Sun Haoma judged

However, before Sun Hao delved into this problem, suddenly Sun Hao’s knowledge of gods suddenly revived.
Huang Jin humanoid seems to have appeared in his own knowledge, waving a skyfire meteor hammer and slamming a hammer at Sun Hao’s knowledge.
Sun Hao has been concentrating on Huang Jin’s hammer, although it is fierce, but Sun Hao has no loss. After a hammer, Huang Jin personified and disappeared into Sun Hao’s knowledge.
Immediately after Melvin Wong, Jade Kunlong appeared. Instead of attacking like Melvin Wong, Jade Kunlong bowed slightly to Sun Hao and died with a smile.
Then Bai Zhengzheng, Bai Zhengjun, Lei Zhong, Lao Yu, Zhu Fangmeng … straightforward and brilliant … One by one, Sun Hao, a monk who once fell into the hands of Sun Hao, was unwilling to be revealed. Most of them focused on Sun Hao’s knowledge and broke out.
This is the realization in Sun Hao’s heart.
This is what I have done along the way, killing and making blood evil spirits!
At this moment, Sun Hao couldn’t help but think of the way forward for the monk’s life, unless the bones were paved and the bones were dried up.
Along the way, Sun Hao adheres to the principle that people don’t attack me and I don’t commit crimes, but before you know it, it’s already bloody.
Right? Wrong?
Maybe there is no right or wrong.
Sun Hao’s face is indifferent to laughter. Since you all resisted me before you died, can you resist me again?
Sitting proudly, Sun Hao’s face smiled indifferently, and his body was driven by his ability to never be forced to deal with the shock of Shaqi.
In the end, Bai Zhenghuang just fell, and his resentment was flourishing, perhaps because he was a monk who cultivated knowledge of gods and resented Shaqi.
In the knowledge of gods, Bai Zhenghuang’s double tears burst into blood, and his face had a strange smile. It was like a spectre, and Sun Hao suddenly seemed to be refreshed and returned to the moment when the eyes of Jiu Qi Zong and Bai Zhenghuang were opposite.
Bai Zhenghuang has tears in his eyes, tears in his face, and a strange smile in his face. His eyes seem to be a whirlpool, as if to hold Sun Hao’s knowledge and entangle it, and to drag it into the abyss.
Sun Hao’s heart was shocked. Boy, there was this trick when he died. I didn’t expect him to practice at this point when he was dreaming.
Sun Hao didn’t dare to neglect and concentrate on the agarwood sword, which also prompted Sun Hao to send out a fragrance to help him.
Bai Zhenghuang fought back and hid Sun Hao in his body when he died. If Sun Hao was not prepared for the outbreak, he might be able to give Sun Hao a fatal blow.
However, now Sun Haoli is on guard for the pure mind tactic, Bai Gong’s dream * and Mu Dan’s agarwood sword to help him. Even Bai Zhenghuang’s dream * has a higher level and deeper attainments, but Sun Hao can’t do it.
Sun Haobai came over. "Bai Zhenghuang actually put unwilling grievances into Bai Gong’s dream * before he died, lurking in his body and trying to give himself a fatal blow at all times."
Bai Zhenghuang’s name is "Returning to this life", which means that the monk can sneak into the enemy’s dream and launch deadly revenge after his death, but Bai Zhenghuang is also a genius who has cultivated such a secret method.
Perhaps, as he himself said, he is a contemporary Tianjiao Nai who met Sun Hao. Perhaps Sun Hao’s appearance is that he is hostile to Tianjiao than sad.
Returning to this life, although strange Bai Zhenghuang, although the computer is exhausted, the secret law Sun Hao broke out in the alert and the other body has fallen. The attack broke out, although fierce Nai could not last without physical support.
Two people as if the nine-row square eye contact.
After a long time, Sun Hao sighed slightly, "Brother Bai, is this a must?"
In the sigh, Bai Zhenghuang’s figure is gradually blurred, and Sun Hao’s knowledge is empty. Only Bai Zhenghuang’s strange little face and two drops of blood and tears seem to be unwilling to smile.
The last two drops of blood and tears fade away the smiling face and fade away a sudden acceleration maser. For example, in Sun Hao’s knowledge, Sun Hao’s knowledge suddenly shook and felt dizzy. What happened to Sun Hao’s heart?
Damn, Bai Zhenghuang! to be continued
Chapter four hundred and four God knows the sea
Sun Hao scolded Bai Zhenghuang, but before he recovered from dizziness, two drops of blood and tears broke into Sun Hao’s knowledge.
