With the water in my belly, my fighting capacity immediately increased a lot. With the broken sword and a pack of medicine, I took the method of breaking one by one, and it took me more than ten hours to get rid of the last yellow boss.

After I filled my blood with a broken sword, I focused on the treasure chest. I had to take things out of the treasure chest as soon as possible, or I would brush out seven boss. I had to faint. I broke my sword and pried the treasure chest. Fortunately, I had the foresight to fill my life before I pried it, or the red blood bar wouldn’t hang me directly. If so, I would regret breaking my intestines to md! Isn’t this treasure chest machine too powerful? Is there any super artifact in it? I happily leaned my head over and saw what was in it, so dizzy that I almost fell into the magma.
Chapter 54 Zhu Rong clan
What good baby am I? I didn’t expect a pair of embroidered shoes in the treasure chest! It took me more than ten hours to finally get a pair of embroidered shoes. How outrageous! Anger returns to anger. I still threw those embroidered shoes into my bag. After all, it was hard to get them. I quickly withdrew from this small hole and went back to the big hole platform outside. I didn’t go far before I went to the second hole. The road in front was blocked by an old man. The road was narrow enough for one person to pass. Now the old man is sitting there with his eyes slightly closed, neither sweating nor suffering.
"excuse me, old man." I’m not the kind of person who looks down on the old man. On the contrary, I have a natural affinity for the old man because of my grandmother.
"Young man, this road is so narrow. Where can you call me an old man? And even if the road is wide, I won’t let you pass, old man. It’s thousands of years to leave my old man here, and I don’t care if my old man lives or dies. I’d like to move. Why don’t you help me? " The old man still looks familiar.
"How to help?"
"It’s very simple. Give me your embroidered shoes and you can go in, but you can think about it. Once you give them to me, you can’t go back. Think about it first." Say that finish and continue to squint and say nothing.
I took out embroidered shoes from my bag, and the old man was excited when he saw them. I threw them to him and said, "Is this a whore?" You’re old. It’s been here for thousands of years. You’re not afraid of the wind flashing your tongue? "
The old man took the shoes in his hand, looked left and right, and smiled happily. When I asked him, he glanced at me with his eyes. "You don’t know something, young man. This is not a pair of rags. Without it, Zhu Rong Armor can’t be integrated. Zhu Rong’s little sister will never wake up. Well, I can go and see Zhu Rong’s little sister first."
Seeing the old man’s horse leaving, I quickly grabbed him and said, "Old man, wait! What is Zhu Rong Armor? Who is Zhu Rong’s little sister? You don’t go yet. Tell me about it first. "
The old man looked at me strangely as if he didn’t believe me. "Boy, can’t you?" You don’t even know what Zhu Rong Armor is and who is Zhu Rong’s little sister when you come to Huodao? "
"I know why I still ask you?"
"ah! I’ll tell you about it when I kill you, old man. This’ Zhu Rong Armor’ is just the armor of Zhu Rong clan as its name implies; Then Zhu Rong’s little sister is naturally the current head of the Zhurong family. Well, it’s okay, old man. I haven’t seen Xiao Ni for thousands of years and I don’t know how she is now. Bye! "
"Wait! And what about that awakening? " I grabbed him again.
"Young man, let go, let go, let go, and pander. You came here rashly without asking before you came to Huodao, which made my old man talk more. Did you see those mountain passes braving fireworks when you came to the hill?"
"See what’s with those craters?"
"Of course, this is a fire island, and those volcanoes are all under the control of Zhu Rong. If Zhu Rong’s little sister doesn’t wake up, this fire island will be in a mess. Zhu Rong’s little sister is restricted by family rules and must wake up when wearing Zhu Rong armor, and Zhu Rong’s little sister has the ability to calm down the volcano anger here. Little old man, I’ll walk first and sooner or later you will meet Zhu Rong’s little sister."
