mo’s eyes flitted with a banter and sneered, "You are really promising. Mystery imperial secretary unexpectedly ran over to steal someone else’s grave."
"Gee, who would recognize me if it weren’t for you?"
Lin Xuanji looked defiantly.
He came here this time, but he was well prepared.
Not only did he wear a makeover mask, but he also deliberately hid his folding fan and changed his hand to a iron ruler.
I didn’t expect to bump into Su Mo and be recognized directly.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-one Fate theory