Xia listened to a series of "fish and fish are happy" by the patriarch of Yue Ming, but she didn’t dare to say that she had seen the "humanoid pet". Although she looked at her back, she mistakenly said that it was a real fish with seven memories, and it would be despised by the patriarch of Yue Ming.

See yue Ming patriarch for his family members so maintenance think about it, a large group of people give up boss and go to play the Northeast Tiger Head Gang, and think about what those people in the thunder field are doing today, and they can’t help but sigh quietly.
"The second cat had nine lives and detained a person in our family. Everyone was angry and beat him up again!" He Ming just said that he was very happy when he suddenly received the long unique and the fish had seven memories of his eyes. Suddenly, he was reluctant to add, "Well, I haven’t played."
Xia almost laughed and quickly adjusted her facial expressions, otherwise it would be rude. "Er, there are too many people in their family. He …"
"Yes!" Yue Ming clenched his fist. "We will temporarily get together to fight the boss men. They are not ashamed to fight together every day!"
"Yes, yes," Xia hurriedly said, "It’s a shame that they bully people more than others. I said Yue Ming clan …"
"Yes!" He Ming looked at Xia’s eyes as if he had met a bosom friend. "They were well prepared and we didn’t have time to prepare. What’s this called?"
Long never seems to be unable to listen to the sound, which is a bit heavy.
"yes! Have mental arithmetic heart just didn’t think of it, "he Ming said.
"The heads of the fathers are going to fight." Fish has seven memories and wakes up.
He Ming looked up at the front to see how it was possible for Grandpa, Zeus, 2333, and Bicao wheatgrass to quietly look at them as if they had been waiting for a while.
"Why didn’t you wake me up?" He Ming covered his face and quietly said to Xia.
"I … well, I pay attention to haha by mistake." Xia also wants to sigh with Chang Jue. It’s not that I don’t wake up, it’s that you don’t give me a chance to speak.
"Ahem, draw your sword, salted fish!" He Ming, the chief of the clan, drank heavily, turned his hands in the previous step, and a majestic machete appeared in her right hand, while she had been holding a bright red whip in her left hand since just now.
Being left behind in the summer, looking at Yue Ming’s back, the big salted fish is carried behind by her, and her image is somehow a little nervous.
"Meow!" The meow owner was cut off by rainbow bubbles, and the sea chased a small red fish and swam across from two teams.
Fall … Embarrassed …
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Exclusive device
If the PK is recorded this time, it will be an embarrassing beginning, a cruel process and a story with a cruel ending.
How can you come to PK? One is for Xia, but since there is a famous great god in Xia’s team, he will certainly not miss the opportunity to fight with him. However, Chang Jue and 2333 are used to this coincidence, and they just want to learn from each other. As a result, it becomes two to one.
Although the patriarch Yue Ming is famous for justifying a fault, the reaction speed of the real sword PK is slightly lower than that of the fish. There are seven memories of the latter. A member of the Via logging family is often protected by everyone. One of them rushed to help the gunman knight, the ancient swordsman, and the modern swordsmanship. Four off the charts male players stirred up the submarine map and splashed it.
Zeus entered the game under the banner of exercise, and how could he possibly think about it? He also regarded Chang Jue as the chief opponent. I didn’t expect how could he shoot Zeus before him? Zeus’s rank was not high, even if he attacked Chang Jue, there was no chance of winning, so he immediately settled for the second best and attacked his opponent Xia Lie, the mushroom king. After all, the mushroom king was still a crispy wet nurse.
Zeus’s career is also another way. The choice is "power". Pirate weapons don’t choose muskets, but he is good at it in reality. Football Zeus’s backpack is packed like a gunman’s bomb, and he can kick it for half an hour even if he doesn’t move.
At the sight of the head of the salted fish family, the green grass wheatgrass raised the ice stick to give full play to the advantages of underwater water and sang the powerful spell of the ice magician.
He Ming thinks that he is a melee female Han and wants to protect him. Xia didn’t expect the opposite female player to look so beautiful, but he was quick and ruthless. At that time, he was a little overwhelmed, or Xia asked the moral integrity beast to help her block an attack.
PK period will definitely not be a single attack skill, and soon the group attack skill will be released on a large scale, and individuals will finally scuffle together … and then they will be forced.
After the maintenance of the afterlife Online, not only the family war protection mode has been cancelled, but also the team gap has been cancelled!
I have experience in keyboard games, but I am not as good as Xiao Bai in summer at this moment. Although they are all in the same group, they will also get hurt, but they still have thinking inertia when fighting, and Xia’s first contact with the game adapts faster than them, and she hurts the least.
In the end, no one knows whether he was injured by the enemy or by his teammates. It’s just heart-wrenching.
This game can’t be played
After returning to the preparation room, Xia brushed their blood one by one, waiting for another game, only to see how it is possible that this PK maniac has no spirit.
"What’s the matter?" Xia Wen
"If I had known, I wouldn’t have made a random map." How could you say, "This map was newly added to my former PK, and I passed it several times, but there were a few people who were accidentally injured, but it was really not as serious as it is today?"
Summer see he nameplates, heads of the face is not quite right and quietly poked her listen to he nameplates, heads of the family replied, "in fact, this is my first time to play PK boring than family war fun"
"…" Xia Yan right.
"It’s a little late today. Do you have classes? Why don’t we disband? "How is it possible that Zeus looked at the big ye when he said this?
Don’t say it’s okay. When it comes to yawning, everyone can’t stop. At last, there are two people left in the room, Xia and Grandpa. How can Xia Gang think about the line but listen to Grandpa saying, "Do you know Zeus?"
Xia Yi leng did he see anything? How can you say "I always think he cares about you" before Xia can answer?
Xia Geng is leng. I still think he pays more attention to you. He has seen you several times.
"No? Perhaps it is because we are the same family and are all brought up by the frost and snow in Wu Gou? " Xia carefully replied that he wanted to change the subject quietly. "He wouldn’t have come to PK with us if it weren’t for the frost and snow in Wu Gou today. Speaking of it, I don’t know what happened to him."
How could uncle Zhang open his mouth but didn’t say anything, and then they said goodbye to each other?
Xia lay in bed with his eyes closed, remembering how uncle Xia Teng could be thoughtful today. When she saw him, she always felt that he had found something. But how could a foreigner who had just transferred to school look at uncle Xia like that?