"Bang" a drop or two of blood and tears suddenly exploded like two thunderbolts in Sun Hao’s knowledge.
Dare not neglect Sun Hao’s ability to mobilize to deal with violent explosion.
Sun Hao’s mind was suddenly shocked.
Severe pain, rising pain, surging in my mind
Sun Hao’s mind suddenly exploded like an earthquake.
Sun Hao was even more horrified to find that two drops of blood and tears bombs caused a series of reactions from his gods.
It’s as if two lighted firecrackers were thrown into a pile of explosives. Sun Hao felt that a series of explosions in his knowledge rang …
Sun Haoxin said it was a disaster!
Damn, Bai Zhenghuang!
The brain won’t be blown out, will it
Have a feeling of great pain and swelling
It’s also very uncomfortable
However, Sun Hao was surprised to find that after a series of explosions, although he was stunned like a deaf ear, he actually survived.
I didn’t get dizzy when I was proud.
"Bang" in my mind, it seems that there was a tremendous roar, and Sun Haojue was dizzy.
Then suddenly, I found that Sun Hao seemed to have come to a magical place.
My feet are like a blue sea.
I am floating in the sea at this time, and my body seems to fluctuate freely with slight waves.
Look around. You can’t see how far away. The sea seems to be in chaos.
I don’t know how high the sea is dotted with two big seven Xiao Jiu stars, which twinkle and twinkle to light up this sea area. The sea water is blue and clean, and the stars are shining like silver in silver.
Sun Hao felt so peaceful and peaceful at this moment.
Where am I?
Just now, it was a storm, but now it’s calm. Sun Hao’s heart flashed a trace of doubt about where he was.
Does he still Bai Zhenghuang dream?
Bai Zhenghuang and Bai Gong dream * won’t be so powerful?
There are also the sea and stars that make Sun Hao feel more peaceful than peaceful, as if coming to Sun Hao’s home and not feeling any crisis.
Can Bai Zhenghuang’s dream be so powerful?
And Sun Hao tried to look at his body, but he also found that he couldn’t see his body at all.
Sun Hao felt that he was standing in the sea at this time, slowly and gracefully fluctuating with the slight waves of the sea, but he could not perceive his own state.
After a while, Sun Haoke was sure that he was definitely not in Bai Zhenghuang’s dream.
Starlight or the sea is still gentle at this time, and there is no attack at all.
And after a while, Sun Hao vaguely felt that the stars or the sea seemed to be part of his body and belonged to himself.
So Corleone couldn’t help thinking about where he was? And how are you going to get out?
Sun Hao felt a shock at the thought of going out, and then Sun Hao found himself out.
At this time, I am still sitting in the ghost hill cave and my body Mu Dan is still rotating and sending out Qing Di Changsheng Zhenyuan Aquilaria Sword, still shaking and giving off a delicate fragrance and dreaming * and running as if it is an illusion that I just went to the place.
It was Sun Hao who realized that something had happened to him.
The button of Shen Gang Yin Tang has been condensed almost. More importantly, when exploring the button of Yin Tang, Sun Hao found that there seemed to be some magical changes in Baihui point in the back of Yin Tang, and there seemed to be stars shining in the deep place.
Sun Hao gazed at the starlight horse and suddenly found himself as if he had returned to the quiet Xinghai again.
There are nine stars and a blue sea in the depths of Baihui point after yintang.
This is?
Sun Hao’s face showed a faint look of joy. Now Sun Hao finally came over in vain. What is this?
This is brother then, symbolizing a knowledge of the sea.
Sun Haoqing Cloud Gate has been exposed to some mysteries of Godsworn then for several years. I just didn’t expect that I would know the sea, but I didn’t expect that I would be born in the middle of the foundation.
The typical characteristics of knowing the sea and the elixir are different from those of Godsworn Tsukiji. Knowing the sea is the biggest difference, while knowing the sea is the second significant difference.
Godsworn refining gas, advanced building foundation, transformation of spiritual consciousness, advanced building foundation, advanced elixir refining god, with the evolution, brother elixir may not be able to deify the sea for the first time, but if brother elixir can’t deify the sea, then brother elixir’s generation will be trapped in the early days of elixir.
Even the Godsworn then may not be born for the first time. Knowing the sea himself was born?
Sun Hao touching his forehead is really a pleasant surprise.