When the old man finished speaking, he just disappeared. He didn’t speak clearly. I wanted to ask him why Zhu Rong’s little sister would fall asleep, but he told me how to wake her up. It was just a bull’s head and a horse’s mouth. I shook my head and walked towards the depths of the hole.
Just like the first hole, there was a treasure chest in it, but there was no boss to guard it. I was so glad when I saw it. I broke my sword to pry open the treasure chest, which was blown to death like the first time, but it was not hurt at all. Look, this treasure chest has no chance at all.
After an experience, I no longer expect too much from the things in the treasure chest, so it seems to be a lot of peace of mind when I look at it. But if people surprise you, you can’t stop it. Lying in the treasure chest is a gauze dress with very fine workmanship, which is a bit like saying that I can’t identify it in the middle-level physical identification anyway. It’s a question mark to look at such a dress. It’s really pleasing to the eye. I put the gauze dress in my bag and turn it out to prepare for the third hole.
The layout of the third hole is the same in the front, but there is a monster sitting in the treasure chest. The result of the appraisal of a red magma beast boss is that the red magma beast boss level 1 physical attack 2 lethality 5; Physical defense 2 magic defense 12 fire magic to finish the epidemic; Water magic defense 1%; Life value 1; Speed 2;
"Small! Have you seen it clearly? Don’t even think about playing with me. You two will play with me, bring disgrace to oneself. "I’m dizzy. What a talking boss!
"noble boss, but how can I beat your ass treasure chest and take the contents away?" I really can’t doubt the IQ of the boss in the game
"This is easy. If you answer me a question, I will help you with the contents of the treasure chest. But if you answer it wrong, then you will be resigned to where you came from or where you will go back. Of course, it is not to walk back, but to give me a ride. Remember that you have a chance to answer wrong."
"Go ahead, I’m ready." I don’t believe that boss can come up with any profound questions in the game.
"There is a cow with its head facing north. It turns right and turns three times, then turns back and turns three times, and then turns right. Where does its tail turn at this time?"
"Slice! A child can answer this question. Where can the tail go? Go to the ground! "
"ah! Why didn’t I think of that? That old guy can’t believe that this child can answer the question and keep me here for so long. Am I really as stupid as he says? "
I don’t think I answered this question. I didn’t answer it. I objected to it and said, "It’s time for you to fulfill your promise?"
"Ah, yes, yes, wait for you. I’ll help you with the box." The boss said that he was going to burn the treasure box.
Boom A powerful shock wave pushed me into the hole, and the treasure chest exploded. I stabilized my body and quickly turned back to see that the treasure chest was not damaged, but it was beaten. Look at the boss’s face. There are more than 2 life values left. Oh, my God! What kind of machine is this? Life value 1boss just fell to the bottom because of its life value. When it saw me coming in, it said with a wry smile, "I forgot that old guy once said, he said not to burn this box."
I gave a hint of evil smile, drew my sword, and even waved 216 red stripes to raise this level 1 super boss at the boss’s head, so I hung up on the beautiful stereo and upgraded it!
Chapter 55 Little sister wakes up
Even I dare to kill np in the game. It’s boss, and it’s still a super boss with a level more than twice that of me. I haven’t let it go without picking up white and ash. It’s really good to take a bite and permanently increase my health by 50 points.
There is a colorful corolla in the treasure chest, which is a bit like the kind of women’s things with a lot of pearls on their faces in Beijing Opera. I won’t look closely. As soon as I put it in my bag, I will exit the hole.
I’ve gone through three holes, and the fourth hole is still nothing special. Like the second hole, there is an old man who is thinner than the previous one and a woman who is blocking my way.
As far as I know, this is an old woman who is dying, just like those drug addicts and people suffering from extreme malnutrition in historical materials. As the saying goes, she is thin and energetic. This old man is a portrayal of her eyes, and the light is daunting. I dare not look at her with evil thoughts in my heart.
"Old man, do you want one thing to make way?" Out of my usual affection for the elderly, I greeted her politely.
