After he took the blood hairpin, he suddenly found that it was actually a magic weapon, but he couldn’t help but feel shocked. It can be said that it was a magic weapon. It can be said that it is a representative of the master of the reality. Although it is said that the monks in the construction period are not without magic weapons, the number is really small compared with the vast number of monks in the construction period. These people have thrown out a few lucky ones, and the rest are either a temporary celebrity or a profound background, and there is a huge backer behind them. No matter which future it is, it must be a quantity.

However, these people also have their own magic weapons, even in the hands of servants like Wei Ji. Although they can’t be called unique, they are not much different.
This sudden impact made Tang Tianchi unconsciously feel that the sense of resistance to Cheng Wei’s servant’s heart dissipated a lot of mentality, and a slight change immediately appeared in Tang Tianchi’s body. At this moment, he seems to feel that it is not a big deal to attack and kill one of his classmates.
Tang Tianchi walked forward with a smile on his face and a blood hairpin in his hand.
Being on duty here, the younger brother of the demon is not eating rice. It is natural that the soup Tianchi will come so unabashedly, so he will find it far away. At that time, his heart was on high alert, and when he found that the bearer was Tang Tianchi, his heart was relaxed.
It turns out that before Tang Tianchi, he was also ambitious and wanted to climb to the top, but he was particularly kind and made good connections in the clan door. Most of his brothers had quite a bit of friendship, not to mention how much hypocrisy these friendships had on the surface, but everyone gave them a bit of face.
Tang Tianchi walked a little closer to the monk on duty and said with an accent, "Brother Tang, how are you? Isn’t it the inspection day today? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Tang Tianchi also took out 100% calm kung fu and replied with a smile, "What, in the eyes of Brother Jiang, I can’t do my own private things except patrol?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Then where can I?" Upon hearing this, the younger martial brother Jiang immediately replied, "But now we are not fighting with other sects to rob the then-level zombie puppet? Why is Brother Tang so free? "
"I’m not needed there anymore!" As they walked along, Shang Tianchi with an easy grace said, "Presumably, Teacher Jiang has learned that the third fork has appeared again. The monks of various factions are fragmented. With a new goal, they immediately diverted more than half of the people left. Although there are still many people, the elders in the door have decided to keep this zombie in our hands, but those people are already worried."
Speaking, Tang Tianchi had already arrived in front of Brother Jiang. At this time, Tang Tianchi once again said, "Brother Jiang, I came here this time to ask you a favor!"
"Busy? Brother Tang, don’t hesitate to ask if I can help! But I think Brother Tang knows one thing, but I can’t leave here! " Brother Jiang immediately replied
"You can certainly help this busy!" Talking soup Tianchi deliberately reveals a mysterious foot and continues to move forward.
Seeing this, Brother Jiang didn’t consciously lean toward Tang Tianchi. At this moment, Tang Tianchi didn’t hesitate to shoot his own blood hairpin that was already ready. The target was directed at his heart, the teacher younger brother Jiang.
The Jiang teacher younger brother saw a flash of red light and shadow in front of him, and he felt a pain in his heart. When he looked down, he found that his chest was suddenly punctured by a hole the size of a fist. At this moment, he looked at Tang Tianchi and seemed to want to say something, but his mouth was just blurred and he couldn’t say it anymore.
There was a loud noise, and Teacher Jiang crashed and fell to the ground.
At this time, Wei Ji also appeared in time, and the seven evils and seven emotions have never been put away. A spill covered the younger brother Jiang, and with a ball of light, he floated from the younger brother Jiang and merged into the seven evils and seven emotions. In a short time, he was also transformed into the head of the seven emotions.
Of course, this younger brother Jiang would not be treated like Tang Tianchi. He could neither fully absorb the seven evil spirits and seven emotions, nor retain his consciousness before his death. Now he has been wiped out of all traces of life and has become a pure devil with seven emotions and sorrows, knowing a little that it is killing and devouring.
In fact, it is not a bad idea for Wei Ji to transform this Jiang Shidi into the head of the seven emotions in Tang Tianchi, but for the genus, comparison will make them work harder. If this Jiang Shidi does not do it, he will be able to enjoy this treatment, so Tang Tianchi will definitely be dissatisfied.
Although his dissatisfaction has no effect on Wei Ji, since Wei Ji has not been executed, he naturally wants to do his best, so it is definitely much better to let him take the initiative to contribute his own strength and achieve results than to rely on life and death oppression to force him.
Moreover, Wei Ji has few hands now, but there will definitely be many corresponding rules in the future, but it is best to form them from the beginning, so that they can form a subtle influence through word of mouth, which is definitely much better than forcibly issuing orders by themselves then.
Seeing that Wei Ji didn’t search for his soul, but the seven evils and seven emotions network, he was also worried because if Jiang Shi became like him, he really didn’t know how to get along with him. Moreover, he was also worried that Jiang Shi would do everything possible to let Wei Ji clean himself up in the future. Now he can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Who avoid after receiving the soul eyes a line of signs immediately WenXian song and know elegant resin magic Lin Zhao is once again before the exhibition XuanTian The Hunger complications released lotus flower refining the Jiang younger brother flesh finally put its essence of flesh and blood income XuanTian The Hunger complications in the bones are reduced to dust.
The battlefield was cleaned up, and three people immediately moved the red jade symbol to enter here. The hidden treasure was picked up by Wei Ji, and the firm but gentle shock wave was broken again. The protective ban was taken out, and the hidden treasure here was a drunken grass.
Chapter 327 Stop greed from ghost Yang
Chapter 327 Stop greed from ghost Yang
Although the name of the drunk dragon grass is crowned with the word "drunk", it is not to make wine. To put it bluntly, it is a kind of
This drunk dragon grass is not more than half a foot high and leaves are only nine slices, but if it is mixed with smoke, fog, powder and incense, it will be enough to smoke an adult dragon and make it sleep for seven days and seven nights. It is also a kind of dragon killing method. Of course, it is not to mention dealing with ordinary monks!
However, it’s only three feet in size to grow a plant of Dracaena here, and it’s obviously not mature enough. However, Wei Ji doesn’t care about immaturity, and it’s just almost effective, but he can still wait until it grows mature, so I’m afraid it’s not his turn to harvest it.
Now Weiji has Xuan Ming Stone, Xuan Ming Zhenshui, Ghost Lotus, Yin-Yang Fruit and Drunk Dragon Grass in his hand, and then the real person is trading in Yuanying Zhenjun. That is to say, if he wants to reach those private communication places, he will open his door, and his future income will be more advanced by taking Dan medicine, but it will be much lighter.
Twenty-one secret caves, Wei bogey, just missed playing around, and got such a gain, but it made Wei bogey understand that the inside story of the sect is not something that individuals can do.
Collect the drunken dragon grass guards here without delay, and instantly incarnate the evil wind from the corpse demon Lin Zhao, the head of the seven emotions demon Luo Tianchi, and fly away together to hide the treasure.
When I got to the head of Luo Tianchi, I did the same thing as before. In an instant, I was on duty here, and the younger brother of the Yin devil was also killed by the blood hairpin. I was fascinated by the seven emotions, and the flesh and blood of the devil was taken away by the corpse demon Lin Zhao, which became a resource obstacle for practicing martial arts. That is, except for three people, it was very easy to get the treasure and take away the treasure here, Purple Shizhi.
Later, in less than half an hour, Li Weiji cleaned up the remaining 17 hidden treasures that they had previously explored suspiciously, and harvested a large number of different and miraculous elixirs, which can be described as a bumper harvest.
At this time, Luo Tianchi asked, "Are we still going to the other four treasure hiding places of the master?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.