"Well, it’s a good guy to know that my wife wants something from you. Since you said wife, I’m welcome. Give me your corolla. The old man always walks one step ahead of me. This is life. I want to be a male even if I am an ant. "
I couldn’t understand what the old woman said. I handed her the corolla and couldn’t help asking, "Is the old man so emotional?"
"Young man, you didn’t know that since ancient times, sons are preferred to daughters. Even this game is the same. You saw that you met an old man before, right? If it weren’t for the preference for boys, you should have seen me first. Fortunately, those guys still have some conscience, so that the head of our Zhu Rong family is a female boy. That treasure chest will bother you to go to your wife. I am too old to even have a box! " The old woman disappeared with a sigh.
What is son preference? If I don’t go from the left first, but go to the right first, will it be a man before I meet her? Now that she’s finished saying that, it’s possible that I won’t dwell on walking inside.
If there is a treasure chest, there should be a monster guarding it. How can I get it so easily? This hole is still a little normal. Seven boss are guarding the treasure chest, but it’s just a gray boss.
There’s nothing to say. I’ve attacked several times with one hand. I haven’t tried my best. I dare not face the speed so fast, boss. Even if I use up all my physical strength, I can’t solve them all at once. Then the best way is to break them all.
It’s not too long to spend this time fighting monsters. It’s a few hours less than the last time. The treasure chest still can’t be blown up. Nearly two thousand blood makes my heart ache to death. I think there should be a skill in the game to deal with the machine, otherwise it will always be blown up. Maybe I don’t know when it will die.
There is a burning stick in the treasure chest, which is more than one meter long, with an arc at the head and a circle at the tail. The whole stick is as dark as the burning stick in my hometown. I stuffed it into my bag, but it was still in my bag. I’m not surprised that the burning stick appeared, because it is normal for the Zhu Rong clan to control the fire and have a burning stick.
Now there are only three holes left. I have to speed up. It’s really hard to stay in here.
In the fifth cave, the treasure chest is no longer seven, but fourteen monsters. Fourteen together, where can I eat? I have to make waves.
The sword is sharp, the effect is amazing, it’s amazing that I broke the waves with one stroke, and 14 boss actually got sick and unscathed. I greeted all those game developers in my heart, but I still can’t get over it! I was born with a hard life, so I resigned myself to it. I tried my best to kill my teeth and endure the pain of being burned. After a day, I finally cleaned up the blame. Looking at myself, I was black and blue, and I hated it. It was supposed to be a military attack. How could it fail? I dare not think about the treasure chest when surfing.
After enduring the pain of being bombed again, I found a necklace in the treasure chest. The necklace is red and made of many unknown stones. I can’t see what this necklace is. I will throw it into my bag and go first.
There are still two holes, and I can finish exploring this part. I spent all my time here. If I don’t go out for a few days, I’ll suffocate. When I walked to the sixth hole, a short old man shouted, "Give me the poker! Those two old guys are dying!"
Listening to his tone was really urgent, so I gave him the nearly one-meter-long poker, and the road ahead came out because of the disappearance of the old man. The old woman said earlier that it was true that even if I explored the hole from the right, I still had to see the man before I saw her. But what about the seventh hole? Is there no one in it or a man?
Maybe God has pity on me. This sixth treasure chest has neither a strange guard nor a machine, just like the second one. I am happy to play the treasure chest at leisure, and I took out a key from it, which is an ancient long key.
I quickly entered the seventh hole. There were neither men nor women; but there was a door. I took out my key and inserted it into the only hole of the door. After several clicks; the door was hidden into the hole wall. The layout for the seventh hole was much better than that for the six holes. The road was trimmed and smooth. The cave walls are also as smooth as a mirror after artificial polishing; But this hole is much hotter than those six.
After a while, two girls blocked the way. "The three elders have entered and you want to go in, please hand over the other two parts of Zhu Rong Armor." The two girls are beautiful in costume and beautiful in speech. I know that they are np in the game, but I still can’t help thinking about it before giving them what I found from the treasure chest.
Two girls each took the same thing, but they didn’t see their feet moving, but they drifted inside.